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The Global Epidemic Of Violence Against Children

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 04.16.2017 | Healthy Living
Siddharth Chatterjee

The images from the recent gas attack in Syria, where over 80 people, including babies in diapers, can be seen painfully gasping for air before dying,...

Where is HOME?

James Stoddah | Posted 01.14.2017 | GPS for the Soul
James Stoddah

A good friend of mine shared a question posed by guitarist, Chris Wood on her Facebook page: "Bob Dylan described eloquently how his music has been t...

Daring To Believe

Beth Whitley | Posted 09.29.2016 | Parents
Beth Whitley

There's been a lot of talk over the past few days about the 'legacy' of these athletes, of the social progress which comes from events like these and of the lessons they teach us all. It would be nice to think that their legacy is global and profound, that it challenges perspectives, shifts attitudes and redresses relationships.

Mantras For The Fall Season

Angie Sarhan | Posted 09.22.2016 | Healthy Living
Angie Sarhan

The truth is, when we feel energized and happy, we are more easily able to enjoy the hectic times that come during this time of year. And when we are happier, the people around us are happier too.

How To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Shannon Ullman | Posted 09.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Shannon Ullman

We all want to live the life of our dreams, don't we? However, very few people are truly willing to do what it takes to actually make it happen. There...

I Was Once A Member Of The Silent Generation -- But Not Anymore

Phyllis Sues | Posted 08.14.2016 | Fifty
Phyllis Sues

I was part of that Silent Generation born in 1923. Hard to believe now that I'm 93 and in what they call the twilight years and I have a better word for those years -- the years ahead, because I'm far from finished. Whatever is out there, I'm ready.

Never Say Can't, Rather I'm Having Extreme Difficulties

Heather Gillis-Harris | Posted 06.22.2016 | Good News
Heather Gillis-Harris

When confronted with negativity from others, I've learned to dig deep and trust myself, to understand who I am as a person. Most importantly I've learned to love myself and not let past experiences or people influence me into thinking I'm not worthy.

‘Run Your Own Race’ And 5 Other Pieces Of Life Advice That Actually Changed Lives

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 08.08.2016 | Healthy Living

It’s true: We all get by with a little help from our friends. Take a moment and think about where you are in life today. Chances are, you got there...


Allison Toepperwein | Posted 06.02.2016 | Healthy Living
Allison Toepperwein

These outward displays of strength and grit are aptly called "ninjuries," and are worn as a badge of honor!

20 Inspirational Quotes About Life!

Jen Smith | Posted 05.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Jen Smith

1. "Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't h...

Character and Integrity at Work

Judith Bowman | Posted 05.05.2016 | Business
Judith Bowman

There are metrics for measuring goals, P&L statements to show bottom-line profits and trophies to reflect triumph however, there is not a gauge to measure character and integrity -- central to creating a successful business with loyal employees while enjoying a respected reputation.

How and Why We Must Surprise Ourselves

Chelsea Leigh Trescott | Posted 05.02.2016 | Healthy Living
Chelsea Leigh Trescott

Imagine if you were to see that, see how the blessings of your own effort have allowed you to come alive in unimaginable ways -- and, not because anyone other than you made it happen. Imagine how surprised you might be. Imagine how we would celebrate.

The Tough-Love Top 5 Steps to Get What You Want

Priscilla Jeha | Posted 04.19.2017 | Women
Priscilla Jeha

If you struggle to fit 3 things 'to do' a day into your life; you need to have a serious think about why. It's April already and it's time to hustle! But if you don't, don't despair; you can start from today. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the million things already on your plate, then you should know that there truly is an easy way to deal with it all.

What I've Learned About Birthdays After 93 Years

Phyllis Sues | Posted 04.02.2017 | Fifty
Phyllis Sues

I have lived 93 years with no stop sign in sight. Nothing wrong with that scenario. If I'm going to celebrate, it's going to be a celebration of waking each day with the same energy and love for living.

The Best Side Effect Of Reaching Age 93

Phyllis Sues | Posted 04.01.2017 | Fifty
Phyllis Sues

For me the best side effect of living 93 years is feeling good, liking who I am and loving this incredible long journey. There is no future and no past. So just 'being' is a pretty good side effect of living.

Gratitude Is Healing Self Care

Dayna Colvin | Posted 02.28.2017 | GPS for the Soul
Dayna Colvin

The most important poignant lesson I learned this year is that gratitude is the most important thing to feel, express, and have in life. In my deepes...

Powerful Strategies to Get Re-Inspired Now

Alyson Seligman | Posted 02.26.2017 | Women
Alyson Seligman

Getting out of a rut and getting inspired may happen like a light bulb going off, and it might happen over time. Either way, recognizing that you can bring more joy to your life is the first step to finding a happier self.

Inspiration From the Buddha in Sedona

Tova Payne | Posted 01.11.2017 | GPS for the Soul
Tova Payne

Last year I had the fortunate experience to go to Sedona, Arizona for the first time. After going to the many vortexes, including the Amitabha Stupa, ...

How to Change Through Inspired Action

Jeff Singh | Posted 01.08.2017 | Good News
Jeff Singh

Original Image by Scott Cresswell Numerous articles are written on how to change extolling the powers of will, goals, and visualization, even advis...

50 Quotes to Inspire You in 2016!

Jen Smith | Posted 01.05.2017 | Healthy Living
Jen Smith

On Life 1. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller 2. All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on....

Building a Design for Life in 2016

James Stoddah | Posted 12.31.2016 | Healthy Living
James Stoddah

So let's use the new year to get good at something and identify what we enjoy doing. Design our lives in a way that we can look back and admire ourselves and be proud of what we contribute to the world.

2+0+1+5: It's Just About... Life

Mark Brodinsky | Posted 12.31.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Mark Brodinsky

I don't know about you, but I had a crazy, challenging, thrilling, unpredictable, amazing, frustrating, overwhelmingly sad, incredibly happy, focused,...

Smile! (Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

John Schlimm | Posted 12.11.2016 | Religion
John Schlimm

Our smiles--yours and mine--can enlighten a moment and a heart. Our smiles can extend graciousness and, indeed, godliness. This can occur without us even knowing we have had an impact, or that we have left a happy little ripple behind us somewhere in the world.

Dear Devil: I Forgive You!

John Schlimm | Posted 12.07.2016 | Religion
John Schlimm

Evil is a parasite. Therefore, the Devil can only thrive if we play host. 1 Peter 5:8 warns us, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the d...

The Road Through Paris: InSpire at COP 21 With Youth, Women, Native Voices

Catherine Cunningham | Posted 12.04.2016 | World
Catherine Cunningham

To raise the presence, voice, and participation of youth in the UN House (as well- to tap into indigenous wisdom through native story-telling) during this important Paris Climate Change Conference, we have written and produced a youth-centered film, based on a powerful Incan Story of Creation.