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Crack Cocaine

Sensationalizing Drug Use in Pregnant Women: How the Media Perpetuates Racist and Ineffective Policies

Marianne Mollmann | Posted 04.25.2012 | Politics
Marianne Mollmann

In this sense, poverty itself is what singles a pregnant woman out for persecution. It is no coincidence that the main focus for drug prosecutions for pregnant women in the United States is crack cocaine, a drug almost exclusively used by the resource-poor.

Police Find Crack In Suspect's Butt

The Huffington Post | Kyle McGovern | Posted 02.17.2012 | Weird News

Florida police arrested and charged a 28-year-old man with possession of cocaine after they found crack in, well, his crack, according to Martin Count...

Man In Court For Crack Pipe Possession Allegedly Caught With Crack Pipe

The Huffington Post | Andy Campbell | Posted 02.08.2012 | Weird News

This guy didn't crack such a big smile in his second booking photo for the same crime. Cops said that Florida man, 32-year-old Stanley Ramos, was ...

Family Struggles With Addiction And Suicide On 'Intervention'

Posted 03.31.2012 | TV

Only a teenager, Bradley has watched his mother Suzon go from being a classic modern-day soccer mom to a crack addict selling prescription drugs to pa...

Student Finds Cocaine In Textbook Ordered From Amazon

The Huffington Post | Laura Hibbard | Posted 01.30.2012 | College

This gives a whole new meaning to "cracking" open a book. Sophia Stockton, a college junior in Olathe, Kan., got quite a surprise when she opened t...

Trymaine Lee

Ex-Cocaine Kinigpin 'Freeway' Rick Ross Aims To Make Amends After Prison | Trymaine Lee | Posted 01.29.2012 | Black Voices

Nearly every night that "Freeway" Rick Ross spent in prison, the same nightmare filled his head: He and his crew are sitting around a table piled h...

Woman Calls Cops On Dealer For Selling Her Sugar

Posted 01.15.2012 | Crime

Don't you just hate it when you don't get what you paid for? Suzanne Basham, 47, was none too pleased to discover the crack cocaine she bought was...

Ryan Grim

Ron Paul Was Right In CIA Conspiracy Theory | Ryan Grim | Posted 12.30.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- According to a former aide, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has long been drawn toward conspiracy theories. Eric Dondero, who...

Mourning In America (The Crack of the Dawn of the Dead)

Barry Michael Cooper | Posted 02.07.2012 | Black Voices
Barry Michael Cooper

(This is an essay excerpt from my anthology of investigative journalism and essays titled, "Hooked On The American Dream-Vol.1:New Jack City Eats Its ...

John Rudolf

Drug Sentencing Reforms Halt Decades of Prison Population Growth | John Rudolf | Posted 12.29.2011 | Politics

NEW YORK -- In 1986, as the crack cocaine epidemic ravaged America's inner cities, a Democratic Congress passed legislation dictating harsh mandatory ...

Kindergartener Brings Crack Pipe To Show And Tell

Posted 11.20.2011 | Crime

Trying to impress your classmates with bizarre and surprising show-and-tell items is fine -- some might say it's even part of growing up. But one Miss...

Trymaine Lee

Ice-T: Mad About The War And 'Muhf***ers' On Wall Street | Trymaine Lee | Posted 11.15.2011 | Black Voices

Editor's Note: The following interview contains explicit language that some readers might find offensive. By now we should all know Ice-T's story. ...

ACLU & Elon James White: Just Say NO to the War On Drugs

Elon James White | Posted 08.31.2011 | Comedy
Elon James White


The Power Of Futile Speeches

Mark Osler | Posted 08.17.2011 | Impact
Mark Osler

Don't worry about the size of your audience; someone like me might be listening. Minds are more open than you might think, and sometimes even the prosecutor gets it.

Sentencing Disparity On Its Way Out -- And It's About Time

Rev. Al Sharpton | Posted 08.02.2011 | Politics
Rev. Al Sharpton

Somewhere in a U.S. prison today, a young Black man sits behind bars counting down the days till he sees freedom. He has become hardened and likely more dangerous while his White cellmate was released years prior for virtually the same crime.

Ice Cream Parlor Owner Arrested On Suspicion Of Selling Crack

The Huffington Post | Tim Stenovec | Posted 07.04.2011 | New York

An ice cream parlor in a suburb of New York City has been shuttered after authorities raided it on suspicion that the owner was using it to manufactur...

Reagan Turns 100: Media Fawning Ignores His Disastrous "War on Drugs"!

Tony Newman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Tony Newman

It's interesting that in all of the press I've read so far celebrating Ronald Reagan, I have not seen one word about his radical escalation of the drug war -- and the devastating effects that had on our society.

The Moral Urgency of Crack Retroactivity

Julie Stewart | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Julie Stewart

President Obama has reformed what many considered the most racially discriminatory sentencing policy in federal law. Now, he should do what is right -- apply the reform retroactively to all offenders.

Security Guard At Colorado Coalition For The Homeless Busted For Selling Crack On The Job

Face the State | Jared Jacang Maher | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver

A security guard for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is facing felony drug charges for allegedly selling crack, while he was on the job, to th...

Ending the Drug War: 8 Top Stories of 2010

Tony Newman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Tony Newman

I feel discouraged about many things happening in our country. But steps towards ending the war on drugs continues to bring me hope and cautious optimism.

The 10 Most Innovative Smuggling Schemes Foiled by the Feds (PHOTOS)

Keith Thomson | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Keith Thomson

2010-10-20-drugs.jpgI recently interviewed FBI agents who caught a couple smuggling funds to Hezbollah. The couple's method astonished me. As smuggling goes, however, it was pedestrian, compared to the following.

12-Year-Old Busted for Selling Crack!

Cheryl Wills | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Cheryl Wills

A 12-year-old girl was arrested for selling crack. Where's the outrage? Should her arrest become par for the course, we are all in trouble. There are not enough jails to house a generation of kids who turn to a life of crime before they reach puberty.

Cracks in the System Remain Despite Landmark Cocaine Sentencing Reform

Hamedah Hasan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Hamedah Hasan

The president can exercise his executive clemency power to right historical wrongs by commuting the remaining sentences of those of us who have fallen through the cracks. I hope he does.

From Incredible to Inevitable: How the Politics of Criminal Justice Reform May Be Shifting

Vanita Gupta | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Vanita Gupta

We must take an unflinching look at the extent to which the previous policies have failed to promote public safety and health, and have instead diverted taxpayer money from schools to prisons.

Lucia Graves

Crack-Powder Sentencing Disparity: Whites Get Probation, Blacks Get A Decade Behind Bars | Lucia Graves | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Before coming to Capitol Hill, Rep. Keith Ellison spent 16 years as a trial lawyer dealing with hundreds of cases involving cocaine arrests. After Pre...