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Desperate Dad Turns to Kardashians for Help

Forrest Brakeman | Posted 11.11.2015 | Comedy
Forrest Brakeman

I watched her play The Kardashian game on her phone for hours, amazed that something could keep her attention for so long. Longer than Pretty Little Liars. Longer than Supernatural. Way longer than she would talk to me.

Laugh Your A** Off During NY Comedy Fest With These Tragic Clowns

James J. Sexton | Posted 11.10.2015 | Divorce
James J. Sexton

If there's anything I learned during my brief middle school jaunt as an ac-TOR, it's that one must balance drama with comedy to delight an audience. That's what those happy/sad masks meant right? Let's say yes.

Aziz Ansari's 'Master Of None' Hilariously Captures The Immigrant Narrative

Aneri Shah | Posted 11.10.2015 | Entertainment
Aneri Shah

The dilemma that second-generation immigrants face in Master of None is at the center of a broader question that all young adults face: How do we take this remarkable privilege we have and make something out of it?

#PickUpLinesForRepublicans Swoons Twitter

Tommy Campbell | Posted 11.10.2015 | Comedy
Tommy Campbell

I thought it would be fun to see if I could get #PickUpLinesForRepublicans going strong on Twitter, so on Monday morning I fired off this tweet, announcing the original hashtag with a topical joke.

Just. Swipe. Left.

K.C. Wilder | Posted 11.10.2015 | Comedy
K.C. Wilder

What could the dating experiences of little old me -- a 40-something, recently divorced mom -- possibly have in common with those of a 23 year old gay man? As it turns out, quite a bit.

Everything You Need To Know About Parenting in 12 Jimmy Fallon Quotes

Fatherly | Posted 11.10.2015 | Parents

This article originally appeared on Fatherly: Ask 10 comedians who the nicest guy in comedy is and 9 of them will say "Jimmy Fallon" (and the t...

Peas and...

Marcia Liss | Posted 11.10.2015 | Comedy
Marcia Liss


The Show Must Go On! Life of an Artistic Director!

Hanna Bondarewska | Posted 11.09.2015 | Entertainment
Hanna Bondarewska

I am truly amazed how much intuition and believe helps to make right decisions in very tough situations and how much then everything falls into the r...

Uber Apps for the Elderly

Inga | Posted 11.09.2015 | Comedy

I truly think Uber is the best innovation ever. As a now-Medicare recipient who has lived in San Diego for decades, my worst fear was becoming a non-driving senior in the Land of Crappy Public Transit.

Dear Dr. Ben Carson

Heather Kasdan | Posted 11.09.2015 | Comedy
Heather Kasdan

What I am really perplexed about is what to do when I am rushing the murderer; should I crouch down low and get him in the gut or should I cartwheel karate kick him in the chest with a double flip landing?

Mushaka's Motivation Monday Bonus x Clifford Owusu

Melissa Mushaka | Posted 11.09.2015 | Entertainment
Melissa Mushaka


Casual Transphobia in My Media?

Delia Melody | Posted 11.07.2015 | Gay Voices
Delia Melody

You might not want to harm trans people, but that's the thing about casual transphobia; It doesn't need to have true hate behind it to be real and harmful.

Jinkx Monsoon Stars in Capitol Hill Season 2 Premiere

Wes Hurley | Posted 11.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Wes Hurley

Jinkx Monsoon joins the cast as the mysterious and dangerous Celeste, who's bent on destroying the nascent romance between Roses and the Mayor.

Watch A Japanese Man Do 'American Butt Naked Poses'

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 11.06.2015 | Comedy

Japanese comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura strikes poses in his underwear that make him appear naked, then says, "Don't worry, I'm wearing." Y...

Podcast Reviews: The Nerdist and The Seeso Seeshow

Marc Hershon | Posted 11.06.2015 | Entertainment
Marc Hershon

Host Chris Hardwick's enthusiasm seems to run higher than most folks most of the time. But when he gets a first-time guest on his podcast, The Nerdist...

Give $500K Back to Vets With a Hashtag: Here's How...

Craig Newmark | Posted 11.06.2015 | Impact
Craig Newmark

Hey, I'm a big supporter of veterans, military families, and the orgs that support 'em. As Veterans Day approaches, the Bob Woodruff Foundation announ...

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters?

Jenee Darden | Posted 11.05.2015 | Arts
Jenee Darden

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters is the play I've been waiting for. In her one-woman show, actress and writer Echo Brown, 31, powerfully shares her personal experience of love, sexuality, interracial dating, abuse, race and so much more.

89-Year-Old's Stand-Up Comedy Debut Is Hysterical

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 11.05.2015 | Fifty

Just because you've gotten older, doesn't mean you can't have fun -- and that's what 89-year-old Chuck Esterly set out to prove as he hit the ...

You Know You're a Writer When...

Mandy Jackson-Beverly | Posted 11.05.2015 | Comedy
Mandy Jackson-Beverly

You know you're a writer when... What you thought was the cat sitting in the hallway, is in fact, a dust bunny. Wearing moccasins and tie-dyed leggings are considered dressy work attire.

Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson From VH1 Classic's That Metal Show Invade The Token Lounge for a Night of Music Storytelling and Comedy

Kelly Frazier | Posted 11.04.2015 | Detroit
Kelly Frazier

At times, the guys from That Metal Show take it on the road together and do a bit of a live version of the show in different towns. These are NOT tapings for television, just a way to extend the brand some and really connect with people in other places.

Notes From a Dive Bar XXXXIV - Nature Calls

Alan Black | Posted 11.04.2015 | San Francisco
Alan Black

A puddle forms on a bar stool. No hole in the roof, so it can't be rain. California is in a drought. It's not liquor or beer, neither soda nor tears. No chemical spill has been reported.

How to Cope If You're Too Skeeved Out to Eat Chipotle

The Second City Network | Posted 11.04.2015 | Comedy
The Second City Network

So you've heard the heart-wrenching news about Chipotle closing 43 stores in the Pacific Northwest to deal with a nasty outbreak of E. coli, and perhaps you've made the agonizing decision to hold off on your weekly (daily? anyone?) slice of burrito heaven until they've got this pesky bacterial infection safely squared away.

Why Are British Accents So Sexy?

Marta Ibarrondo | Posted 11.04.2015 | Comedy
Marta Ibarrondo


Tinder Live! Will Make You Feel Less Alone in the Horrible World of Online Dating

Sarah Beauchamp | Posted 11.04.2015 | Comedy
Sarah Beauchamp

Whiskies in hand, my girlfriend and I make our way down the long, winding line to the basement of Union Hall in Brooklyn. It's a packed house for a sold-out Tinder Live! show, a monthly comedy show hosted by comedian and writer Lane Moore.

What I Learned on Halloween as the Massive 8-Foot-Tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man From 'Ghostbusters'

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler | Posted 11.03.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler

It only took a year to prepare my costume for this Halloween -- an 8-foot-tall inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the movie "Ghostbusters." E...