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KKK Posing as Victim of

KKK Posing as Victim of "Cultural Genocide"

Warren J. Blumenfeld  07. 1.2015
For literally decades, calls have gone out by civil and human rights advocates to remove of the battle flag of the Confederacy from public...
Health Lunacy and Rocket Science

Health Lunacy and Rocket Science

David Katz, M.D.  07. 1.2015
We highlight a new celebrity cleanse and fad diet weekly if not daily on the morning shows; and the parade of best-selling quick fixes,...

As Communication Improves, Culture Improves, as Does the Bottom Line -- 4 Tools That Make a Difference

Amy Rees Anderson  06.30.2015
In order to be a successful company you must create an environment that encourages the contribution and open sharing of information.

Does Your Brand Fit Like Cinderella's Glass Slipper?

Eduardo P. Braun  06.30.2015
There is an enormous gap between the promise in the marketing message and the actual product or service delivered. I believe the key to...
14 Ways to Immerse Yourself in the Culture of Singapore

14 Ways to Immerse Yourself in the Culture of Singapore

College Tourist  06.30.2015
By College Tourist's Summer Team of Student Travel Bloggers. Live like a local, explore like a traveler in Singapore. Get outdoors....
Want to Lead? Enable Others to Flourish

Want to Lead? Enable Others to Flourish

Faisal Hoque  06.29.2015
A growing body of research shows how the correlation between monetary wealth and self-reported happiness drops off over time. Our treatment...

Post-Charleston, Ferguson, Newtown: How "Advanced" Is America?

Carla Seaquist  06.29.2015
We Americans think of ourselves as advanced, at least technologically. The images of the first man on the moon, put there by American ingenuity...

All for Love

Miriam Ava  06.27.2015
When we get to weave the energy of our spirit, which is pure love, into the fabric of our society, true freedom becomes more palpable for...

Big Companies Can Avoid Disruption by Partnering With Startup Accelerators

Vala Afshar  06.27.2015
David Cohen started as a software programmer at age 13 and since then he has had only one job interview. Cohen started three startups and...

Beyond Sex: What Is Gay?

James Owens  06.26.2015
Defining and embracing a true gay culture, which goes well beyond sexuality, is the next stage. We see organizations like gay softball...

The Lightness of Being Anne Patterson

Jack Meyer  06.26.2015
Anne Patterson and I stepped into the darkened former Perry Street Theater. "Does your iPhone have a flashlight?" she asked. "Wait until...

Cultural Vibrancy: The New Essential Partner for Growth

Jonathan Hall  06.26.2015
Technology has become a catalyst for change. We connect differently, we share more freely, our eyes are open to the world in a way they...
Wild and Free -- How Glastonbury is Changing Britain

Wild and Free -- How Glastonbury is Changing Britain

James Turner  06.25.2015
The Glastonbury festival of music and performing arts began in 1970 and has been a countercultural icon ever since. For a fleeting moment,...

Detroit Punk Rock Band The Armed Bring an Unruly Sound with New Album, Release Show At Majestic Cafe

Kelly Frazier  06.25.2015
Within all the disorder of The Armed's music and their live show, it all feels like a microcosm of how we all try to fit into all the craziness...