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The One Thing Most Americans Don't Realize About Education

Posted 03.19.2015 | Impact

Now, more than ever before, education is a nuanced and contentious subject in political and social discourse. Teacher unions, standardized testing, ex...

Gender Fluid Generation: Evolving Gender Norms at School

Youth Radio -- Youth Media International | Posted 03.06.2015 | Gay Voices
Youth Radio -- Youth Media International

The first time I learned that gender could be fluid was in sex ed in the 9th grade. I remember the teacher mumbling under her breath that some people don't identify their gender with the biological sex they were born with.

The Softened Heart

Catherine Nagle | Posted 03.05.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Catherine Nagle

I believe that if we make the effort to listen, we can hear our hearts guiding us. And if we think we can ignore its wisdom, we will lose our way. Eventually we have to face up to our past choices. But doing so gives us an opportunity to bring our love and compassion into the world by listening to our wise hearts.

Cripping the Curriculum: Looking at Disability in Ontario's New Sexual Health Education Curriculum

Andrew Morrison-Gurza | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
Andrew Morrison-Gurza

Almost immediately, it highlights the risks of sex for Persons with Disabilities, and how they may not have the social or emotional faculties to understand, appreciate or enjoy the sexual experience.

Teen Dating and the Absence of Communication

Lauren Galley | Posted 03.05.2015 | Impact
Lauren Galley

As I entered college I realized I needed to use my voice, get to know who that boy I thought was cute really was, his morals, values and most of all his intentions. I also learned that this takes time, a valuable lesson every girl must understand.

Spring Into Powerful College Visits

Rebecca Joseph | Posted 03.05.2015 | College
Rebecca Joseph

Many kids are very visual and need to see a campus in real life. Visit a variety of campuses so you can see what it means to be at a large urban campus versus a small suburban one. Please just don't visit colleges that are unlikely or true stretch colleges.

Eat Your Pets

Robert E. Slavin | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
Robert E. Slavin

Education will never make progress until we can educate the public to tolerate a little bit of explanation. Otherwise, we'll be eating our pets until the cows come home.

My Deaf and Blind Daughter Beat the Odds Because I Expected Her To

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

All of this is why moments of academic achievement in the life of a child categorized as deaf-blind by school districts, a child a kindergarten teacher once called "unteachable" to my face, is worthy of a party.

Doctor, Lawyer, Camel Rancher: Helping Your Kids Discover Careers They Love

Smart Parents | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
Smart Parents

When you became a parent, you were entrusted with a squishy little bundle of brains, possibilities, and aspirations--and you committed to giving your offspring everything at your disposal and more.

We Have to Stop Ignoring Adverse Childhood Experiences

John Thompson | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
John Thompson

Even as the study of children's response to trauma pointed to the need to focus on the socioemotional needs of students, the test-driven school reform movement drew a line in the sand; the mention of adverse childhood experiences was dismissed as an "excuse." Top-down school reformers imposed an educational version of faith healing on schools.

Rebecca Klein

Around The World, This Is How Girls And Boys Are Stacking Up Against Each Other In School | Rebecca Klein | Posted 03.06.2015 | World

All around the world, teenage girls are more likely than boys to reach a basic level of proficiency in math, science and reading. However, among the w...

The New Gender Divide in Education

Andreas Schleicher | Posted 03.05.2015 | Education
Andreas Schleicher

While many countries can claim victory in having closed gender gaps in the knowledge and skills of boys and girls, we may have lost sight of important social and emotional dimensions of learning that may be far more predictive for the future life choices of children.

See How 3 Women are Harnessing Technology to Live a Purpose-Driven Life

Tae Yoo | Posted 03.05.2015 | Impact
Tae Yoo

Shae, Lisa and Lucie all have taken different paths to finding purpose in their work, but the outcomes have been the same. They are helping others thrive, solving social problems and making an impact on their communities.

Safety for Women and Girls: Protection Strategies for a Healthful World

Susan M. Blaustein | Posted 03.04.2015 | Impact
Susan M. Blaustein

Safety is not linear; to ensure that a clinic can cope with a medical emergency such as the Ebola crisis and continue to handle routine care requires substantial strengthening of an entire health system.

Teachers Deserve Better

Eric Sheninger | Posted 03.04.2015 | Education
Eric Sheninger

My message is to everyone who has and continues to bash teachers by implementing accountability structures that will do nothing to help our students succeed in life and follow their dreams.

What Freedom Means to Scott Walker

John A. Tures | Posted 03.04.2015 | Politics
John A. Tures

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker boosted his national profile with a speech at the "Iowa Freedom Summit," making him a strong candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2016. But what does freedom mean to Walker? His policies are worth a second look.

Get Your Flawless On!

Janine Francolini | Posted 03.04.2015 | Impact
Janine Francolini

Our core message at the Flawless Foundation is "Seeing the perfection in every person." Of course, this means different things to people. For some it means forgiveness and compassion.

Wholesale or Rental Rehabs -- How Cheap Is a Good Deal?

Dean Graziosi | Posted 03.04.2015 | Business
Dean Graziosi

Someone is going to profit from rehab work, and the more work necessary the greater the potential profit. However, too many investors let their potential profits flow down to their contractors and repair companies.

I Will Not Let You Make My Child Feel Stupid

Angela Keck | Posted 03.04.2015 | Parents
Angela Keck

I won't let anyone make either of my children feel like less than enough, and I won't for a minute buy into the idea that letter grades on a report card are an effective measure of anyone's self-worth. I will fight, I will advocate, and I will shout it from the rooftops!

Make Language Learning a National Priority

Jane Swift | Posted 03.04.2015 | Education
Jane Swift

New technologies and resourceful school districts will only get us so far. We need policymakers to prioritize language education so that America's students -- and our entire economy -- can reach their full potential.

Building Beyond the Classroom Walls

Guillaume Picard | Posted 03.04.2015 | College
Guillaume Picard

You can't learn to drive simply by watching a video or reading a book -- you learn by getting behind the steering wheel. Our education system should do the same.

Higher Ed Reconsidered: A Non-Standard Assessment of Where Standards May be Taking Us?

Luis Maria R. Calingo | Posted 03.04.2015 | College
Luis Maria R. Calingo

Even college presidents have their existential moments. During a meeting of the Council on Independent Colleges' Steering Committee on the Future of ...

War, Education & International Justice: Ismael Beah's Journey From Child Soldier to Activist Storyteller

Simon Adams | Posted 03.04.2015 | Education
Simon Adams

It's not every former child soldier who has a memoir on the New York Times bestseller list. Or has the Washington Post's reviewer declare that, "everyone in the world should read this book."

Reviving the Library in Greece: The Future Is Now for the Future Library Network and the INELI-Balkans Project

Sara Lee Bentley | Posted 03.04.2015 | Impact
Sara Lee Bentley

One of the milestones of childhood is when a child learns to read. It starts out simply; the mere act of spelling out his/her own name and then reading it off a piece of paper is met with much fanfare by the child's parents and teachers. Single words soon turn into whole books.

The Rigor and Reward of Engineering

Be An Engineer | Posted 03.04.2015 | Education
Be An Engineer

Math and science came easy to me growing up. My teachers understood how to encourage those interests. They challenged me, but they also built my confidence by giving me opportunities to serve in leadership roles.