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Hearing Aids

How To Handle The Holidays When You Have A Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 12.20.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

The holidays are a great time of year, filled with family dinners and celebrations, gatherings with friends, holiday parties, and lots of socializing. But because of my hearing loss, all the socializing and holiday hubbub can be exhausting.

Good News For Those With Hearing Loss

Katherine Bouton | Posted 12.19.2016 | Fifty
Katherine Bouton

Hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. They are also not covered by most state Medicaid programs or by the Affordable Care Act or most private insurance. Essentially, you're on your own.

When Your Hearing Loss Leads To Embarrassment

Shari Eberts | Posted 11.25.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

I have a hearing loss. No big deal, right? But sometimes it is. Why is hearing loss sometimes embarrassing in a way that other conditions like vision loss or mobility challenges are not?

I Have A (Hearing Loss) Announcement To Make

Shari Eberts | Posted 10.25.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

'Hi, my name is Shari and I am excited to be at this conference/retreat/class.' This is how it usually begins. We all go around the room and introduce ourselves, give a reason or two why we are here and it moves onto the next person. But at my most recent retreat, I decided to try something different.

Shame on the Smithsonian Institution

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 10.05.2016 | Arts
Janice S. Lintz

The Smithsonian Institution should be ashamed for failing to include hearing induction loops for its videos and films, for people who are hard of hear...

How To Practice Yoga When You Have A Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 09.26.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

Yoga is not for everyone, but if you are interested in trying it out or maintaining a regular practice, don't let your hearing loss stop you.

How To Enjoy A Barbecue With Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 08.31.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

Parties can be a challenge for people with hearing loss, but barbecues are some of the easiest to navigate. Barbecues are typically outside so the noise doesn't bounce around the room the way it can at indoor events.

10 Reasons Hearing Aids Are NOT Like Glasses

Shari Eberts | Posted 08.04.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

Do your friends and family ever wonder why you don't hear better with your hearing aids? Mine sometimes do, which can be frustrating, especially when you are working extremely hard to hear the best that you can.

It Is Time To Stop Shaming People With Hearing Loss

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 07.08.2016 | Entertainment
Janice S. Lintz

It is time to stop humiliating people with hearing loss. Radar Online's recent headline said, "Photo Shocker: Caitlyn Jenner Caught Wearing Hearing Ai...

11 Questions People Who Are Hard Of Hearing Should Ask Prior To Staying In A Hospital

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 06.28.2016 | Healthy Living
Janice S. Lintz

The following are recommended questions to ask your doctor and hospital prior to your stay:

Want Hearing Aids But They're Too Expensive? Read On.

Katherine Bouton | Posted 06.25.2016 | Fifty
Katherine Bouton

What's the Number One reason people say they don't wear hearing aids? Cost. A single hearing aid costs between $3000 and $4000 and most people with hearing loss need two. Medicare does not cover hearing aids -- even for people who are profoundly deaf -- nor do most private insurance plans.

Mom's Voice Sparks Dance Party For Toddler With New Hearing Aids

The Huffington Post | Taylor Pittman | Posted 06.25.2016 | Parents

To celebrate his new hearing aids, one toddler busted out some cute moves. According to ABC News, doctors determined that 2-year-old Kaiden Orantes ha...

Six Steps Those With Hearing Loss Can Take to Communicate Better

Shari Eberts | Posted 06.14.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

Source: Kevin Curtis | Unsplash Those of us with hearing loss must sometimes rely on those with normal hearing to help us have better conversations a...

Memo To Airlines, We Can't Hear You!

Katherine Bouton | Posted 06.07.2016 | Fifty
Katherine Bouton

I hate to burden you airlines with another complaint, but really, can't you do just a few things to make life easier for travelers with hearing loss? I hope you realize that we represent one in five of your customers. Of the 50 million Americans with hearing loss, quite a few end up on your airplanes.

12 Myths About Hearing Loss Debunked

Katherine Bouton | Posted 05.28.2016 | Fifty
Katherine Bouton

I titled my book about hearing loss Shouting Won't Help. It won't. Shouting distorts the mouth and makes lip reading difficult. Speak in a normal tone of voice, look at the listener and articulate clearly.

FAQs for Hearing Aids

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 05.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Janice S. Lintz

It is really hard to tell what you cannot hear. The people around you may have noticed that you are responding incorrectly to questions and increasing the volume on the television or phone. A hearing test is non-invasive and painless.

A Road Map For Those New To Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 04.29.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

Do you know someone who is new to hearing loss? Maybe they haven't yet accepted that they have a hearing loss, or maybe they are just starting to acknowledge it, but don't know what to do first, or second. I know some people like that, myself included, at one point.

7 Misconceptions About People With Hearing Loss

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 03.22.2016 | Healthy Living
Janice S. Lintz

There are many more misconceptions. These are just a starting point for a conversation.

What Is That Noise!?! My Take On Living With Tinnitus

Shari Eberts | Posted 03.18.2017 | Healthy Living
Shari Eberts

Will my tinnitus take another turn for the worse? I hope not. These are worries that I have, but I cannot spend time on them. I can only focus on living each day the best that I can.

Don't Say This To Someone With Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 02.25.2017 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

It happens sometimes. A friend or colleague is telling me a funny story or explaining an event that happened, and at some point I will ask "What did y...

How Hearing Aids Changed My Life at the Age of 27

Sarah Klegman | Posted 01.29.2017 | Good News
Sarah Klegman

As un-sexy as they may be at times, and even though my hearing loss isn't as bad as most, hearing aids have changed my life. I believe that shamelessly showing your vulnerabilities can make you an even more likable person. Living honestly inspires others to live honestly.

5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 01.27.2017 | Healthy Living
Shari Eberts

It is hard to explain to others what it is like to have hearing loss. I am neither a child nor an invalid. If someone asks me a question and I don't hear it, please repeat it so I can answer for myself. I want to hear you and am trying my best.

Why We Should Teach Hearing Health In Elementary Schools

Shari Eberts | Posted 01.13.2017 | Education
Shari Eberts

A few years ago I visited my son's 1st grade classroom as part of Family Time. This was a monthly event where different children's parents would visit the classroom to share something special about their family.

How to Have A Better Conversation With Someone With Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 12.15.2016 | Fifty
Shari Eberts

All of us with hearing loss know how hard it can sometimes be to converse comfortably with our friends and family. We get tired, frustrated and someti...

10 Tips for Tackling Thanksgiving Dinner With a Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts | Posted 11.23.2016 | Healthy Living
Shari Eberts

Rather than wallow in fear, I put together these 10 tips for tackling Thanksgiving dinner with a hearing loss. I hope they help you approach the holiday with more joy and less fear. Have a great Thanksgiving!