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Mastering the Dark Arts: What's Next for SEO?

Advertising Week | Posted 07.05.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By James Moffat, Founder and Executive Director at Organic It’s impossible to think about SEO without Google being the focus. As Google continues i...

Get 'em While They're Young: The Hearts and Minds of Coding and Data Science

Phil Simon | Posted 07.05.2016 | Business
Phil Simon

"We live in a culture where we're dissuaded to do things that are technical," says Diana Navarro, an 18-year-old Rutgers University computer science m...

How To Advertise On Google And Get Great Results

AJ Agrawal | Posted 07.02.2016 | Business
AJ Agrawal

Google has always been one of the most powerful ways to market your brand. But what is the right way to advertise on Google and why should you market ...

Google Still A Long Way From Meeting Diversity Goals

Reuters | Casey Williams | Posted 07.01.2016 | Technology

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet's Google on Thursday released data on its two-year-old initiative to create a more diverse U.S. workforce, saying i...

How to See the Future

Michael Brune | Posted 07.01.2016 | Green
Michael Brune

The debate over the merits of renewable energy is over. For the overwhelming majority of Americans, the advantages of replacing coal, oil, and gas wit...

The Booming Business of User Data

Phil Simon | Posted 06.29.2016 | Business
Phil Simon

There's a well-worn saying in the tech world: If you're not paying for the product, then you are the product. Put differently, Facebook, Google, Link...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Global Geopolitics

David Gosset | Posted 06.29.2016 | Home
David Gosset

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Global Geopolitics - From "Atoms for Peace" to "AI for Mankind" - Artificial Intelligence (AI), a top priority for...

Why the Vive is Winning VR

Steven Schkolne | Posted 06.29.2016 | Technology
Steven Schkolne

For decades, VR has been sold to us as a mythic escape into a big, open world of synthetic fantasy. In the 1980's, movies like Tron and the Lawnmower ...

5 Of The Most Googled Health Questions, Answered

O, The Oprah Magazine | Ashley Sepanski | Posted 06.29.2016 | OWN

Mehmet Oz, MD, is the host of The Dr. Oz Show (weekdays; check local listings)....

Google Maps Just Got A Big Update -- Can You Spot The Difference?

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 06.29.2016 | Technology

Google's eye in the sky just got a bit sharper. The company has deployed new imagery from NASA's Landsat 8 observation satellite in Google Maps and G...

Cracking the Duopoly in Video Advertising

Advertising Week | Posted 06.27.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By Brian Shin, Founder and CEO of Visible Measures Internet Video is exploding. Facebook Live. YouTube. Instagram. Hulu. Netflix. Amazon Video. Snapc...

Facebook And Google Have New Weapons In Place To Block Extremist Videos

Reuters | Damon Beres | Posted 06.27.2016 | Technology

Some of the web’s biggest destinations for watching videos have quietly started using automation to remove extremist content from their sites, accor...

After Brexit, U.K. Residents Google 'What Is The EU?'

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 06.24.2016 | Technology

Hours after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, its residents wondered, what is the EU, anyway? People in the U.K. sought answers to...

(VIDEO) Teads Brings Outstream Video To Google, Facebook Mobile Platforms

Andy Plesser | Posted 06.23.2016 | Media
Andy Plesser

CANNES -- By now, many advertising buyers are getting used to outstream video - the technology that lets them place video ads on pages that don't eve...

An Open Letter To The Tech Industry

Jerry Cimino | Posted 06.22.2016 | Politics
Jerry Cimino

The Beat Generation represented everything positive that came out of the 1950s. Theirs was a message of optimism: that the kind of world we want to live in can be ours. Donald Trump wants to drag us backward.

Google Pays Tribute To Late Lawmaker Jo Cox Hours Before Brexit Vote

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 06.22.2016 | Home

Google honored a British politician killed last week by featuring her on its U.K. homepage. The tribute to member of Parliament Jo Cox, allegedly tar...

Are Facebook And Google Missing The True Profit Potential Of Messaging Apps?

Eli Schwartz | Posted 06.21.2016 | Technology
Eli Schwartz

While peer-to-peer messaging on a mobile phone has always been the most basic of all mobile phone features, 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest year ever in the transformation of smartphone messaging into more than just a medium for communication.

Facebook, Google And Others Face Growing Pressure To Restrict Speech Online

Reuters | Casey Williams | Posted 06.21.2016 | Technology

SAN FRANCISCO/ TORONTO (Reuters) - At least a dozen countries are considering or have enacted laws restricting online speech, a trend that is alarming...

Innovation in News Media World Report 2016: A Roadmap

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 06.18.2016 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

"Daring to Print." So headlines Eric Fottorino, Editor of Le 1, and former editor of French daily Le Monde, in his foreword to what has become a ref...

Family Of Paris Terror Victim Sues Social Media Companies

Reuters | Casey Williams | Posted 06.17.2016 | Technology

(Reuters) - The family of a California design student killed in November's attacks in Paris sued Twitter Inc, Google and Facebook Inc, claiming the so...

The Big Box Store As Health Provider

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn | Posted 06.16.2016 | Healthy Living
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Nearly one-half of U.S. households gladly pay $99 for a year's subscription to Amazon Prime, the guaranteed two-day delivery service that comes with t...

This Super-Smart Bus Drives Itself

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 06.16.2016 | Technology

One day, your bus to work will know when you have time for coffee and when you don't -- or so IBM and Local Motors would have you believe. The two com...

Silicon Valley's Obsession With Flying Cars Flies In The Face Of Business Logic

Bhaskar Chakravorti | Posted 06.16.2016 | Business
Bhaskar Chakravorti

This article first appeared as an op-ed on my column in Forbes. Bemoaning the state of innovativeness, Peter Thiel-- don of the PayPal mafia, Silicon...

Google's Master Plan In The Post-App Era

Michael Boland | Posted 08.01.2016 | Technology
Michael Boland

We've endured the desktop era, the post-PC era, the smartphone era, and don't forget the comically overused "year of mobile." Now we're seeing glimpses of the post-mobile era, characterized by virtual reality and augmented reality.

Microsoft/LinkedIn Discard Privacy in Remarkable Merger

Mark Weinstein | Posted 06.14.2016 | Technology
Mark Weinstein

The announcement that Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn makes good business sense for Microsoft. This gives Microsoft direct access to hundreds of milli...