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The Global Search for Education: Top Global Teacher Bloggers - The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Students

C. M. Rubin | Posted 12.24.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

The Holidays are such a special time of year! Our lives take on a larger meaning as we think about our family, our extended family and our long-lost ...

Personalized Learning: Massachusetts Redefines and Launches Program to Benefit all its Districts

Josef Blumenfeld | Posted 12.19.2016 | Education
Josef Blumenfeld

At the launch of MAPLE earlier this week - the Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium - a public/private partnership between the LearnL...

The Global Search for Education: Would Small Data Mean Big Change?

C. M. Rubin | Posted 12.05.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"We must be mindful of potential drawbacks of big data, especially those related to data privacy and research ethics. When big data is used to determi...

Around the World in 30 Days: November 2016

C. M. Rubin | Posted 11.30.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

C. M. Rubin's Global Education Report Americans chose to elect a billionaire businessman, an outsider with no government experience, over Hillary C...

The Global Search for Education: Have you Heard About the TeachUps?

C. M. Rubin | Posted 11.17.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"With TeachUps, educators will fully reap the benefits of the 21st century's most touted model of instruction, 'blended learning', and seamlessly navi...

3 Ways to Get Students Involved, Excited And Informed About the Election

Monica Gray | Posted 10.20.2016 | Education
Monica Gray

It is a question posed daily by students to teachers across the country. Sometimes, the answer can seem a bit esoteric: "Yes, Johnny, you will need calculus in the real world." But providing an answer to pupils in today's civics classrooms should be far easier and direct since these kids are literally witnessing one of the most combative and contested presidential elections in history.

From Popularity to Proof

Robert C. Pianta | Posted 10.19.2016 | Education
Robert C. Pianta

For too long, education technology decision-making has been driven by marketing rather than merit. Investors, entrepreneurs -- and, all too often educators -- mistake scale for impact. We assume popular solutions have tapped into a fundamental need -- and that they work to produce the results we want.

Training The Differently Abled For A Brighter Future

Erandi Palihakkara | Posted 10.06.2016 | Impact
Erandi Palihakkara

India's increasing population of differently abled individuals means that the need for educational and employment resources is apparent now more than ever.

Why Empathy and Educators Deliver the Best Edtech Products: A Chat with Jeremy Rogoff, CEO of KickUp

Robyn Shulman | Posted 09.30.2016 | Education
Robyn Shulman

Education technology is quickly growing into a loud, crowded and even confusing space. However, with thousands of startups coming on board every day, how do we break through all the noise? As any teacher would tell you, the bottom line for any educational product must answer one fundamental question: Does the tool or resource help teachers make learning more effective for their students?

Around the World in 30 Days: September 2016

C. M. Rubin | Posted 09.29.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

C. M. Rubin's Global Education Report Why does character education matter? And why do so many believe its role in schools is more important than ev...

The Global Search for Education: Top Global Teacher Bloggers - Learning With The Arts

C. M. Rubin | Posted 09.27.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

Have you ever noticed how integrating the Arts with traditional subjects can really make learning fun? Findings from a recent American Institutes for ...

The Global Search for Education: Just Imagine Secretary Gardner

C. M. Rubin | Posted 09.08.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"I will use my office as a 'bully pulpit': to describe what should happen in our educational systems; to call attention to positive as well as negativ...

Schoold: The Next Amazon for Education Opportunities, A Chat with CEO, Sourabh Ahuja

Robyn Shulman | Posted 09.06.2016 | Education
Robyn Shulman

I had the chance to sit down with Sourabh Ahuja, CEO of Schoold. In this interview, you will learn about the Schoold app, his passion and dedication b...

5 Ways Teachers Can Participate in Their Own Professional Development

Brad Spirrison | Posted 08.29.2016 | Education
Brad Spirrison

You don't need to be a Dickens scholar to understand that for many teachers it is both the best of times and the worst of times.

The Global Search for Education: The Top Global Teacher Bloggers on Integrating Diverse Classrooms

C. M. Rubin | Posted 08.28.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

The changes in immigration are dramatically impacting our global communities and our classrooms, which are becoming more diverse and multicultural. O...

The Global Search for Education: Just Imagine Secretary Fisher

C. M. Rubin | Posted 08.10.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"Amidst debates about college access and affordability, we think the question of employer needs should sit at the core of higher education conversatio...

ARISE Impact Makes a Presence in the US to Increase Employability Among the Visually Challenged

Erandi Palihakkara | Posted 07.25.2016 | Impact
Erandi Palihakkara

This year, Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education Impact (ARISE Impact) was one of the few nonprofits that were handpicked to showcase their ...

The Global Search for Education: Just Imagine Secretary Hargreaves

C. M. Rubin | Posted 07.24.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"What the US now needs is a learning Secretary who promotes challenging and joyful learning for all students, uplifting and impactful learning for edu...

Future Of Work And Education: An Introduction

Dawn E. Quaker | Posted 07.18.2016 | Technology
Dawn E. Quaker

The advent of new technology has historically moved society forward. Beginning with the onset of the Third Industrial Revolution and Digital Age in t...

5 Observations And Reflections After Participating In ISTE 2016

Brad Spirrison | Posted 07.05.2016 | Education
Brad Spirrison

The annual International Society for Technology Educators conference (ISTE) just wrapped up in Denver. In addition to serving as a networking and informational hub for several thousand educators, ISTE is a breeding ground for concepts and collaborations.

Teachers Say Technology Is The Most Important Investment For Schools

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Klein | Posted 06.29.2016 | Technology

Teachers want more technology in their classrooms -- and fast. A new study from, a nonprofit organization that lets teachers request ...

Why Schools Should Provide One Laptop Per Child

The Conversation US | Posted 06.20.2016 | Education
The Conversation US

We found students with laptops wrote more frequently across a wider variety of genres. They also received more feedback on their writing. In addition, we found they edited and revised their papers more often, drew on a wider range of resources to write, and published or shared their work with others more often.

Three Things I Learned By Taking a Road Trip From Newark to the White House with 38 Seventh-Graders

Monica Gray | Posted 06.20.2016 | Education
Monica Gray

On June 3rd, 2016 I took a road trip to the White House with 38 seventh-graders from Newark, NJ, and it's a day that I'll never forget.

Around the World in 30 Days - May 2016

C. M. Rubin | Posted 05.30.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

C. M. Rubin's Global Education Report "Robots that care for us as we grow old. Cyberattacks against our homes. Extinct animals brought back to life...

Mortar is Messy: Online Tech Fills in the Higher Ed Brick Walls

Jason Schmitt | Posted 05.24.2016 | Education
Jason Schmitt

Morgan Richards, a 31-year-old mother of three, is a trendsetter in her pursuit of a university degree.