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How to Talk to Kids

It's Not Just Words: 10 Smart Word Choices of Smart Athletes

Anne Josephson | Posted 12.10.2014 | Parents
Anne Josephson

If parents keep reinforcing to their child that her pursuit of excellence in a sport is a sacrifice their child is making instead of a decision she is making, what effect is that likely to have on the child's attitude?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Talk to Kids About Robin Williams (Or Any Suicide)

Dr. G | Posted 10.13.2014 | Parents
Dr. G

Many parents feel that Robin Williams has been a part of our lives since childhood, and were excited to watch some of his movies with our kids. Today I've had half a dozen questions submitted to my website and Facebook page from parents wondering if -- and how -- to talk to their kids about this. I have questions in return.

The Most Important Thing to Ask Your Kid Today

Dana Talusani | Posted 09.08.2014 | Parents
Dana Talusani

Spending time with my go-lightly 8-year-old feels a lot like the last day of summer holiday -- beautiful and aching at the same time.

How to Have Better Conversations With Your Children, Part 2

Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. | Posted 06.21.2014 | Parents
Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.

We should let children know that we have also suffered frustrations and disappointments, and moments of embarrassment. We can then talk with them about how we have overcome our disappointments -- and tell them we are confident that they will, too.

Irrational, Inappropriate, Overly-Honest Responses to Children

Sarah Fader | Posted 06.01.2014 | Parents
Sarah Fader

I try my best to be patient with their questions and answer with appropriate responses. But sometimes, the internal monologue in my head is not so nice.

8 Easy Homework Tips for All Parents

Barbara Levy | Posted 03.09.2014 | Parents
Barbara Levy

Whether you are at the office or home with the kids, I'm betting you struggle with the homework question. How do we, as parents, get our children to study and learn, setting them up for future success?

Life-Giving Parenting

Cate Pane | Posted 03.08.2014 | Parents
Cate Pane

I intend to converse with my children in a life-supporting fashion. I endeavor to use language that enhances their lives rather than damages their spirits.

The Words I Will Never Use Around My Son

Mike Julianelle | Posted 09.13.2013 | Parents
Mike Julianelle

When I talk to my son, I don't get all high-pitched and I don't go all wide-eyed and rubber-mouthed and I don't make goo-goo noises. Because my son is not an asshole, and neither am I.