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A New York Story

Richard Kramer | Posted 03.31.2013 | Comedy
Richard Kramer

We all laugh, a nice little "This is so New York" laugh. Something happens, some inconvenience large or small (lost glasses, Hurricane Sandy) and you don't let it stop you, because New Yorkers are tough.

Investigation Reveals Mega Best-Selling Authors EL James and Suzanne Collins Are Actually Sisters

Linda Howard Urbach | Posted 03.31.2013 | Comedy
Linda Howard Urbach

Two women writing two trilogies garnering a lion's share of all book sales? Coincidence? I thought so until I received a telephone call from Bruce Watson a private investigator who specializes in uncovering improprieties in the publishing industry.

Love Comedy, Hate Ignorance

Rebecca Corry | Posted 03.31.2013 | Comedy
Rebecca Corry

we as comedians have the responsibility to not perpetuate hate and ignorance towards races, breeds and religions by abusing the special platform we have been given as artists to speak our minds and thoughts.

Those Netflix Film Suggestions Might Just Get You In Trouble [WATCH]

Jason Gilbert | Posted 03.31.2013 | Technology
Jason Gilbert

You know those zany, adjective-heavy categories of movies that Netflix recommends for you, based on your prior streaming history? Sure, they may occas...

Standup to Fear: 6 Tips for Performing Comedy

Gary M. Krebs | Posted 03.30.2013 | Comedy
Gary M. Krebs

For years people have told me I was funny and I should go for it, but the timing was always off -- work obligations, family commitments, household responsibilities... Okay, that's B.S. The truth is, I was petrified of the idea of performing standup and that's why I never tried.

My Neighbor Hates That I'm Human

Michael Blomquist | Posted 03.30.2013 | Comedy
Michael Blomquist

What is this man's problem with me? I can only assume he is an irrational person, a sexually frustrated man who really dislikes Neil Diamond, or, perhaps, a bible thumping evangelist who wishes everyone lived according to his rules.

Meet the Cast of My New Show, Derek

Ricky Gervais | Posted 03.30.2013 | TV
Ricky Gervais

As I am currently filming the new Muppets movie, I am unable to do any chat shows or radio interviews to publicize Derek. Luckily, we conducted an interview with the main cast and transcribed it into this blog, which HuffPost will now publish to its hundreds of millions wonderful, intelligent, comedy-loving readers.

AC/DC And Perth's Highway To Hell

Tom Rhodes | Posted 03.30.2013 | Travel
Tom Rhodes

Perth is so far that you could get drunk, sober up again, get drunk and sober up all before you ever even get there.

I'd Rather Stay Sick, Thanks

Susan Silver | Posted 03.29.2013 | Comedy
Susan Silver

I noticed something that I'd sort of subliminally registered before but now it was made abundantly clear. Advertising of medicines are plenty scary!

5 Life Lessons From Liz Lemon

Sheila Moeschen | Posted 03.27.2013 | Women
Sheila Moeschen

'30 Rock' may be ending, but we'll always remember what we learned from Tina Fey's character.

The Growing Notre Dame 'Reality Crisis'

Jeffrey Shaffer | Posted 03.26.2013 | Comedy
Jeffrey Shaffer

Sources at have confirmed that several reporters within the network are now investigating the possibility that Manti Te'o himself may not be completely real.

The Inaugural Address Obama Should Have Given

Floyd Elliot | Posted 03.25.2013 | Comedy
Floyd Elliot

President Obama's second inaugural speech, like his first, soared on rhetorical wings, leaving the rest of us far below, gaping up -- and that's a problem for the president, because eventually, reality will crap in our upturned faces.

The Funniest Man in America

Bruce Weinstein | Posted 03.25.2013 | Comedy
Bruce Weinstein

The funniest man in America is someone you've probably never heard of. His name is Brent Douglas, and his comic persona is a rustic, angry fellow named Roy D. Mercer.

Are Journalists Joking Too Much On Twitter?

Craig Kanalley | Posted 03.25.2013 | Technology
Craig Kanalley

Who doesn't enjoy laughing? Who doesn't like making other people laugh? That said, a "journalist" has a serious job. Some duties: relay critical information in a timely manner, hold public leaders accountable, serve the general public. Why then is Twitter so often filled with snark?

Are Journalists Joking Too Much On Twitter?

The Huffington Post | Craig Kanalley | Posted 01.23.2013 | Technology

I've thought about writing this a few times before, but this is a sensitive one. I don't want to come across as humorless. I love to laugh. I think...

Theater: Roller Derby and Silly Games? The 1950s Are Back!

Michael Giltz | Posted 03.25.2013 | Arts
Michael Giltz

Two promising new plays share a lot in common. Both are set in the 1950s. Both are broadly comedic but with heart and drama just below the surface. Both are blessed with excellent casts and productions that do them justice. Both have subplots that are unnecessary. And both could be easily improved.

Academic Publisher Unveils New Journal Which Prevents All Access to Its Content

Jalees Rehman, M.D. | Posted 03.24.2013 | Comedy
Jalees Rehman, M.D.

This allows scientists to include the article as a published paper on their CV and cite their work, without ever having to worry that someone else might read the article.

Weddings/Celebration Announcement: Barack Obama And Joseph Biden

Emily Bracken | Posted 03.23.2013 | Comedy
Emily Bracken

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama re-affirmed their partnership at the 57th Presidential Inauguration, a swearing-in ceremony that occurs on the West Side of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

I Am So Psyched That Quentin Tarantino Is Going to Direct Downton Unchained

James Napoli | Posted 03.24.2013 | Comedy
James Napoli

SPOILER ALERT: This entire article contains tons of spoilers about how every member of the upper-class family of Downton Abbey is systematically eliminated in various ways in slow-motion by an uprising of the servant class until the walls of Downton are soaked in aristocratic blood.

WATCH: 'Covert Affairs' Star Stops By 'Go On'

Posted 01.22.2013 | TV

As soon as Ryan (Matthew Perry) joined "Go On's" therapy group, he began dominating meetings -- but the radio host wasn't the ensemble's first star pl...

Social Studies

Orlando Jones | Posted 03.23.2013 | Comedy
Orlando Jones

In general, I'd say having instant access to people's random thoughts is creepy and weird. With Twitter and Facebook you get instant access to all sort of useless information, for free. What's better than that? Absolutely nothing. What's worse? Absolutely nothing.

Polar Bears on an Ice Floe

Jessica Olien | Posted 03.23.2013 | Comedy
Jessica Olien


Democracy Means Getting Off the Couch

Karen Shepard | Posted 03.22.2013 | Politics
Karen Shepard

In our best moments, we Americans aspire to be the City upon a Hill. Recently, however, it feels like we're the City of Apoplectic People Yelling at Each Other and Stockpiling Weapons Upon a Hill.

Doug's Dozen: 12 Reasons You Should Not Hook Up With Manti Te'o's Ex-Girlfriend

Doug Molitor | Posted 03.20.2013 | Comedy
Doug Molitor

Ordinarily, a football star's girlfriend could be counted on to be pretty amazing. The word is that this one is unbelievable.

Why Does the Price of Gas Change Every Day?

Philip David Morton | Posted 05.26.2015 | Comedy
Philip David Morton

We're told the reason for the daily unstable price of gas is because of the war. There is a war going on over where the oil is. Or two. Or three wars that we happen to be running.