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Alex and Ani USA Multiple Bangle Bracelets (Video)

Danielle Sinay   |   August 1, 2011    4:29 PM ET


Stacks of bracelets are hot fashion accessories, but not every bangle is a fabulous fit. We love the way Carolyn Rafaelian’s bangles fit us — literally and philosophically.

For starters, these wire bangles are expandable. Instead of a traditional clasp, each bracelet has a patented sliding mechanism so you can adjust it to just the right size. Buy Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelets here No more too-big bangles that won’t stay put or too-tight bracelets that bruise your knuckles when you try to squeeze them on. We’re also fans of Carolyn’s mission. She founded Alex and Ani (named after her first two daughters) to design jewelry that not only adorns the body, but also uplifts and inspires those who wear her spirited creations. Each subtle charm, textured finish and beaded bangle is chosen for its power — to inspire peace, love, and good luck, for instance.

Alex and Ani’s signature finishes are Russian gold and Russian silver, which are oxidized for a warm, antique look. All of Carolyn’s bangles are made in the U.S. and incorporate eco-friendly materials. She purchases recycled metals from local mills, uses what she needs to make her jewelry, and then sells the scraps back to the mills for reuse. Full circle, fully rewarding.

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RuMe Reusable Baggies and Totes (Video)

Danielle Sinay   |   August 1, 2011   10:50 AM ET


RuMe bags are designed for reusability, and it’s easy to imagine 101 ways to use these versatile bags at home, school, work and on the go. The creators are Jae and Katy Lee, a husband-and-wife team on a mission to offer affordable products that use fewer resources without sacrificing style or functionality.

RuMe bags come in scores of patterns and sizes, and they all share a few key features: They’re made from a very strong, water-resistant and machine-washable polyester material and constructed with double-bound seams. The sturdiness and attention to detail really distinguishes these bags, which are sewn in South Korea in a factory that adheres to fair trade practices.

You can stash snacks and sundries in the smaller bags, while the midsize tote bag can hold groceries, books and other cargo weighing up to 50 pounds. For travel pros, the see-through Reveal design makes it easy to keep your toiletries exposed (to abide by security regulations) without having to pack them in a flimsy throwaway bag. A clever option for on-the-go coffee drinkers is the Cuff, a protective sleeve for coffee cups that includes a zippered pocket for stashing essentials (and it also doubles as an armband carrier).

When you’re not using them, the RuMe bags are easy to roll up and tuck in your purse, backpack or car so you always have one on hand.

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GreenSewn Sari Scarves (Video)

Danielle Sinay   |   July 29, 2011    9:42 AM ET


It happens all the time. You’re trying to get dressed and everything you own feels tired and drab. Buy Laundry Tree Soapnuts natural laundry detergent here. When the wardrobe blues bring you down, strike back with a burst of bold turquoise. Or maybe you’re in the mood for rich dusty rose? No matter your preference, GreenSewn’s vintage silk scarves and wraps are the perfect accessory, with just the right blend of gorgeous colors. They’re handmade in India from upcycled saris, so each one is unique. And these wraps have real soul. Traces of life in a faraway place add authenticity to the delicate silks. With a GreenSewn scarf or wrap, you’re wearing a bit of living history.

Dan Shir, a 25-year shoe industry veteran, started GreenSewn because he wanted to produce something more sustainable and meaningful. He’s also the creator of Tia’s sandals, which have interchangeable ties made from recycled saris. “Sari Wallah” women collect the old saris and bring them to GreenSewn’s workshop near New Dehli. Buy Laundry Tree Soapnuts natural laundry detergent here. The saris are washed by hand in a mixture of water and soapnuts, the dried fruit of the soapberry tree (soapnuts are a great all-natural laundry detergent alternative, like these from Laundry Tree). Sections of the garments are then pieced together by hand to create the scarves and larger wraps. No two are alike, but they’re all gorgeous. Plus, with each purchase, GreenSewn plants 10 trees in a community at risk of deforestation. That’s just one more great reason to wrap yourself in one of these eco-chic treasures, made from the softest, silkiest and prettiest saris.

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Couture Planet Handbags (VIDEO)

Daily Deal   |   July 28, 2011   10:17 AM ET


These chic, eco-friendly handbags have style written all over them.

They’re the handiwork of Connie Carman, a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Connie works as a buyer for the gift shop in the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, and she’s also part of a “Green Team” that aims to increase recycling and reduce waste at the venerable Boston hotel. After seeing the piles of newspapers collected from guest rooms for recycling, Connie had an epiphany. Why not use the beautiful images from the fashion pages of the New York Times to make handbags?

The idea spurred a new venture that combines Connie’s love of fashion, concern for the environment and her entrepreneurial spirit. Each one-of-a-kind handbag is made from 100% post-consumer recycled newspaper. We’re featuring two styles, the Clutch model has a flap with a magnetic snap closure, while the Coco bag has clear acrylic or tortoiseshell handles and a magnetic snap closure. Both styles are fun, fashionable, and fodder for a really great conversation.

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Dune Designs Custom Beach Sand Jewelry

sophia sklaviadis   |   July 27, 2011    9:47 AM ET

When you close your eyes and picture a beach, is it pristine and powdery white? Slightly rocky with salt-and-pepper grains? Coral through and through?

We all have our favorite beaches -- lakeside, oceanside and along the boulevard. Holly Daniels Christensen, dune Jewelry Designer Holly Daniels Christensen, who grew up on Cape Cod, has created a way to capture precious grains from your go-to beach and transform the sand into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind accessory. She pairs sand, collected from more than 300 beaches around the world, with fine silver to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. Her handmade pieces are simple but elegant, with the sand flanked by slim silver borders, hand-sanded to a modern matte finish.

You can choose sand from Holly’s collection, or send in your own that you’ve collected from a memorable beach. Holly’s pieces are the kind you’ll treasure and wear for a lifetime. Each time you catch a glimpse of the sandy gems, it will bring you back to that special place.

Meet Holly in the video below, then start shopping her wares at Daily Grommet.



sophia sklaviadis   |   July 25, 2011    5:34 PM ET

Jen Bekman believes that everyone should live with art. In fact, she ditched the corporate life to open her own little art gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side in 2003. But that wouldn't make art accessible to everyone, so in 2007 she expanded to create 20x200, a way to shop real, carefully curated art via the Internet. It's simple: (limited editions × low prices) + the internet = art for everyone.

The name "20x200" comes from the fact that these limited edition pieces start at just $20 a piece, making -- Jen hopes -- real art affordable for everyone. It's easy and convenient for customers, and it offers great exposure for the creators. When you shop at 20x200, you're directly supporting the artists, who receive half the revenues of each sale. New editions are introduced every two weeks (one photo and one work on paper), so check back often.

Jen says that homes filled with art are happier, and supporting artists is good for society as a whole. Thanks to evolving technology and her ingenuity, now everyone can get in on her vision. Are you ready to become an art collector?

Meet Jen and hear more about 20x200 affordable art prints in the video below, and visit Daily Grommet to start shopping for your own.


July 25, 2011: RockFlowerPaper (Video)

Daily Deal   |   July 25, 2011    1:27 PM ET

Beautiful artwork can exist with no purpose other than to delight the eye, but when Katie Smith and Katie Shillinglaw founded rockflowerpaper, the goal was to merge nature-based artwork with functional home goods. The result is an array of housewares that each turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

What better way to add a pop of color than with these lacquer-like trays and coasters? Katie has licensed botanical and floral artwork from artists including Linda Funk, Sylvia Gonzalez, Lisa Gabel, and Susan Williams. It's not just the artwork that makes these pieces special, though. The trays are made from earth-friendly MDF, then the artwork is sealed with a proprietary finish that's dried using ultraviolet light. The result is a glass-like gloss that's completely resin-free, and a tray that's both heat and moisture resistant. The coordinating coasters are just as sturdy and chic.

Rockflowerpaper trays are great statement pieces on their own, and they make a gorgeous backdrop to showcase the goodies you serve to your guests or bring to a hostess. Either way, it's art come alive, inside the home.

Get yours at Daily Grommet, and check out the video below for a glimpse into Katie and Katie's studio!


July 22, 2011: J.Crew

Daily Deal   |   July 21, 2011    4:51 PM ET

Whether you’re looking for a fun new swimsuit for a beach getaway or stocking up on casual work-wear, don't miss the J.Crew final sale. Stop by a store or visit to get everything from elegant sandals to breezy sun dresses at great discounted prices.

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July 21, 2011: BCBG MAX AZRIA

Daily Deal   |   July 21, 2011   11:57 AM ET

Looking for a chic summer dress or a new outfit for your next night on the town? Then visit to shop the BCBG Summer Sale. You'll find everything from cool and colorful sunhats for the beach to dreamy cocktail dresses for up to 60% off.

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July 20, 2011: Michael Kors

Daily Deal   |   July 20, 2011   11:29 AM ET

If you’re looking for a quick and stylish update for your summer wardrobe, don't miss the Michale Kors sale going on now. Visit to shop amazing wedges, breezy summer dresses, statement bathing suits and elegant handbags at great discounted prices.

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July 19, 2011: Puma

Daily Deal   |   July 19, 2011   10:47 AM ET

Weather you’re a long-time runner or just looking to pick up the healthy hobby, going for a jog is always exhilarating and a great thing to do for yourself during the summer. So what better gift can you give yourself than a new pair of running shows? For 40% off Puma sneakers and any other running apparel you might need, visit to shop the brand's Semi Annual Sale.

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July 18, 2011: Tumi

Daily Deal   |   July 18, 2011    9:48 AM ET

Ready to start packing for your long-awaited, richly deserved summer vacation? Whether you’re hitting the road or heading for the airport, there’s one thing you absolutely need (other than sunscreen): reliable luggage. Now's the time to visit to catch the Tumi Semi-Annual Sale. You'll find stylish luggage in every shape and size at up to 40% off.

July 15, 2011: Armani Exchange

Daily Deal   |   July 15, 2011    9:49 AM ET

Looking for an edgy new outfit or maybe a daring piece to put a twist on your wardrobe? Then you won’t want to miss Armani Exchange’s Final Sale. Visit or stop by a store to shop their great collection of fun summer dresses, funky purses and elegant sweaters and take an additional 30% off the already reduced prices.

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July 14, 2011: Saks Fifth Avenue

Daily Deal   |   July 13, 2011    5:43 PM ET

If you need a good excuse to go on a shopping spree, here it is! The Saks Fifth Avenue sale going on right now offers up to 55% off on select items throughout the store. Stop by a store or visit to shop a great collection of top designer pieces at discounted prices.

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