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Furniture Design

How An Introverted Designer Turned His Passion Into A Business

Quiet Revolution | Karen Walrond | Posted 09.29.2015 | Healthy Living

One of my favorite makers has to be Cheryl Schulke, the creative genius behind Stash leather goods. Over the last few years, I’ve watched her grow f...

How Difficult Is Simple?

Alla Kazovsky | Posted 07.31.2015 | Arts
Alla Kazovsky

Once we got to introductions, I found out that Mary Little is an artist of furniture design who creates chairs as sculpture. Considering that I was in the process of designing my first chair, the meeting was serendipitous.

I On Exceptional Living: The Exceptional Lives of William Yates, Beverly Johnson and More

Irene Michaels | Posted 06.08.2015 | Style
Irene Michaels

From supermodel to suburban-supermom, the I On Exceptional Living series continues with more special individuals whose lives are leaving a mark on the world in a variety of ways.

This Piece of Furniture Can Become Something Completely Different

Chris Barnes | Posted 05.09.2015 | HuffPost Home
Chris Barnes

Kids toys traditionally are designed with play in mind -- not style. Especially when it comes to bigger items, like playhouses.

Go Ahead, Sit On This Drawing Of A Chair

The Huffington Post | Mallika Rao | Posted 06.27.2014 | Arts

Remember that drunk Denver lass who rubbed her bare backside all over a $30 million Clyfford Still painting, damaging it for no apparent reason? Th...

Great Design Made to Measure: Please Be Seated

Ken Carbone | Posted 04.28.2014 | Arts
Ken Carbone

For the fifth article in my series, I invited three celebrated furniture designers to define great design. Despite their diverse body of work and approaches, they're unified by their commitment to exquisite craft which demonstrates their definition of design.

WATCH: How To Turn Anything Into A Coffee Table

Posted 11.19.2013 | HuffPost Home

Coffee tables are the anchor to any living space, but often come with a hefty price tag. You'll think twice about how much you spend on one, howeve...

NeoCon: Back and Better Than Ever

Amanda Schneider | Posted 08.29.2013 | Arts
Amanda Schneider

The innovation, commitment and parties are almost to pre-Recession levels so it was great to see the furniture industry on the rebound. The excitement was palpable but there were some standout companies at NeoCon that I thought were particularly inspiring.

Why Does This Chair NOT Have A Seat?

The Huffington Post | Shana Ecker | Posted 05.30.2013 | HuffPost Home

Well, this makes us feel silly.

A Conversation With Furniture Designer Craig Van Den Brulle

Blue Carreon | Posted 06.11.2013 | HuffPost Home
Blue Carreon

Craig Van Den Brulle is a well-known name in the design circles. He has a store in New York which sells pedigreed antique and vintage furniture and home accents.

Would You Buy A Piece Of Furniture Made By An Inmate?

The Huffington Post | Michelle Manetti | Posted 02.26.2013 | HuffPost Home

Would you buy a piece of American-made furniture... if it was made by inmates? Well, one Concord, N.H. furniture shop is hoping you will. Lilise De...

Brad Pitt’s Latest Role

The Huffington Post | Michelle Manetti | Posted 11.05.2012 | HuffPost Home


You've Never Seen Furniture Like This Before

The Huffington Post | Kathleen Massara | Posted 10.25.2012 | Arts

Wendell Castle has been working in the realm of furniture design for decades, but despite the fame he's achieved, his work hasn't ever lost its absurd...

Watch: DIY Furniture Easily Assembled From Old Cardboard Boxes

Kirsten Dirksen | Posted 12.25.2012 | HuffPost Home
Kirsten Dirksen

In need of a nightstand, and not wanting to spend any more money or add to the waste, industrial designer Adrian Candela turned old IKEA boxes into new furniture.

What’s So Great About DIYing?

Ana White | Posted 12.10.2012 | HuffPost Home
Ana White

You'd think I'd be tired of doing things myself.

This Isn’t What You Think It Is

The Huffington Post | Michelle Manetti | Posted 10.04.2012 | HuffPost Home

Our minds are blown.

Interview With Christopher Guy

Michelle Rico | Posted 06.20.2012 | Style
Michelle Rico

If there is anyone who knows how to create timeless elegance, especially in the realm of luxury furniture, it's Christopher Guy.

Barcelona Industrial Design Pioneer on Classic Craft and Minimalism (VIDEO)

Kirsten Dirksen | Posted 02.07.2013 | HuffPost Home
Kirsten Dirksen

His family left its mark on the Barcelona skyline (his uncle commissioned Antoni Gaudí to design the Casa Milà), but Miguel Milà chose to leave his imprint on a more modern field of design, dropping out of architecture school in the 1950s to pioneer the field of Spanish industrial design.

Art Meets Design at BOFFO Show House 2012

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 07.31.2012 | Arts

This month, BOFFO Show House is showcasing installations of art, furniture and decor in an attempt to redefine the possibilities of the interior space...

Deep Craft: Go Beyond Etsy and Make Toward Slow Design and the Good Life (VIDEO)

Kirsten Dirksen | Posted 10.11.2012 | HuffPost Home
Kirsten Dirksen

Discuss "craft" with Scott Constable, whose training includes apprenticeships under master woodworkers and who specialization in traditional joinery, and you're likely to hear about such things as traditional bodgery and English guilds.

BritWeek 2012: Designer Christopher Guy and Milliner Philip Treacy Highlight British Style

Mary Hall | Posted 07.17.2012 | Los Angeles
Mary Hall

Both Philip Treacy and Christopher Guy Harrison must have spent time reading the original Alice in Wonderland with illustrations by John Tenniel. Viewing their creations is almost like falling down a design rabbit hole into a wonderland.

PHOTOS: 9 Beautiful, Unique Bookshelves

Alex Johnson | Posted 07.02.2012 | Books
Alex Johnson

Modern bookshelves are no longer just somewhere to store books. They are modern art, they are engineering experiments, and they are status symbols, ingenious theatres on which our books parade rather than mere planks for storage.

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Toni Haber | Posted 05.05.2012 | New York
Toni Haber

Finally having found the ideal place to settle in was so exciting, but even the thought of having to go through all of my stuff and move apartments was daunting. I had to ask myself some tough questions... Should it stay or should it go?

WATCH: From Tree to Table, a Brooklyn Designer in His Studio

Chauncey Zalkin | Posted 10.11.2012 | HuffPost Home
Chauncey Zalkin

Daniel Moyer is a great example of a contemporary, high caliber design creative who employs wood furniture craftsmanship techniques of the highest order.

Furniture Of The Future

Posted 01.31.2012 | Arts

We've all experienced those never-ending debates when trying to rearrange furniture. You move the bed around because the dressers didn't feel Feng Shu...