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Guy Fawkes

Reflections on the Third Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution: On Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Yousra Y. Fazili | Posted 03.27.2014 | Home
Yousra Y. Fazili

Perhaps the radicalism of the Egyptian Revolution is not that it could have happened, it's that it did. And we can see that something is different now, despite everything three years on.

The Politics of the Mask

Thomas Nail | Posted 01.23.2014 | College
Thomas Nail

On Tuesday, November 5th, protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks demonstrated in more than 400 cities around the world in celebration of Guy Fawkes day. From Barcelona to Tokyo, hundreds of thousands protested in the streets and on the internet against political corruption, corporate greed and NSA spying. Despite the explicit thematization of the mask, almost no commentary so far has taken seriously the political meaning of these masks.

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November: Thoughts on Election Day

John W. Whitehead | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

We have reached a point where our leaders have stopped listening to the American people. However, what will it take for the government to start listening to the people again?

PHOTOS: 10 Fire Festivals Around The World

Cheapflights | Posted 01.10.2013 | Travel

As clocks turn back and the days get shorter, peoples around the world strike their matches almost in unison.

28,000 PayPal Passwords Allegedly Stolen By Anonymous For Guy Fawkes Day

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 11.05.2012 | Technology

Anonymous, which adopted the Guy Fawkes mask, designed by "V for Vendetta" illustrator David Lloyd, as a symbol for its social crusade, has decided to...

Moline Loves Paul Simon, Plus Chatting With Bill Wyman, American Idol's James Durbin and Mastodon's Brann Dailor

Mike Ragogna | Posted 01.17.2012 | Entertainment
Mike Ragogna

Although it seems that Paul Simon has been on the road frequently over the last few years, his latest tour seems much more date-packed as he heralds his latest and one of the best albums of his career, So Beautiful Or So What.

Is the Guy Fawkes Mask Industry Behind the Occupy Movement?

Harmon Leon | Posted 06.14.2012 | Comedy
Harmon Leon

Just like greeting card companies starting Valentines Day -- to reap profits and boost the sale of their products -- there are a growing number of skeptics who say that the Occupy movement was launched by manufacturers of the Guy Fawkes mask.

The Face Of A Movement

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 01.04.2012 | Home

By TAMARA LUSH AND VERENA DOBNIK, The Associated Press NEW YORK — Look at a photo or news clip from around the world of Occupy protesters and you...

Unmasking Halloween and the Power of Anonymity

Sam Sommers | Posted 12.29.2011 | Parents
Sam Sommers

While there may be a variety of reasons why Halloween has come to be a time of pranks, mischief, and even more serious forms of misbehavior, disguise certainly plays a major role.

WATCH: Is Stephen Colbert Anonymous?

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

You have to give it to Team Colbert: the subtle lengths they're willing to go for a joke -- and, potentially, to start a wildfire of an Internet rumor...

Sam Stein

Dem Governors Demand RGA Remove Political Terrorism-Themed Ad | Sam Stein | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

The Democratic Governors Association is demanding that its counterpart, the Republican Governors Association, take down an online video that it claims...

Freedom Fries, Take Two

Nathan Daschle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Nathan Daschle

Perhaps because so many have their eyes on the 2012 prize, Republican governors and candidates are targeting their far-right base, using language that would make Ronald Reagan blush.

Sam Stein

Republican Governors Anti-Obama Ad Borrows Political Terrorism Theme | Sam Stein | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

The Republican Governors Association has released a new web ad attacking President Barack Obama whose theme borrows heavily from a story glorifying do...

Mind Your Halloween Manners

Jo Bryant | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Jo Bryant

As Halloween fever grips the UK, Debrett's -- the UK's leading authority on etiquette and manners -- felt it necessary to provide some top tips for a well-mannered Halloween.

Guy Fawkes Protesters Finally Celebrate the Right Way

Allison Kilkenny | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Allison Kilkenny

On November 5, 1605, England held a celebration for the opening of Parliament. Guy Fawkes tried to spark a revolution by blowing up the building, and ...