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Republican Supporter of Kim Davis Contradicts His Own Stance

Matt Baume | Posted 09.05.2015 | Gay Voices
Matt Baume

Presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal has come out in support of homophobic Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, but his support for her contradicts his own language from just a few years ago.

Making Sense Out of Bryce Williams and the Virginia Shooting

A. B. Wilkinson | Posted 08.28.2015 | Black Voices
A. B. Wilkinson

As we mourn the dead and remember the innocent lives taken by Williams, we also need to be careful not to let one man's drastic actions allow us to ignore those who speak out about racism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry.

Above the Keyboard Warriors' Din

Richard J. Rosendall | Posted 08.27.2015 | Gay Voices
Richard J. Rosendall

Let us look at a few examples of activists and artists rising above the din of the keyboard warriors to propose useful reforms or tell their stories in ways that help us see differently.

If We're Winning the Battle for Equality, Why Do People Keep Yelling "Faggot?"

Raina Bowe | Posted 08.26.2015 | Gay Voices
Raina Bowe

How is it, despite all our social progress, even with hundreds of people around, some people find it completely acceptable to spread such hate?

Brooklyn's 2015 Afropunk Festival: NO Ism Schism!

Marlon Regis | Posted 08.26.2015 | Entertainment
Marlon Regis

No Sexism. No Racism. No Ableism. No Ageism. No Homophobia. No Fatphobia. No Transphobia. No Hatefulness. Basically, no divide among people caused by ANY prejudice beliefs!

This Church's Response After Being Targeted By Homophobic Vandals Is Amazing

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.27.2015 | Gay Voices

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5 Things 'Bring It On' Taught Us About Intersectional Feminism

Tyree Rush | Posted 08.25.2015 | Women
Tyree Rush

Bring It On satirically addresses social injustices while comically delving into a popular subculture. As it turns out, the Toros of Rancho Carne High were tackling issues of feminism, race, and gender roles well before Rowan Blanchard was a plus sign on a pregnancy test.

Some Thoughts On My 30th Wedding Anniversary in the Summer of Equal Marriage

Michael Rowe | Posted 08.24.2015 | Gay Voices
Michael Rowe

Among the best reasons to have had old laws, driven by nothing but religious bigotry, struck down is the thought that this LGBT generation and the next, and the next will never have to misname their marriages ever again, let alone justify them.

An Open Letter to People Who Still Use 'Faggot' as an Insult

Casey Cavanagh | Posted 08.20.2015 | Impact
Casey Cavanagh

Be responsible. Hold yourself accountable. Pay attention to the words you use, the way you articulate yourself, and be aware of how the things you say may affect people around you.

One Direction Star Responds To Claims He's Homophobic

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 08.20.2015 | Gay Voices

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2015: The Year We Stopped Putting Up With Your Shit

Christian Gabriel | Posted 08.16.2015 | Black Voices
Christian Gabriel

How are elite businessmen supposed to continue to fill their private prisons with poor and working class people of color, mostly blacks, if that system is challenged and dismantled? It's ludicrous!

How Frat Hazing Inspired A Book About Sex Between Straight Guys

The Huffington Post | Jared Greenhouse | Posted 08.17.2015 | Gay Voices

Institutions rooted in tradition, like college fraternities and the military, have long been known to ritually haze thei...

Adoptee Rights Are Your Rights, Too

DaShanne Stokes | Posted 08.12.2015 | Impact
DaShanne Stokes

Why deny adoptees their personal records and original birth certificates if it's against what most adoptees and their biological parents want? It makes no sense.

Sam Smith Schools Homophobic Instagram User With Awesome Caption

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.13.2015 | Gay Voices

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Religious Extremism - Words Can Be Just As Dangerous As Knives

Annette Gross | Posted 08.07.2015 | Gay Voices
Annette Gross

Miller is well-dressed and seems fairly mild. But behind his quiet demeanor lurks hatred and homophobia. He uses religion to push his agenda.

Texas Bakery Kicks Off 'Welcome Everyone' Campaign To Combat Homophobia

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.07.2015 | Gay Voices

Bakeries, florist shops and other wedding-related venues have become a surprising battleground for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (L...

Secretly Taped Job Interview May Offer Disturbing Reason Why Man Didn't Get Job

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 08.07.2015 | Gay Voices

Two men apply for the same job. The first man has little work experience and no trucking license -- even though the role requires driving. T...

Top 5 Ways to Overcome Discrimination

DaShanne Stokes | Posted 08.07.2015 | Impact
DaShanne Stokes

Whether you're on the front lines of a social movement or struggling with discrimination in your daily life, it can be difficult to survive, let alone find your way forward. Here are five important tips to help you in your journey.

"The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey:" A 21st-Century Play for a 21st-Century Audience

Alexandra Villarreal | Posted 08.06.2015 | Arts
Alexandra Villarreal

His sensitivity and thoughtfulness contrasted my first impression of him from a few days before, when he primarily portrayed a gruff detective from the Jersey Shore in his one-man show at the Westside Theatre.

Craig James Claims Fox Sports Fired Him For Anti-Gay Beliefs

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.04.2015 | Gay Voices

Ex-college football analyst Craig James has filed a lawsuit against Fox Sports alleging he was fired for his outspoken opposition to same-sex ma...

Anti-Gay Attacker Is No Match For West Point Couple

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 08.05.2015 | Gay Voices

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Dear Straight Men, Come Out Already

Mason Hsieh | Posted 07.30.2015 | Gay Voices
Mason Hsieh

Apparently, they called it a "bro-job," which referred to the oral sex the male rowers occasionally engaged in with one another in the showers back in high school.

Pity the Privileged

DaShanne Stokes | Posted 07.29.2015 | Gay Voices
DaShanne Stokes

The idea that the majority is under attack is reinforcing to anyone who stands on the brink of losing unearned privileges they have long taken for granted. It hurts to be taken down a peg, to discover you're no better, no more deserving, than anyone else. Better to lash out, mobilize the masses. Misdirect them at an imagined enemy. Anything to maintain that privilege.

What Exactly Is 'Gay Voice'?

Richard William Allen | Posted 07.27.2015 | Gay Voices
Richard William Allen

Throughout my adult life, I've found myself thinking, If only I sounded straighter, the world would be my oyster. Or, less ambitiously, I would be knee-deep in men wanting to have sex with me, if only I didn't sound so gay.

Queer People Need Safe Spaces. This Website Wants You To Know Where They Are.

Patrick McNeil | Posted 07.24.2015 | Gay Voices
Patrick McNeil

When Kevin Hawkins was 16 and living in an area of Maryland still struggling to accept queer people, his mother disowned him. Down in South Carolina, Kesha Garner, who now lives in Washington, D.C., remembers growing up without adequate resources for LGBTQ+ people.