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Iran Nuclear Program

Make-or-Break for the U.S. and Iran

Suzanne Maloney | Posted 01.08.2013 | Home
Suzanne Maloney

2012-11-05-HP_World_Graphic_300x70.pngAn American effort to go big on Iran is likely founder, and ultimately will only expedite the path to war.

Obama Victory Opens Iran Negotiation Window

Reuters | Posted 01.07.2013 | Home

By Marcus George DUBAI, Nov 7 (Reuters) - The re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama could create an opportunity for new negotiati...

One Election Result: No US Attack on Iran

Stephen Schlesinger | Posted 01.07.2013 | Home
Stephen Schlesinger

As a result of his reelection, Barack Obama is now in an unassailable position to prevent the outbreak of any conflict with Tehran and, as a leader averse to further wars (as in Afghanistan and Iraq), he will not seek one. Here are the reasons why.

Iran: Where Does the 'Dual-Track' Approach Lead?

Milad Jokar | Posted 02.04.2013 | Home
Milad Jokar

he game of chicken is not a smart game. Yet, the "possible military dimension" of Iran's nuclear program remains a serious concern and must be addressed differently to avoid more blind escalation and more pain on ordinary Iranian citizens.

How Obama Can Succeed on Iran

Trita Parsi | Posted 01.06.2013 | Home
Trita Parsi

With the elections behind him, President Obama must quickly shift his focus to key foreign policy challenges that were put on pause due to election season paralysis. On Iran, the President should hit the ground running.

Iran's Secret War

Reuters | Posted 01.06.2013 | Home

By Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov 6 (Reuters) - From a suspected Israeli airstrike in Sudan to cyber warfare...

Looking Forward: Benghazi Blues, Climate Wake-Up Calls, and the Importance of Maps

William Bradley | Posted 11.05.2012 | Politics
William Bradley

In our increasingly goofy political and media culture, climate change was the big issue no one was talking about any more, even as it continued to grow in the real world. Then came the superstorm.

Iran Sanctions: Collective Punishment

Richard Javad Heydarian | Posted 12.30.2012 | Home
Richard Javad Heydarian

Despite hints at possible one-on-one talks between Iran and the U.S. it is far from clear whether Obama (or Romney) would ever engage Tehran in a substantive and sustained kind of diplomacy that befits the complexity of the ongoing nuclear conundrum.

Israeli Defense Minister: Iran Pulled Back From Nuclear Program

Reuters | Posted 12.30.2012 | Home

LONDON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Iran has drawn back from its ambitions to build a nuclear weapon, Israel's defence minister was quoted as saying on Tuesd...

Britain Opposes Iran Strike

Reuters | Posted 12.26.2012 | Home

LONDON, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Britain said on Friday it was opposed to a military strike on Iran "at this moment" over its disputed nuclear programme, ...

Shell Needs To Settle A Debt To Iran, So It's Thinking Barter Deal

Reuters | Posted 12.26.2012 | Business

By Richard Mably LONDON, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Oil major Royal Dutch/Shell is seeking to work around international sanctions by repayin...

Iran Said To Complete Underground Nuclear Enrichment Plant

The New York Times | DAVID E. SANGER AND WILLIAM J. BROAD | Posted 10.26.2012 | Home

Intelligence officials from several countries say Iran in recent weeks has virtually completed an underground nuclear enrichment plant, racing ahead d...

Even If Both Candidates Agree on Iran, the Military Option Still Affects 75 Million People

Mehrunisa Qayyum | Posted 12.24.2012 | Home
Mehrunisa Qayyum

Is it really intellectually honest or objective to argue that military strikes against Iran may result in unintended consequences given the observed effects of the Chernobyl incident, bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and the Gilan accident?

Iran Policy and the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Joseph A. Palermo | Posted 12.21.2012 | Politics
Joseph A. Palermo

The news that Obama has chosen dialogue over saber rattling gives Romney the opportunity to vent his criticism at the sole foreign policy debate that falls on the 50th anniversary of the night when President John F. Kennedy first made public the existence of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba.

U.S. Officials: Iran Has Agreed To Nuclear Talks

New York Times | Posted 10.20.2012 | Home

WASHINGTON — The United States and Iran have agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, according to Obama ...

On Iran, India's Record Is Better Than You Think

Ronak D. Desai | Posted 12.11.2012 | Home
Ronak D. Desai

India's long record of voting against Tehran at the IAEA over the past few years is one of the clearest indicators of India's position on Iran.

No More Excuses for Bibi

Lara Friedman | Posted 12.10.2012 | Home
Lara Friedman

Nobody can seriously argue that Bibi's policies haven't been tremendously harmful to Israel and to the cause of peace. For this, it is absolutely right to blame Bibi, and to approach the possibility of a new Bibi-led government with serious concerns.

Homer Simpson and the WMDs in Iraq... (Doh)... I Mean Iran

Nicolas J.S. Davies | Posted 12.08.2012 | Home
Nicolas J.S. Davies

Can American policy makers and politicians take for granted that they are ruling a nation of Homer Simpsons who can be duped into war by the very same trick that we just fell for ten years ago? Our leaders are being extra-careful not to say "WMD"s, but surely Bart and Lisa can connect the dots.

Partaking of Polow and Pique

Remy M. Maisel | Posted 10.05.2012 | College
Remy M. Maisel

I expected -- what? Maybe for Ahmadinejad to say something shocking. Maybe to be deeply offended. Maybe to be very, very uncomfortable. Maybe to be lied to, very obviously, and very often.

A History Lesson From 1010 B.C.E. to Now

Ed Koch | Posted 12.02.2012 | New York
Ed Koch

You can be sure Israel will not go gently into the night but will take all measures available to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

Report: Iran Nuclear Missiles Not In Development Now

Reuters | Posted 12.02.2012 | Home

By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Iran already has enough low-enriched uranium for several atomic bombs if refined to a high ...

Iran, Netanyahu and the Bomb

D. Robert Worley | Posted 12.01.2012 | Home
D. Robert Worley

It is typical for nuclear powers to declare as unacceptable a new country acquiring nuclear weapons. It's also typical for nuclear powers to acquiesce when the acquisition is complete. Economic sanctions typically punish the innocents without effect on decision-makers.

Obama Gets GOP Praise For Thorny Foreign Issue

The Huffington Post | Joshua Hersh | Posted 09.29.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Outgoing Republican Sen Richard Lugar of Indiana offered measured support for President Barack Obama's handling of Iran's nuclear quest,...

Israel Tells the White House What to Do on Iran; Palestinians See Last Chance for Two-State Solution

Evelyn Leopold | Posted 11.28.2012 | Home
Evelyn Leopold

Since everything and anything gets into the American election campaign, a General Assembly vote before November is not on the agenda. After that the to-ing and fro-ing begins.

Dangerous Misconceptions About Sanctions on Iran and Its Nuclear Program

Nema Milaninia | Posted 11.18.2012 | Home
Nema Milaninia

Whitewashing the effects the sanctions have on Iranians and Iranian Americans while also making unsubstantiated claims about Iran's nuclear program only serves one purpose: it furthers misconceptions held by the public while paving the way for an unnecessary and preventable conflict with Iran.