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Department Of Defense The Huffington Post

New York Times: Military Establishment Frustrated With Pace Of Obama's Deliberations On Afghan War

Stewart Nozette: Scientist Arrested On Spy Charges Worked At Department Of Defense

John Kerry On Afghanistan: Sending More Troops Is "Irresponsible" Until Afghan Election Is Settled

8 Troops Killed In Afghanistan; Remote Outposts Attacked

Military Journal Endorses Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Afghanistan Pullback Planned: U.S. To Focus On Populated Areas

Senate Panel OKs $128 Billion For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars

Pelosi: Upping Troops To Afghanistan Unpopular

George Will: If Iraq Troop Surge Didn't Work, U.S. Forces Must Come Home Sooner

Congress Orders Private Jets For Lawmakers' Travel

SHOCK: Government Discovers Double-Sided Photocopying, Saves $102 Million

Defense Secretary Scores Spending Cuts, But Not Satisfied: "It Would Be Nice To Win Our Current Wars"

Senate Sides With Obama, Votes To Remove F-22 Money

Lawmakers Blast Obama For "No-Visit" Gitmo Policy