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Health Care Individual Mandate

Emily Swanson

Most Americans Know Obamacare Means They Must Have Health Insurance | Emily Swanson | Posted 11.23.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Most Americans are aware of the Affordable Care Act's mandate that they have some form of health insurance beginning in 2014, but many d...

The Taxing Power and the ACA: Cravenness Is Not Unconstitutional

Edward D. Kleinbard | Posted 08.29.2012 | Politics
Edward D. Kleinbard

The Supreme Court held up the individual mandate of the ACA as a constitutionally valid exercise of Congress's taxing power. The "mandate" is not a requirement that you do anything. Stripped of labels, the only "mandate" is to pay your tax bill.

The Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate

Richard Leffler | Posted 07.07.2012 | Politics
Richard Leffler

The briefs and oral arguments before the Supreme Court regarding the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act would have benefited from close attention to two opinions by Chief Justice John Marshall, which are referred to only in snippets.

The Long Game for Health Reform

Harvard Kennedy School Democrats | Posted 06.23.2012 | Politics
Harvard Kennedy School Democrats

Even if the Affordable Care Act falls in whole or in part, it will have still been a success for three key reasons.

Is the Healthcare Mandate a Tax?

Jonathan Kolstad | Posted 06.13.2012 | Politics
Jonathan Kolstad

The Supreme Court's task is to rule based on the legal questions at hand, but we think the economic ones are also important, given the Massachusetts experience.

Ubiquitous Hypocrisy on Health Care and the Individual Mandate

Anthony Gregory | Posted 06.02.2012 | Politics
Anthony Gregory

Is an individual mandate in the name of guaranteeing universal coverage, an example of socialism? Look in a mirror, Mitt, Newt and Rick. If it's socialism when Obama does it, what does that make you?

Cry the Beloved Country: Why the Supreme Court Should Leave Obamacare Alone

David Paul | Posted 05.29.2012 | Politics
David Paul

Lost in the arguments of conservatives and right-wing activists was the fact that the individual mandate -- the essential element that would bring tyranny to our homes -- was initially raised as the preferred strategy for health care reform by the right.

Sam Stein

Supreme Court Clerks Predict Health Care Reform Will Be Upheld | Sam Stein | Posted 03.27.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The lawyers who know the Supreme Court justices best seem largely certain that they'll uphold the president's health care law following ...

The 'Odd Couple' -- Steve Jobs and Health Care as a Right for All

Miles J. Zaremski | Posted 12.10.2011 | Politics
Miles J. Zaremski

Since before the 2008 Democratic convention, I have written that health care should be a right for all Americans. Mind you, not in a legal or constit...

One Contentious Issue Produces Position-Shifts From Four GOP Presidential Candidates

Posted 08.23.2011 | Politics

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has faced sharp criticism from conservatives over the health care reform package he signed into law in the B...

Mitt Romney Not The Only GOP Presidential Hopeful Who Once Supported Individual Mandate

National Journal | Elspeth Reeve | Posted 07.29.2011 | Politics

Explaining his embrace of the individual mandate is Romney's biggest challenge in the primaries. But Romney's not the only one with an individual mand...

Chuck Grassley Slams Individual Health Care Mandate He Once Supported As Unconstitutional

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on Tuesday charted a different course on his opinion of the individual mandate, declaring that the health care reform mea...