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Homelessness The Huffington Post

Phoenix Court Waives Misdemeanor Fines, Warrants For Homeless Population

Scarborough Slams De Blasio For New York's Homelessness Problem

Veterans Discharged For Misconduct Have Higher Risk Of Homelessness

The Steps One Homeless Teen Took To Get A Full Ride To Yale

New Documentary Makes The Case For Supervised Heroin Injection Sites In New York

Woman Photographs Homeless Father For Years To Rebuild Their Relationship

Cottages For Homeless People In Dallas Will Save Taxpayers About $1.3 Million

Domestic Abuse Is A Leading Cause Of Homelessness, But New NYC Program May Bring Some Relief

Honolulu Doesn't Want Homeless To Sit In Public. But Advocates Have A Plan To Fight It

The Federal Government Says Being Homeless Should Not Be A Crime

In Some Ways, AIDS In America Has Gotten Worse

In His Own Words, Iraq and Afghanistan Vet Recounts Journey From Homelessness To Hope

New York Summer Camp Gives Homeless Children A Chance To Just Be Kids

Clever Detachable Pods Aim To Provide Shelter For Britain’s Homeless

Homeless People In Atlanta Plant Organic Garden, Provide Food For Shelter Residents

What It's Like To Be A Homeless College Student Living In A Shelter On $5 A Day

Hawaii Lawmaker Who Smashed Homeless People's Shopping Carts Presses Charges Against Teens In Beating

Struggling Blind Musician Gives Away Money He Collects To People In Need

New California Law Gives Free IDs To Homeless People So They Can Access Housing, School

Workers Bring Mental Health Care, Medication To Homeless In Miami

Special Friendship With Rescue Parrot Helps Homeless Jazz Singer Find Her Wings

Richard Gere Made $1.50 Panhandling. Here's What He Wants You To Know About Homelessness

HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: Here's How To Keep Homeless Kids In School

Philadelphia Mayor Scuffles With Homeless Man Over Plans For Pope's Visit

After His Job Plea Was Posted To Twitter, Homeless Man Is Flooded With Offers

Almost 200 Public Housing Units Sit Vacant While Honolulu Struggles To Find Housing For The Homeless

As Homeless In Phoenix Struggle Amid Heat Wave, Nonprofits Seek More Water Donations