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Saeed Haqiqi: 'There Is a Fear in the Air of 2014'

Saeed Haqiqi: 'There Is a Fear in the Air of 2014'

"The best development has been the growth of a democratic political atmosphere. We now have the elections, human rights laws and standards,...

Mary Nabard Ayeen: 'Women's Rights Must Not Be Sacrificed in a Peace Deal With the Taliban'

"Women want to uproot illiteracy, have a self-sufficient economy, and see the consolidation of women's struggles into a solid social movement."...

Mir Mohammad Yaqub Mashuf: 'The Government's Actions for Women Are Empty and Symbolic'

"My greatest fear is the fear for my own life. In this country, you cannot live two minutes without fearing suicide bombings and explosions."...

People for Young Foreign Policy Wannabes to Emulate

The city blocks of Washington, DC are chock-full of young professionals from all over the world: people in their early 20's to early 30's,...

Can Washington Ever Please Moscow? (VIDEO)

Two experts discuss the successes and failures of U.S. diplomacy with President Vladimir Putin's Russia, and the need for Washington to...

Momina Yari: 'I Am Most Worried About the Lack of Security'

"In some educational institutions, women make up 50 percent of the student population. We have never had so many female students."

Seraj ul-Haq Fazl: "Educated Afghans will prevent a repetition of the past"

Seraj ul-Haq Fazl is a judicial adviser to Afghanistan's Interior Ministry. He studied at the Islamic Azad University in Iran and obtained...
Rand Paul Sounds Presidential in <i>The Washington Post</i>

Rand Paul Sounds Presidential in The Washington Post

Senator Rand Paul wants to set the record straight on an issue that the foreign policy community in Washington considers one of the biggest...

Lannisters in Foggy Bottom

It is fine if Americans want to retire from their role in world policing, but juvenile and impractical interventions like the one in Ukraine...

Sayed Ishaq Gailani: 'Our Only Demand Is Attention to Education'

"I worry about the outcome of the 2014 elections. I fear that we might witness a completely flawed election, wracked with rigging and fraud."...

Barack Obama or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Defer to Putin

Obama: Hello? Hello, Vladimir? I can't hear you very well. Is that a bear? Um... can you possibly get rid of the bear? Oh -- sure, I can...

Sarvar Hosseini: 'Renovating the Education System Is a Great Achievement'

"One of the demands is social and political participation by women. Women want to actively and effectively participate in all fields and...
Syria: High-Priced Economic Card for Iran?

Syria: High-Priced Economic Card for Iran?

Although the Syrian government and leaders of Hezbollah are offering differing signals from the Islamic Republic, Iranian leaders view...

Fakhera Mousavi: 'The Afghan Woman Rests in the Coma of her Predecessors'

"Educated women demand justice and equality at all levels of society. They demand a justice-based approach to the basic laws in force in...