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The Parenting Club, Daddy Privilege and Mommy Martyrdom

Theresa Sirles | Posted 03.16.2015 | Parents
Theresa Sirles

As a divorced mother who shares custody, I've had to examine my own assumptions about parenting gender roles and expectations. I continue to own my self-imposed guilt and attempt to dismantle it like a boss.

My Co-Parent Won't See Our 4-Year-Old Because He Hates My New Boyfriend

Samantha Rodman PhD | Posted 03.02.2015 | Divorce
Samantha Rodman PhD

Children of any age may be very angry at a parent that they can't see, even if it is because the parent is sick or imprisoned.  Make sure to use your empathy skills to tell your child that these feelings are completely normal and okay.

Check Your Ego at the Door (Beyond Mom and Stepmom Hate)

Shelley Wetton | Posted 02.27.2015 | Divorce
Shelley Wetton

My little boy's well being stopped my insecurity in its tracks. I didn't want Connor to suffer and refused to confuse him by encouraging hatred for a woman who loved him. I refused to be selfish, cruel and bitter because it's just not how I'm wired.

The Divorce Games: Finding Your Inner Adult

Theresa Sirles | Posted 02.23.2015 | Divorce
Theresa Sirles

When it comes to relationships, I've finally learned to say: I am not your child. I am not your parent. I'm an adult willing to consider a relationship with another adult -- game free.

14 Questions My Son Asked About My Divorce And What I Answered

Divorced Moms | Posted 02.24.2015 | Divorce
Divorced Moms

I am simply a mom who, like so many other moms, wants the best for her kids.

7 Steps To Redesigning Your Family Blueprint After Divorce

Theresa Sirles | Posted 02.12.2015 | Divorce
Theresa Sirles

A close friend listened compassionately as I explained my plan to "do the right thing" and stick it out no matter how I felt. She then asked a question that would change my life: "Do you truly think an unhappy mother can raise happy children?" No. I didn't. And I don't.

An Open Letter To Women Who Send Open Letters To Their Ex-Husbands' New Girlfriends

Christina Pesoli | Posted 02.10.2015 | Divorce
Christina Pesoli

If you want to tell your ex's new girlfriend how much you've come to like and appreciate her, by all means, do that. But when you say it with an open letter, it stops being about how awesome the girlfriend is and instead becomes about how superior you are.

A Love Letter To My Son's Stepmom

Shelley Wetton | Posted 01.28.2015 | Divorce
Shelley Wetton

Thank you, Jill, for being patient and tolerant as we navigated this life we didn't expect -- a life that included each other. Above all else, thank you for selflessly loving and mothering our son.

When New Wife and Ex-Wife's Worlds Collide

Shelley Wetton | Posted 03.23.2015 | Divorce
Shelley Wetton

We had not planned for this life when we were young and dreaming of our futures. There's no training or preparation. But there's one thing we knew for sure -- we might have to suffer each other's presence for the rest of our lives.

We Are Not a Broken Family

Grete DeAngelo | Posted 03.10.2015 | Divorce
Grete DeAngelo

I have been heading a single-parent family for nearly six years now. I am a teacher, and I can't tell you how many times I've sat in meetings and conferences while others lamented the fact that we have to deal with "broken families."

New Family, New Traditions: Navigating the Holidays After Divorce

Pamela L. Smith | Posted 02.23.2015 | Divorce
Pamela L. Smith

This year, my ex asked to have the boys for dinner on the first night. Even though it wasn't his usual night, he promised to have them home for bedtime. It took a moment to register but I realized that I was no longer a necessary part of this holiday. He is now ready to take on this tradition on his own.

An Open Letter To My Daughter's Stepmom

Candice Curry | Posted 02.08.2015 | Divorce
Candice Curry

I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you. I didn't want help from another woman to raise my child. But then you arrived. Dang your kind smile! I was planing on really hating you. I wanted to resent you but you made it impossible.

16 Things My Husband Is Usually Doing Wrong (According To Me)

Sarah Bregel | Posted 12.16.2014 | Weddings
Sarah Bregel

I love my husband dearly. I'd marry him again if I could. Sometimes I wonder how we even found each other in this crazy, mixed-up world. In fact, I'd make a list of all the things he is doing right, but it would be too long and too gushy and I'd lose my street cred.

Yes, Parenting IS the Hardest Job

Kirsten Brunner, MA, LPC | Posted 12.14.2014 | Parents
Kirsten Brunner, MA, LPC

Parenting is the hardest job you'll EVER have. I repeatedly heard folks say this before I had my first child. I had no earthly idea what they meant.

Téa Leoni Opens Up About David Duchovny For The First Time Since Divorce

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 09.23.2014 | Divorce

Téa Leoni is opening up about her recent divorce from David Duchovny, and what she has to say may shock you -- in the best way possible. Rather t...

An Open Letter to the Sanfords About Divorce

Vicki Larson | Posted 11.18.2014 | Divorce
Vicki Larson

Having to deal with your former husband's cheating in such a public way must have been awful, Jenny. But to still be dragging him to court five years after you filed for divorce speaks more about you now than him, quite honestly.

Tips for Navigating the School Year With Your Ex Spouse

Debbie Martinez, M.A. | Posted 10.15.2014 | Divorce
Debbie Martinez, M.A.

Navigating the school year is tough enough, but when you are divorced and trying to co-parent with an uncooperative ex spouse, your job as the primary parent gets even more difficult and stressful. Here are some tips to lessen the stress of dealing with your ex...

Divorce Lessons: 8 Critical Choices in Making a Positive Split

John McElhenney | Posted 10.05.2014 | Divorce
John McElhenney

Each parent is responsible to keep their own emotional upset out of the kids' lives. It's fine to let them know or see that you are working through some stuff, but your promise has to be to not work it out in their presence. Get help for yourself outside the walls of your house.

The Cadence of Co-Parenting: Staying Close Even After Divorce

John McElhenney | Posted 09.27.2014 | Divorce
John McElhenney

There are not fewer things to coordinate when you become a single parent, in fact there are more. The things you once traded equitably, now fall 100 percent in your lap when it is your parenting time

The 3 Things Kids Of Divorce Want Most

Honoree Corder | Posted 09.24.2014 | Divorce
Honoree Corder

Divorce is a grown-up experience that can bring us to our knees. In addition, it can hurt our kids very deeply as they have neither our years of experience, nor our understanding.

The Money After Divorce Manifesto: A Neverending Story

John McElhenney | Posted 09.10.2014 | Divorce
John McElhenney

Money after divorce can be a nightmare. Even when you are hurt and grieving you have to continue the painful negotiations and discussions about money. If you've got kids, you never escape the money matters meeting, but now you have to do it under duress and potentially adverse interests.

Prayer for Single Parents, and My Ex

John McElhenney | Posted 09.06.2014 | Divorce
John McElhenney

Communication is the key. The less we communicate... The more we communicate... It can be hard. And it is often the cause for friction in this co-parenting dance.

5 Custody Myths Separating Parents Should Know

Carla Schiff Donnelly | Posted 08.05.2014 | Divorce
Carla Schiff Donnelly

Custody cases can be contentious, expensive and painful for all involved. Parents are often flooded with war stories of their cousin's neighbor's bes...

The Cheat Sheet All Co-Parents Should Read

Honoree Corder | Posted 08.03.2014 | Divorce
Honoree Corder

No grown-up child of divorce ever says, "My mom complained about my dad and I took her side. It was awesome." They will tell you they felt unsure and insecure about their life. They will say they felt put in the middle.

Co-parenting Tip of the Day: Don't Give Spineless Support

Christina Pesoli | Posted 07.23.2014 | Divorce
Christina Pesoli

Spineless support is when a parent deliberately leaves the tough decisions and unpopular positions to his ex, so that he can be more popular with his kid by comparison.