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How One Inventor Took Action and Followed Her Dreams

Gabrielle Pfeiffer | Posted 11.30.2016 | Business
Gabrielle Pfeiffer

Although I don't think I have quite the creativity to invent anything yet, I still find it amazing seeing what other people come up with.

3 Ways Today's Inventors Have it Easier Than Henry Ford

Vicki Holt | Posted 09.01.2016 | Technology
Vicki Holt

When people say "inventor," pioneers like Edison or Bell invariably come to mind. But invention and innovation are around us every day, producing products that change and improve the way we live. The modern day equivalent of the Wright Brothers exist through the likes of Elon Musk and Larry Page. While the internal combustion engine was all the rage a century ago, 2008 gave us a peek at the first mass-produced highway-capable all-electric vehicle.

Why America's #1 Business Advantage is Being Ravaged by Cultural Shifts and Social Media

Emad Rizkalla | Posted 08.23.2016 | Business
Emad Rizkalla

American business is fast paced, entrepreneurial and built on rugged individualism. While many nations have business cultures that run away from risk and avoid 'breaking new ground' at all costs, US business seeks them out almost like a moth is drawn to light.

Innovations needed for IRONMAN 140.6

Craig Zamary | Posted 08.01.2016 | Technology
Craig Zamary

This is an open call to test your invention, innovation, technology, app, product, etc. for the upcoming IRONMAN Race in October. PITCH: We will ...

How Niche Crowdfunding is Helping Inventors Thrive

Laiza King | Posted 06.29.2016 | Business
Laiza King

While it might look all glamorous on the outside, there are numerous challenges faced by entrepreneurs and inventors, one of them being lack of funding and connections with the right sources. This issue is one of many reasons that have prevented some inventors from pursuing their great ideas.

INPEX Seeks to Play Matchmaker for Inventors and Companies

Jeff Charles | Posted 06.02.2016 | Business
Jeff Charles

Being an inventor isn't easy, is it? There are tons of challenges that inventors face when trying to get their product to market. One of the main obs...

Protecting America's Secret Sauce: The Defend Trade Secrets Act Signed Into Law

Michelle K. Lee | Posted 05.11.2016 | Politics
Michelle K. Lee

Today is a new day for American inventors. The President and Congress helped American companies and innovators protect their intellectual property from those engaging in economic espionage by passing and signing the Defend Trade Secrets Act.

The Relationship Between Rocket Science and Human Resource Management

Brian Cheung | Posted 03.06.2016 | Science
Brian Cheung

It's too early to tell but if Bezos and Musk can prove themselves to be the great creators of our generation, these undeniably demanding work environments will be validated as its own innovation, one independent of the ingenuity that gave us online shopping, electric cars and rockets to outer space.

Top Twenty Inventors Killed by Their Inventions

Garry Rodgers | Posted 02.29.2016 | Weird News
Garry Rodgers

There's something ingrained in humans that cause us to take dangerous risks and try things that might change the world. Over the course of civilizatio...

9 Awesome Inventions Courtesy Of Kids' Fascinating Imaginations

The Huffington Post | Taylor Pittman | Posted 02.05.2016 | Parents

After recognizing the power of children's imaginations, an inventor decided to help turn kids' fascinating ideas into reality. For his INVENTORS! Proj...

Discovered in Dreams

Gordon Javna | Posted 10.29.2016 | Weird News
Gordon Javna

Have you ever had a great idea come to you in a dream? These people have, according to the trivia book Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Attack of the Fact...

National Inventors Hall of Fame Launches Invention History Lesson, Emoji-cally Speaking

Beth Cone Kramer | Posted 09.10.2016 | Technology
Beth Cone Kramer

Most of us who attended school any time before the millennium will remember learning about Ben Franklin, Edison, Alexander Graham Bell. To today's kids, names like Zuckerberg, Jobs, and maybe even Evan Speigel, the youngest billionaire founder of Snapchat, are just as familiar.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, Founder & Creator of Bitcoin

Martin O’Leary | Posted 05.05.2016 | Technology
Martin O’Leary

Just as a true artist lives by his or her art--creating and being remembered through a legacy of masterpieces--Nakamoto's anonymity perfectly mirrors the anonymity of his Bitcoin masterpiece.

From Geek to Chic: Our Nation's Most Innovative Makers

Jayme Cellitioci | Posted 06.09.2015 | Science
Jayme Cellitioci

As a designer of children's science and creativity-based programs, maker is a popular buzzword in my world, but I find it exciting to know that it has seeped its way into common vernacular.

Climate Change: The Need for Pro-Inventor Legislation (PIL)

Robert Wilson | Posted 05.10.2015 | Green
Robert Wilson

This post makes the case for a new role for government in the context of technology innovation that impacts climate change. In particular, inventors and new innovative and truly disruptive energy generation and distribution devices and technologies need additional protection.

Sweet Invention Serves Honey On Tap, Straight From The Beehive

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 02.24.2015 | Taste

This is a beekeeper's [sweet] dream!

Step 8: Refine the Design

Daniel Maidman | Posted 04.21.2015 | Arts
Daniel Maidman

"I'm a very pragmatic guy," painter David Kassan says, when asked why he invented a new kind of painter's palette. "My palette was hurting my back." If you have spent any time considering the engineering design process, as codified on the NASA website, you will recognize Kassan's comment as corresponding with step 1: Identify the Problem.

8 Things You Never Knew About Ron Popeil, The Greatest Inventor Of All Time

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 10.16.2014 | Taste

Ron Popeil is the voice that permeated your half-conscious state, half-piquing your interest with his late-night, "But wait, there's more!" promise. H...

The Value and Importance of the Arts and the Humanities in Education and Life

Barbara Ernst Prey | Posted 11.09.2014 | Arts
Barbara Ernst Prey

We challenge our students to develop life-long skills such as analytical thinking, clarity in written and spoken expression, collaboration, and creativity.

Seven Illinois Inventions You Don't Want to Live Without

Reboot Illinois | Posted 09.24.2014 | Chicago
Reboot Illinois

Illinois might not have the best business climate these days, but in the past, the state was a breeding ground for groundbreaking inventions and innovation.

Why I Encourage Failure in STEM: One Teacher's Experience in Finding Female Leaders in STEM

Julie Rohl | Posted 09.18.2014 | Education
Julie Rohl

Ah! The wonderful sound of clanging medals, young voices cheering, and the slapping of high fives -- it's the sound of students being rewarded for collaborating and utilizing their STEM skills. This sound does not come without a price -- it is the sound that can come after as many successes as failures.

POLL: Who Was The Better Inventor?

LiveScience | Tia Ghose | Posted 07.11.2014 | Science

Nikola Tesla would have celebrated his 158th birthday yesterday (July 10). The Serbian-American scientist was a brilliant and eccentric genius whose ...

How Imaginative Young People Are Making The World A Better Place

The Huffington Post | Alena Hall | Posted 06.05.2014 | Technology

It’s one thing to be young with a wild imagination, but another to harness that creative power through an invention that can impact the world in a s...

STEM Contest Inspires Kids to Invent Our Future

Ravé Mehta | Posted 06.22.2014 | Impact
Ravé Mehta

If we can develop a better system to engage, empower and enable our children to innovate faster than our world systems decay, then our kids could not only save our world, they could reinvent our future!

How 20 Million Minds Uses Tech to Disrupt Education

Ondi Timoner | Posted 03.19.2014 | Education
Ondi Timoner

While many entrenched and fear-based politicians, schools, and educators are dragging their feet, kicking and screaming into the 21st century, students are increasingly reporting positive experiences with digital textbooks, online learning and MOOCs.