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French Conservatives Choose Their Candidate For Next Presidential Election

British Teenager Cryogenically Frozen After Dying From Cancer

German Evangelical Church Renounces Anti-Semitic Mission To Convert Jews

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What People In The Healthiest Countries In The World Eat For Breakfast

French PM: Europe At Risk Of Collapse; France, Germany Must Lead

UK Twitter Users Really Want Barack Obama To Be Their Prime Minister

Obama Swoons Over Angela Merkel, All But Endorsing Her Re-election

German Spy Chief Sounds Alarm About Russian Interference In Upcoming Elections

Germany Bans Islamist Group And Conducts Nearly 200 Raids

Europe Agrees To Defense Plan After Trump Victory Rattles Leaders

Bosnian Soccer Star Pulls Down Greek Opponent's Shorts. World Blushes.

Owner Of Paris Bistro Devastated By 2015 Attacks Recorded His Experience In A Book

French Researchers Want To Know How People Will Remember The 2015 Paris Attacks

France's Far-Right Leader Le Pen Hopes For Victory Like Trump's