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The Writer-Detective Team

Tracy Strauss | Posted 09.04.2015 | Books
Tracy Strauss

A writing mentor once told me, "To be a writer [of memoir] is to be a very good detective." Like a detective, the memoir writer finds the tension points, the contradictions, and the core story.

7 Critical Lessons About Emotions That Make Pixar's Inside Out a Must See for All Ages

Laura Jack | Posted 09.04.2015 | Healthy Living
Laura Jack

Even now, days later, I find myself considering Riley and her emotions. I think about the end of the movie when she finally opened up to her parents about how she felt. Instead of her parents simply telling her to be happy -- what most of us are told -- they said they feel the same way.

A Beautiful Goodbye To The Most Significant Person In My Life -- My Husband

Reena Nagrani | Posted 09.04.2015 | Divorce
Reena Nagrani

I've finally said my beautiful goodbye, when I've finally let go, I'll meet the person who's been waiting for me all along. Someone willing to love me exactly as I am, always, and no matter what. It will be me.

A Letter To The Children Who Lost Parents on 9/11

Kelly Halsch | Posted 09.02.2015 | Impact
Kelly Halsch

This is to you-to those of you who were just babies when you lost a parent.

Menopause Life's Cycle and Loss

Ellen Dolgen | Posted 08.31.2015 | Fifty
Ellen Dolgen

My beloved Mother lived a sharing, caring and charitable life with effortless grace and tremendous modesty. Although she was petite, refined, and delicate, she was strong and wise.

10 Places Grieving Widows Can Get Help

Gloria Horsley | Posted 08.26.2015 | Healthy Living
Gloria Horsley

The death of a spouse means losing your lover, best friend, confidante, and co-wrangler of bills, children, household tasks and life. In addition to t...

Lessons Learned From Losing Our Pets

B.J. Hollars | Posted 08.26.2015 | GPS for the Soul
B.J. Hollars

The dog was dead, and we were left to deal with the body. It wasn't even our dog, but our neighbors', a brindle-colored Plott hound named Dorsey who...

Penciling in Hope: Life After Suffering a Suicide Loss

Christy Heitger-Ewing | Posted 08.25.2015 | Healthy Living
Christy Heitger-Ewing

While I have no plans to live on Mars, I would like to start living more fully on planet Earth. I'm sure I'll still have to "take a minute" from time to time as my head and my heart continue to sync up. But in the meantime, I'd like to work on getting back to looking forward. I'd like to pencil in some hope.

What to Do When Your Friend Suffers a Miscarriage

Sarah Cottrell | Posted 08.24.2015 | Parents
Sarah Cottrell

Hushed conversations spell out the tragic news that the baby has been lost. And even though it was not your womb, your heart and soul are crushed. You grieve and feel a world of pain for your friend. But what do you do?

Your Pain Isn't Your Fault: Why Some Teachers and Gurus Have It Wrong

Megan Devine | Posted 08.24.2015 | Healthy Living
Megan Devine

Pain simply is. It's a natural, normal response to loss. But the literature in the self-help world, in the therapy world, and sadly, yes even in the world of spiritual guidance, is heavy on blame. Grief is considered unhealthy. A "bad" experience.

When Death Comes in Close

Jesua | Posted 08.21.2015 | GPS for the Soul

I'm so acutely aware of Death in the field right now. Always with us, Death is. And yet I've been carefully and heartfully tracking, as I know so man...

5 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who Is Grieving

Wendy Keller | Posted 08.21.2015 | Healthy Living
Wendy Keller

By being aware of these simple things to do or not do, you will be a much more appreciated and valued comforter in this dark time. You will be truly supporting and helping the person you care about in their hour of need.

What Grieving A Death Can Teach Us About Surviving Divorce

Shari Lifland | Posted 08.18.2015 | Divorce
Shari Lifland

You're dealing with divorce, not actual death. You've got a life to live! For you, acceptance brings the promise of a new beginning -- one filled with infinite possibilities -- not an end. And that's a precious gift, as any dying person would tell you.

Make the Call -- Call 911 During an Overdose

Elaine Pawlowski | Posted 08.17.2015 | Impact
Elaine Pawlowski

Children loose playmates, parents lose friends, ties are broken and silence is the norm. These are the same individuals that hesitate to call when it happens to them. They do not want to believe that it could happen in their own home.

Surviving The Loss Of My Beautiful Daughter Tess

Nancy Kirkwood | Posted 08.17.2015 | Fifty
Nancy Kirkwood

Original illustration by Jake Reeves. October 28, 2012 at approximately 10:30 am. Tess Senay Raynovich died in a car accident on her way to wo...

Let's Open Up About Miscarriage

Natalie Romero | Posted 08.13.2015 | Parents
Natalie Romero

How many people admit that it took them a long time to get pregnant? How many admit to suffering miscarriages? How many talk about a difficult pregnancy? It leads you to believe it was easy.

What I Learned From My Mom As We Planned Her Funeral

Chester Goad, Ed.D. | Posted 08.12.2015 | Healthy Living
Chester Goad, Ed.D.

I was honored to know my mom and I'm grateful she let me share in her journey. It was a bittersweet gift filled with life lessons. I was lying on the sofa beside her at her home when she took her final breaths, and though it was of course a time of grief, she made sure we were ready.

How I Survived Infertility

Michelle Martin | Posted 08.12.2015 | Parents
Michelle Martin

I survived infertility (quite well in fact) but as with many life crises my healing wasn't complete. I still feel sadness at times when I hear stories of couples getting pregnant as planned, and enjoying traditional family life. And sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like, had I not experienced infertility.

Paul Newman, Kay Warren and Gary Mendell: Making Sense of Loss

Gloria Horsley | Posted 08.11.2015 | Healthy Living
Gloria Horsley

While at my hairdresser today an article in Vogue Magazine, July 2015 issue caught my eye. There was a piece about discontent in the Newman family sin...

This Viral Couple Miscarried. Here's What We Can Learn From Them

Ann Zamudio | Posted 08.11.2015 | Parents
Ann Zamudio

To Sam and Nia, I send my heartfelt condolences. I thank you for sharing your journey with the world and for allowing the world to grieve with you. While we join them in mourning the loss of the child they'd only just started to celebrate, I think there are many things we can take away from their very public experience.

How to Bounce Forward After Trauma

Michaela Haas | Posted 08.10.2015 | Healthy Living
Michaela Haas

Most people have heard of posttraumatic stress. Yet, beyond the medical community, few are aware of the evidence of posttraumatic growth.

Inside The Quiet Culture Of Pregnancy Loss

Shelly Lopez Gray | Posted 08.10.2015 | Healthy Living
Shelly Lopez Gray

Every word used to describe the way you feel after a miscarriage epitomizes everything you are in that moment... empty, hollow, exposed -- but none of those words describe what you really are... overwhelmed, devastated, and incredibly sad.

The Anatomy of a Goodbye

Maureen Anderson | Posted 08.06.2015 | Healthy Living
Maureen Anderson

My friend's dad died in February. As the months went by I wondered if his research on resilience had helped. Alex Lickerman is a doctor in Chicago and...

What My Grandmother Taught Me About Love, Writing And Skinny-Dipping

Laura Hankin | Posted 08.06.2015 | Women
Laura Hankin

Less than a year after her death, I can recall her face in vivid detail, but I know that it will soon begin to disappear, like the pieces of furniture that various relatives keep claiming from her house.

Without the Birthday Boy

Melissa Kaye | Posted 08.05.2015 | Parents
Melissa Kaye

Ten years ago, at this moment, I was settling into life with a newborn, 14 hours after a storybook delivery. I was elated to be snuggling my baby boy in my arms. No matter how many crazy worries went through my head, I never imagined I would be here tonight without my son.