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Green Transportation

Will Tesla's New S3X Symbol Take Us to Paradise?

Anna Clark | Posted 03.21.2016 | Business
Anna Clark

Starting on March 31st, green luxury is about to get more accessible with the unveiling of the long-awaited Tesla Model 3. This car-buying conundrum leaves me wondering about the latest options for buyers interested in good-looking yet affordable eco-friendly vehicles.

For Mayors, the 'Road to Paris' Began More Than A Decade Ago

Eduardo Paes | Posted 12.06.2016 | Green
Eduardo Paes

Cities are -- without hyperbole -- where the future happens first. Cities have been committing to reducing carbon emissions through various pathways for well beyond the 10 years C40 has existed.

Leading By Example on Climate Action

Michael R. Bloomberg | Posted 11.23.2016 | Green
Michael R. Bloomberg

The fact is, people want live in cities with clean air -- and where people want to live, businesses want to invest. One way to do that is by investing in low carbon transportation infrastructure -- from bus rapid transit to bike share systems -- that help reduce congestion and improve mobility.

Changing the Way We Move In Cities

Mpho “Parks” Tau | Posted 11.05.2016 | Green
Mpho “Parks” Tau

We are quickly recognizing that the only sensible thing to do, both economically and socially, is to implement measures that strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection, while putting communities at the core of public policies and private endeavors.

Los Angeles Pioneers Electric Car-Sharing for Low-Income Residents

Gina Coplon-Newfield | Posted 08.13.2016 | Green
Gina Coplon-Newfield

California state Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon recently announced a new electric vehicle car-sharing grant for the City of Los Angeles that will make zero emission driving available to low-income residents.

Some Utilities Are Making it Cheaper to Drive Electric Cars

Gina Coplon-Newfield | Posted 01.11.2015 | Green
Gina Coplon-Newfield

Some utility companies are starting to encourage consumers to make the switch to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs).

Clean Transportation Is Driving Us Toward a Low-Carbon Future

Mindy S. Lubber | Posted 04.11.2016 | Green
Mindy S. Lubber

In transportation, as in so many economic sectors, the needs of the planet and the demands of capitalism are pulling in the same direction. An investment in fast-growing clean transportation technology is an attractive business proposition.

New Illinois Priorities: Quiet Transportation Revolution in Car Use

Howard Learner | Posted 03.29.2014 | Chicago
Howard Learner

There's a quiet revolution in car use, driving patterns and car technologies that fundamentally will change transportation needs, infrastructure investments and traditional financing structures. As gas tax revenues decline, we need to prioritize better and make smart choices.

Biking Into the Future

Neil B. Chambers | Posted 03.10.2014 | Green
Neil B. Chambers

The real question is, what should an individualized transit planning process look like?

Yoli Ouiya

Great Ways To Be Green Even When You're On The Go | Yoli Ouiya | Posted 01.23.2014 | Black Voices

Thanks to many transportation options available to us, getting from point A to point B can be as easy and sustainable as you make it. Alternative ...

Why Crash Test Dummies Prefer Electric Vehicles

Posted 09.13.2013 | Green

From Josh Goldman, Union of Concerned Scientists for LiveScience: Josh Goldman is a policy analyst for clean vehicles at the Union of Concerned Sci...

Buildings, Energy, & Transportation Choices in Tourism: A Key to protecting coastal habitat and marine environments

Dr. Dave Randle | Posted 06.12.2013 | Green
Dr. Dave Randle

As the largest industry in the world and employing over 11% of the world's workforce, tourism has the ability to significantly reduce carbon emissions through their building, transportation, and energy policies and programs.

Buildings, Energy, & Transportation Choices in Tourism: A Key to protecting coastal habitat and marine environments

Dr. Reese Halter | Posted 06.12.2013 | Green
Dr. Reese Halter

The Blue Community initiative has developed 12 strategies or coastal habitat and marine environment protection for the tourism industry. Three of the...

The Cardboard Bike That Could Change World Transportation

Reuters | Ori Lewis and Lianne Gross | Posted 12.15.2012 | Green

By Ori Lewis and Lianne Gross MOSHAV AHITUV, Israel (Reuters) - A bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard has the potential to change...

America's Greenest Colleges: SIERRA Magazine List (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post | Alyssa Creamer | Posted 08.15.2012 | College

Last year, 20,000 students hopped on bicycles and rode to the No. 1 most eco-friendly school, according to SIERRA magazine's sixth annual ranking of A...

Transportation Innovation Can Reduce America's Oil Dependence

Phyllis Cuttino | Posted 10.02.2012 | Green
Phyllis Cuttino

Nations such as South Korea, Japan, and China are aggressively investing billions of dollars in research and development and incentivizing deployment of EVs to capture large shares in this growing worldwide sector. We should too.

How County's Spending $10M Grant

Posted 07.26.2012 | Miami

Miami-Dade County just got a lot greener, and not just in the wallet. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood joined Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez...

Development Banks Vow $175 Billion For Clean Transport

Reuters | Posted 08.20.2012 | Green

By Valerie Volcovici RIO DE JANEIRO, June 20 (Reuters Point Carbon) - The world's eight largest development banks said on Wednesday th...

WATCH: A 'Great Movement' In Green Transportation

The Huffington Post | James Gerken | Posted 04.11.2012 | Green

AOL's Translogic recently visited Paris to test out the city's two vehicle sharing programs, and as host Bradley Hasemeyer explains, "It's a great thi...

GOP: Fewer Bikes, More Cars

Amitai Etzioni | Posted 06.09.2012 | Green
Amitai Etzioni

Given that we are facing an obesity epidemic, car-driven pollution, climate change, and a damaging dependency on foreign oil, tripling the budget for bike and walkways would make sense.

Everyone Benefits When More People Bike and Walk

Jay Walljasper | Posted 06.06.2012 | Green
Jay Walljasper

Policies that are good for bicyclists actually benefit everyone on the streets. Good conditions for bicycling also create good conditions for pedestrians. And what makes the streets safer for bikes, also makes them safer for motorists.

WATCH: Guess Who Has The Greenest Transportation System In The World?

Aaron Sankin | Posted 03.27.2012 | San Francisco

As has been previously noted, it ain't easy being Muni. SFMTA often takes a lot of flack for stuff like lackluster service and high operating cost...

Watch: 30-Year-Old Entrepreneur Crafts Future Car -- It's Electric, Has 2 Wheels and Can't Fall

Kirsten Dirksen | Posted 01.17.2012 | Green
Kirsten Dirksen

2011-11-18-Screenshot20111117at8.44.38AM.jpg Danny Kim grew up in Portland where everyone was DIYing stuff, so he set out to DIY a truck.

Google And NASA Team Up For Green Flight Challenge

The Huffington Post | Tara Kelly | Posted 10.04.2011 | Green

Google loves a good challenge. So does NASA. Turning aviation green is quite the challenge. Google is joining NASA and the Comparative Aircraft...

To Fix America, Tax Foreigners

Carl Pope | Posted 10.04.2011 | Green
Carl Pope

The U.S. consumes about 6.5 billion barrels of oil a year. About 60 percent of it is imported. Getting rid of these imports would have had the same impact in 2010 as a $300 billion dollar tax cut on American consumers and the American economy.