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Fracking The Huffington Post

Obama Administration Facing More Opposition to Atlantic Drilling Plans

Environmental Groups Threaten To Sue EPA Over Fracking Wastewater Rules

Obama Administration Gives Mixed Messages On Climate Change

Food Irrigated With Fracking Water May Require Labels In California

Hillary Clinton Calls For Banning Fracking On Public Lands, With Some Conditions

Mining Heads Into The Deep Sea, Raising Environmental Concerns

How The Oil Industry Got Two Regulators Fired For Doing Their Jobs

Enviros Say Shell's Drilling Plan Could Harm The Pacific Walrus

EPA: Fracking Linked To Some Water Contamination, But Not A Lot

Oklahoma Set To Overturn Local Drilling Controls As Backlash Brews

Texas Governor Prohibits Cities And Towns From Banning Fracking

We're Getting More Man-Made Earthquakes In Parts Of The U.S., Geological Survey Says

Study: Man-Made Earthquakes Increasing In Central And Eastern U.S.

EPA Chief Defends Forthcoming Fracking Study, Says It Will 'Add To' Dialogue