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Homeland Security The Huffington Post

House Majority Whip: 'No Deal' On Funding DHS Past Friday

House Republicans Not Ready To Cave On DHS Funding

Senate Democrats Agree To GOP Plan To Fund Department Of Homeland Security

Senate Republicans Offer Deal On DHS Funding

Days Before DHS Funding Runs Out, The Post-Shutdown Debate Is Heating Up

Homeland Security Chief Says 30,000 Will Be Furloughed If Department Shuts Down

Nonpartisan Mayors Warns Of Domestic Threat If DHS Runs Out Of Money

Teen Accused Of Threatening Police On Twitter

Sexually Assaulted Boy's Family: Christian Radio Personality Should 'Rot In Jail'

Jeh Johnson: Politicians Shouldn't 'Feed The Flames Of Fear' Over ISIS, Ebola

Homeland Security Joins Push To Tackle Climate Change Risks

DHS 'Will Respond Aggressively' To Reported Mistreatment of Immigrant Detainees

New York Politicians Scramble For Shelter During Rocket Attack In Israel

Getting Chased By Zombies Can Also Teach You Important Disaster Prep Skills

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