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What Novels Teach Us About Life

What Novels Teach Us About Life

Omer Aziz  07.24.2015
The irony of novels is that they are dressed-up lies with one crucial caveat: Unlike most lies, novels attempt to reach some fundamental...
Shakespeare Wild and Free

Shakespeare Wild and Free

Philip David Morton  07.24.2015
Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love story every told. How do you make that new? To take material so well known and keep it fresh...

Creativity in the Smart City Is What Makes a City Really Smart

John M. Eger  07.24.2015
As we move into a new economy that values creativity and innovation, we need to reinvent our schools and our communities, where our young...
Artists' Life Lessons

Artists' Life Lessons

Hannah Lamarque  07.23.2015
The saying goes that art is not for everyone. Or something. There is a lot of myth surrounding the elusive idea of what "art" is and somewhere,...

Eye of the Elephant -- Part II

Jim Finkelstein  07.22.2015
Culture is the talk of your organization and how people within your organization walk said talk. It goes beyond the stated mission, vision...

Cultural Evolution and Language Mavenry, Or Why Making Fun of People Who Mix Metaphors Is Not a Waste Of Time

Dan Cloud  07.22.2015
The discovery that I may actually be accomplishing something with my language snobbery is a serendipitous result of our ongoing effort...
As Cities Evolve, 'Access' Is About More Than Cars

As Cities Evolve, 'Access' Is About More Than Cars

Charles R. Wolfe  07.22.2015
Questions and answers about accessing cities and neighborhoods once spoke the language of exit ramps, street widening and parking adequacy....
I Forgive You, English Speakers

I Forgive You, English Speakers

THINK Global School  07.21.2015
Being a linguist does put you in a minority amongst native English speakers. I guess I've been in a little comprehension bubble by mainly...

God Is Not Dead: Google's Ngram Viewer Reveals Two Centuries of Religious Trends

David Briggs  07.21.2015
God is not dead. Fundamentalists are seemingly creeping up everywhere. And despite their spectacular growth, Mormons were never more in...

Listen to the Full Stream of Detroit Metalcore Band We Came As Romans' New Self-Titled Album Along With Interview With Lead Vocalist Dave Stephens

Kelly Frazier  07.21.2015
(Photo Credit: Douglas Sonders) In the decade that the Detroit metalcore band We Came As Romans have been in existence, it's been an organic...
Petition Calls For Target To Remove T-Shirt That 'Perpetuates Rape Culture'

Petition Calls For Target To Remove T-Shirt That 'Perpetuates Rape Culture'

Zeba Blay  07.20.2015
A Milwaukee, WI woman has launched a petition calling for the retail chain Target to stop selling what she believes to be a sexist t-shirt. The...

Finding Maya Culture Near Cancún

Kerri Allen  07.19.2015
Deep in the jungles of contemporary Quintana Roo, the Maya still live in small communities, often only speaking Maya, and practicing some...

The Art of Storytelling - 7 Lessons From Cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Vala Afshar  07.19.2015
Liza Donnelly is a cartoonist and writer with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons about culture and politics for...