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Expanding The Conversation On STEM

Joe Kennedy III | Posted 05.06.2015 | Latino Voices
Joe Kennedy III

Our failure to set up all students for success in an increasingly technology-driven economy is not just limiting their futures. It's limiting our country's future as well.

Disrupting the Status Quo With Glassbreakers

Samantha_Harris | Posted 05.05.2015 | Technology

We break bread, we break rules, we even break-fast -- but rarely do we break the glass ceiling together. It's 2015 and only 4.2 percent of Fortune CEOs are women, out of 500 companies on the S&P there are only 24 female CEOs.

Life Lessons From a NASA Flight Software Engineer

Laura Faye Tenenbaum | Posted 05.05.2015 | Science
Laura Faye Tenenbaum

Unless you call yourself a rocket scientist, you probably don't think your daily routine has much in common with flight software engineering. But you would be wrong. If you skip the bits about the flying, disregard the software and pay no attention to the engineering, then what you're left with is some amazingly useful life lessons.

The Rigor and Reward of Engineering

Be An Engineer | Posted 05.04.2015 | Education
Be An Engineer

Math and science came easy to me growing up. My teachers understood how to encourage those interests. They challenged me, but they also built my confidence by giving me opportunities to serve in leadership roles.

Career Day Re-Engineered

Be An Engineer | Posted 04.27.2015 | Impact
Be An Engineer

As a female engineer, I can't say I'm surprised. But what she does mimic is my excitement for my job, my confidence and my devotion to the science that makes my work so important.

Who Can Increase the Number of Latino Engineers? Other Engineers, of Course!

Omar De Leon | Posted 04.19.2015 | Impact
Omar De Leon

Children are born naturally curious. They ask questions about why things exist, how things work, what things do. That sense of wonder doesn't end at any particular age.

What School Won't Teach You About Creativity

Steve Moraco | Posted 04.15.2015 | College
Steve Moraco

Creativity is simply having a wide range of specific interests and activities and finding ways to combine them to communicate better, help people, or solve problems.

Here's How Your Food 'Changes Color' While Heating In A Microwave

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 08.31.2015 | Science

You've never seen a microwave quite like this before. A new infrared microwave has been designed to show your food "changing color" on a heat map,...

15 Things Every Engineer Knows To Be True

Posted 02.10.2015 | Technology

“If the test is open-book, shouldn’t it be easy?” (Nope. Never.) “What kind of engineer are you?” (Follow-up question: “What’s that?” ...

The Major Divide: Humanities vs. STEM Majors

Elaina Provencio | Posted 04.05.2015 | College
Elaina Provencio

"Oh the humanity!" The popularity of Humanities majors is declining. Recent studies have found that the percentage of students earning degrees in this field is lower than it has been in previous years. What is to blame?

You Don't Need to be a Rocket Scientist to Teach the "E" in STEM

Paula Golden | Posted 03.31.2015 | Education
Paula Golden

Engineering is completely miscast as a subject area that requires a left male brain and a triple degree in math and physics.

Obama: More Women And Minorities Should Take On STEM, And This Student Is Proof

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | Posted 02.02.2015 | Good News

An engineering student's dedication to her field has earned her praise from the president. Camille Eddy, sophomore at Boise State University, was c...

An Investment in Education for the Next Generation of STEM Innovators Is a Smart Bet

Vivian R. Pickard | Posted 03.23.2015 | Education
Vivian R. Pickard

As the focus on innovation and technology in American industries continues to sharpen, the need for qualified applicants in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) fields will also become more evident.

Engineering for the Future

Linda Katehi | Posted 03.18.2015 | Education
Linda Katehi

With the world's population rapidly expanding and our ecosystems under extreme stress, the field of engineering must focus like never before on sustainability and environmental repair.

This Just May Be The Sports Bra Of The Future

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 12.10.2014 | Science

Scientists at Australia's University of Wollongong are hoping to boost women's workouts, but not with training tips or special sports drinks. They'...

Steve Wozniak: A Few Things You Didn't Know About The Man Behind Apple

Cathy Chester | Posted 01.28.2015 | Impact
Cathy Chester

Dear Steve Wozniak, I wanted to thank you for the fascinating talk you gave at the recent New Jersey Speaker Series at NJPAC. I have to be honest with you. I wasn't sure I'd be fascinated because I anticipated hearing a lot of technical engineering jargon that would go right over my head.

For America's Future, Engineering Needs to Diversify

Linda Katehi | Posted 01.07.2015 | College
Linda Katehi

With the bright science students we see at UC Davis, we know that bias is unfounded, and we have programs designed to help get young girls excited about science.

The No-Problem Problem

Ilene Fischer | Posted 12.30.2014 | Women
Ilene Fischer

Is Microsoft finally getting serious about making its workforce welcome to women and minorities?

5 Tools for Learning and Writing Regular Expressions

Alex Ivanovs | Posted 12.23.2014 | Huffpost Code
Alex Ivanovs

I remember my first experiences with RegEx, it was when I'd build snippets and small scripts within the Perl programming language. Even back then, w...

Hey, Corporate Director!

Edward Guiliano, Ph.D. | Posted 12.20.2014 | Technology
Edward Guiliano, Ph.D.

The campaign to stop cyber-crime begins with educating the next wave of professionals, but ongoing education and idea exchange are the ultimate keys to confronting cybercrime on the ground and in the boardroom.

Shree Nayar: The Art of Vision

One World with Deepak Chopra | Posted 11.15.2014 | Entertainment
One World with Deepak Chopra

The son of an engineer, it would seem no big surprise that Shree followed in his father's footsteps but that wasn't necessarily the plan. "He never sa...

The Limited Edition Female Scientist

Kate Van Dellen | Posted 11.16.2014 | Parents
Kate Van Dellen

These sold-out limited edition Research Institute Legos have probably found their way to bright and high potential girls whose parents are positive STEM advocates in their education. What about the kids who don't have such strong advocates?

WATCH: Nothing Seems To Stop This Rubbery Robot

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 09.15.2014 | Science

A snowstorm can't stop it. A blazing fire can't stop it. And even getting run over by a car is no problem for this squishy little bot. Researchers ...

Seven Reasons Congress Must Reauthorize America COMPETES

Sen. Jay Rockefeller | Posted 11.12.2014 | Education
Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Innovation -- the process of introducing new products, services, and processes to the marketplace -- is critical to economic competitiveness.

Ivy League Schools Don't Guarantee A Great Job Right Out Of College

The Huffington Post | Alexander C. Kaufman | Posted 09.12.2014 | Business

Don’t go to an Ivy League school if you want to make a lot of money or have a meaningful job right after graduation. Of course, an education from...