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Homeless Youth

If the Sears Armory Can Work as a Shelter, Can Wapato Correctional Facility Be Far Behind?

Jeff Woodward | Posted 11.23.2015 | Impact
Jeff Woodward

I'm not sure if the idea of shuttling those in need of shelter is genius or unrealistic. One thing is certain: It's never been done before in Portland.

Homeless People Find Refuge In Hawaii Camp Run By Mostly Women

Civil Beat | Chloe Fox | Posted 11.18.2015 | Impact

It takes a lot to shock Twinkle Borge. The stout 46-year-old woman has been homeless — or as she would prefer to say, houseless — for more...

Seattle Declares State Of Emergency On Homeless Crisis

The Huffington Post | Lydia Oconnor | Posted 11.03.2015 | Impact

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine this week declared states of emergency for their homeless crises, pledging millions...

Man Aims To Break Black Friday Stakeout Record For The Best Reason

The Huffington Post | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 11.03.2015 | Impact

Kevin Sutton hopes to score a well-priced television, but that’s not the only reason he’s camping outside Best Buy in Orlando, Florida, fo...

Is Operation Cross Country the Best Way to Fight Child Sex Trafficking?

Katherine Koster | Posted 10.29.2015 | Impact
Katherine Koster

The sweep netted 149 youth involved in the sex trade. It also led to arrests of 150 "pimps as well as other individuals." Rescuing "commercially sexually exploited youth" and catching their "exploiters" sounds like a great thing, right? Actually, it's a bit more complicated.

No Room for Life: One Student's Journey from Eviction to Graduate School

America's Promise Alliance | Posted 10.29.2015 | Education
America's Promise Alliance

There is no room for life when it comes to housing policies. We're above a certain line of income, so we don't qualify for help. We pay rent well over the rent we used to pay before being evicted, but in order to prove that we can have a home again we would have to pay almost triple the amount.

Meet Some Of The LGBT Homeless Youth The Pope Didn't Visit

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 09.30.2015 | Gay Voices

Homelessness is, without a doubt, a major issue for the queer community. Rates of homelessness among queer youth -- those under age 18 in Am...

Mexican Teenagers Went From Being Homeless To National Heroes In One Week

Fusion | Tanisha Ramirez | Posted 09.28.2015 | Latino Voices

The homeless men and women of Mexico have brought glory to their country. Last weekend, a group of Mexican street kids won the 2015 Homeless World Cup...

Portland Oregon Homeless Frustration's Are High

Jeff Woodward | Posted 09.24.2015 | Impact
Jeff Woodward

As a resident of the Portland, Oregon area, and as a disability and homeless advocate, I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the current homeless situation in Portland.

Connecting Disconnected Youth

Mark Redmond | Posted 09.04.2015 | Impact
Mark Redmond

Spectrum is a model that works. It is a solution to a vexing problem with which our nation is struggling to come to terms.

Feminist Masterpiece on Teen Survival

Kimberly Dark | Posted 09.03.2015 | Books
Kimberly Dark

It's not that you want to save Taylor; you know you can't. By the end of page two, Debra Busman has established a child character as complex and compelling as any adult.

The Steps One Homeless Teen Took To Get A Full Ride To Yale

The Huffington Post | Sasha Bronner | Posted 09.18.2015 | College

Viviana Andazola Marquez ranks getting into Yale as the single proudest moment of her life. Her frank personal statement about growing up ho...

New York Summer Camp Gives Homeless Children A Chance To Just Be Kids

The Huffington Post | Joseph Erbentraut | Posted 07.29.2015 | Impact

For most kids, summer is a time of year to look forward to. But that's not typically the case for the 23,000 children who live in New York City&rsquo...

Activists Create Sleep Safe Haven For London Homeless

Van Winkle's | Posted 07.28.2015 | Impact
Van Winkle's

In just one of many examples of why the world is a cold, ugly place, "anti-homeless spikes" have materialized in London.

Elusive and Unsettling: Child and Youth Homelessness in America

Jean-Michel Giraud | Posted 05.26.2015 | DC
Jean-Michel Giraud

The elephant in the room is our conspicuous reluctance as a society to develop adequate service systems for homeless youth and children. Is the thought of the young people on the street so unsettling and counter to our values that we simply choose to look the other way? Is the reality of trafficking and exploitation so hard to face?

How One-On-One Tutoring Is Creating Possibilities For LA's Homeless Youth

The Huffington Post | Anastassia Olmos | Posted 05.13.2015 | Impact

For the nonprofit School On Wheels, change begins when people focus on what they can do to help. “We can’t end homelessness, but we can help a...

Why This Mom Is Calling Miley Cyrus a Hero

Melissa McLaren | Posted 05.11.2015 | Entertainment
Melissa McLaren

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus but the girl has the ability to accumulate press. And, what I've always loved about her, even when her actions made me cringe, is that she didn't seem to care what other people said or thought.

Creating Higher Education Opportunities for Homeless Youth

Eric Rice | Posted 05.04.2015 | Impact
Eric Rice

College. Right. That is what so many homeless youth need. I have been working with homeless youth and homeless youth providers for the past 12 years. The great joy of working in this community is the sense of hope the youth engender.

This Group Is Fulfilling More Than Just The Basic Needs Of LA's Homeless Youth

The Huffington Post | Anna-Catherine Brigida | Posted 04.24.2015 | Impact

Demonque Williams exited the foster care system at age 18 in 2010 with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Now 22, he still does not have a stabl...

This Is How Homeless Youth Truly Want To Be Seen

The Huffington Post | Taylor Pittman | Posted 04.23.2015 | Teen

There’s more to LGBT homeless youth than the stereotypes used to describe them. A deeper level exists -- a level the Reciprocity Foundation wanted t...

Denver Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Youth, Gives Them Second Chance 'No One Else Would'

The Huffington Post | Robbie Couch | Posted 09.17.2015 | Impact

Most bosses avoid meddling in their employees' personal lives, but Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud are different. They co-founded Purple Door Cof...

A Digital Lifeline: The Importance of Cell Phones to Homeless Youth

Eric Rice | Posted 05.22.2015 | Impact
Eric Rice

That's right, this young homeless woman has cell phone. And she's using it to reach out to me to try to get some answers about her legal rights. And yes, I promised to call her back once I had more information.

Miley Cyrus Writes Heartfelt Letter To NY Governor Seeking Funds For Homeless Youth

The Huffington Post | Robbie Couch | Posted 09.17.2015 | Impact

Miley Cyrus is continuing to use her star power to advocate on behalf of young people in need. The 22-year-old singer wrote a letter to New York Go...

Please Call Your Senator Today to Help Millions of Homeless Kids

Mark Horvath | Posted 05.12.2015 | Politics
Mark Horvath

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) current definition of homelessness excludes most children and youth who are actually homeless: those staying in motels, or temporarily with others because they have nowhere else to go.

Lila Shapiro

A Look At 'Survival Sex' And The Queer Teens Who Are Turning To It | Lila Shapiro | Posted 02.27.2015 | Gay Voices

After his grandmother kicked him out into the cold, someone offered the 19-year-old a warm bed for the weekend. All the guy wanted in exchange for his...