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What Theism Lacks: Humility, Imagination, and Curiosity

Staks Rosch | Posted 08.22.2012 | Science
Staks Rosch

Atheists (most of us anyway) think (with good reason) that we are insignificant on the cosmic scale and that our only significance comes from each other.

When God Falls Out of the Sky

Andrew Z. Cohen | Posted 08.22.2012 | Religion
Andrew Z. Cohen

I believe we have reached a time in history when God, which I would describe as the energy and intelligence that initiated the creative process, is now completely dependent upon us.

The Amazing Grace of Same-Sex Marriage

Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D. | Posted 08.21.2012 | Religion
Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.

Love -- whether same-sex or opposite-sex -- is a manifestation of God's amazing grace precisely because it cannot be planned or earned. Love is not just a matter of works, but rather of grace.

Is Respect Key to Creating Greatness?

Peter Baksa | Posted 08.19.2012 | Healthy Living
Peter Baksa

Wise actions flow naturally from the right principles. When respect directs our daily choices, all our interactions are in harmony with our greater good. Respect for ourselves, one another, and for life itself should be at our core lighting the path for us.

God Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Richard Brand | Posted 08.17.2012 | Religion
Richard Brand

What fascinates me most about us is how rapidly we change our opinion about what God thinks about us depending on the one event or one week. We can go from thinking that God loves us to God has it in for us in a couple of hours.

The Wandering Jewish Artist: A Portrait Of Moshe Givati

Shira Hirschman Weiss | Posted 08.14.2012 | Religion
Shira Hirschman Weiss

Givati's last few months could be characterized by the vibrantly colorful paintings he stayed up nights to create, each displaying symbolic images reflecting the inner workings of a troubled mind.

Mortality And The Gift Of Perspective

Marilyn Sewell | Posted 08.11.2012 | Religion
Marilyn Sewell

The great value of coming close to death, by accident or illness, is the gift of perspective. The gestalt of our daily existence becomes distinct, and what is trivial drops away to make room for the essential.

Mythologizing Evolution Revisited

Karl Giberson, Ph.D | Posted 08.09.2012 | Religion
Karl Giberson, Ph.D

Whether we think that the biblically based story of our origins is historically and scientifically accurate or not, we certainly have to admit that it is a beautiful story. To take root in deeply religious America, evolution needs to be a better myth.

To Heaven And Back (VIDEO)

Mary C. Neal, M.D. | Posted 08.09.2012 | Religion
Mary C. Neal, M.D.

One lesson I learned after I drowned on a South American river was that to face life's challenges with gratitude and joy, a person must first lose his or her faith.

Prayer On Becoming A Rabbi

Ari Hart | Posted 08.08.2012 | Religion
Ari Hart

Keep me honest. Don't let me fall into the temptation of distancing myself from the people I serve and the people I love. Guard me from trials I cannot pass. Push me towards the ones that I can.

How to Be an Awesome Human Being

Judith Johnson | Posted 08.08.2012 | Healthy Living
Judith Johnson

To be awesome is to recognize and accept the challenge of being the very best "you" that you can be. Those who live this way serve as an inspiration to others to do and be the very best they can.

Coming Out Atheist Is Not The Same Thing As Coming Out LGBT

Ronald A. Lindsay | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Ronald A. Lindsay

There's a big difference between being gay and being an atheist. Someone can persuade you to be an atheist; no one is going to persuade you to be gay.

What Does God Say About Homosexuality?

Emily Timbol | Posted 08.07.2012 | Religion
Emily Timbol

As someone who grew up in the church, "What God says" is something I don't take lightly. So I asked God if I had to choose between being supportive of my best friend, or being a "good" Christian and encouraging him to "flee his lifestyle."

Why Isn't God Like Eric Clapton? My Story Of Faith And Doubt

Andrea Palpant Dilley | Posted 08.07.2012 | Religion
Andrea Palpant Dilley

One Saturday morning while browsing at a Hi-Fi store with my father, I came across a TV playing Eric Clapton live in concert. As strange as it sounds, I experienced a crisis of faith while surrounded by TV screens.

Being A Mom, Being The Church

Rev. Susan Baller-Shepard | Posted 08.06.2012 | Religion
Rev. Susan Baller-Shepard

When I am asked why I go to church, I pause. I go to church for many reasons. Church reminds me of God's on-going activity, God's word to us in countless forms. Church helps me reorder things, reprioritize.

We Are All Accountable

Lorna Byrne | Posted 08.06.2012 | Religion
Lorna Byrne

God and the angels have shown me different futures for humanity. What happens will depend on how we play our part and the decisions that we all make.

Atheism To Defeat Religion By 2038

Nigel Barber | Posted 08.05.2012 | Science
Nigel Barber

Is the loss of religious belief something fear? Contrary to the claims of religious leaders, Godless countries are highly moral nations with an unusual level of social trust, economic equality, low crime and a high level of civic engagement.

Faithfulness Is Perseverance In Purpose: An Interview With Roland Martin

Lavaille Lavette | Posted 06.05.2012 | Religion
Lavaille Lavette

As a journalist and author, he is candid and meticulous, and faith plays a major part in his success at making the most of his God-given time.

Evolving Gallup's Poll On Evolution

Rev. Michael Dowd | Posted 08.04.2012 | Religion
Rev. Michael Dowd

Once again, Gallup has polled Americans on the question of human origins. Once again, the biased wording of the three belief statements on the menu of choices forces respondents into camps that do not reflect the views of many Americans.

Does God Give Us 'Stuff'?

Rabbi David Wolpe | Posted 08.03.2012 | Religion
Rabbi David Wolpe

The rabbis' point is that Israel could only feel God's presence when they were receiving gifts. This is a common malady; many people pray for something and if they do not receive it assume that there is no God.

Are You Still Renting Space in Plato's Cave?

Peter Baksa | Posted 08.01.2012 | Healthy Living
Peter Baksa

Observe your thinking and be sure to evaluate this difference. Whatever we end up thinking becomes our reality.

The Grim Reaper

Robert Koehler | Posted 07.31.2012 | Politics
Robert Koehler

The poison seeps slowly into the future. No one notices. "The Obama administration," the Wall Street Journal informs us, "plans to arm Italy's fleet...

Religious Faith Affected By Common Developmental Disorder, Study Suggests

Posted 05.31.2012 | Science

By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 05/30/2012 05:07 PM EDT on LiveScience People who have more traits of autism are less...

Accessorizing Hate

Sarah O'Leary | Posted 07.24.2012 | Politics
Sarah O'Leary

When we choose silence in the face of bigotry, we threaten the lifeblood of our Union. We've all experienced more than a few bigots in our lives. Th...

Who or What Is God?

Peter Baksa | Posted 07.25.2012 | Healthy Living
Peter Baksa

What is the story you are telling yourself? How does this story keep you stuck, fearful, angry and arguing for more of the same?