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Iran Sanctions

Iran's Reintegration into the World Economy as Sanctions are lifted; Not Too Fast!

David Oualaalou | Posted 02.10.2016 | Politics
David Oualaalou

Iran's reintegration into the global economy with the lifting of economic sanctions brings great joy of Iranians but deep reservations to many Americans.

A litmus test for Iran on the world stage: sports and air transport

James Dorsey | Posted 02.08.2016 | Sports
James Dorsey

Sports and air transport are likely to serve as indicators of whether Iran has the flexibility to become a major node in an increasingly globalized world. At the core of Iranian efforts to become a global sports and airline hub will be its willingness to relax strict gender segregation, dress codes and its ban on alcohol.

Iran and Britain: Bracing for a New Era of Redefined Relations

Kourosh Ziabari | Posted 02.05.2016 | World
Kourosh Ziabari

With prudence and a serious commitment to settle one of the most tedious diplomatic disputes of the post-Cold War era through negotiation and logic, Iran demonstrated that it's not a pariah state and deserves respect.

China & the Middle East: Tilting Towards Iran?

James Dorsey | Posted 01.28.2016 | World
James Dorsey

President Xi Jinping's visit to the Middle East, the first by a Chinese leader in seven years, saw the signing of billions of dollars' worth of agreements with Saudi Arabia and Egypt and a ten-fold expansion of trade with Iran over the next ten years.

What Everyday Iranians Have To Say About The Deal Now That It’s A Reality

The Huffington Post | Farah_Mohamed | Posted 01.24.2016 | World

“The best resolution.” “A path to the progressive world.” “Nothing more than a piece of paper.” These are just so...

Obama Leaves a Legacy, Rouhani Kickstarts Presidency

Negar Mortazavi | Posted 01.22.2016 | World
Negar Mortazavi

President Obama will be out of office soon. These last victories will soon become legacies of an American leader who chose peace over war. President Rouhani, however, is just getting started.

An Unshackled Iran Can Only Be Countered By a Firm Saudi Arabia

Faisal J. Abbas | Posted 01.19.2016 | World
Faisal J. Abbas

With the nuclear deal sealed and sanctions lifted, an unshackled Iran is now a reality. The region -- and the world at large -- now holds its breath in anticipation of what kind of global player the Islamic Republic wants to be.

U.S. Sidelines Itself in the Rush to Iran

Tyler Cullis | Posted 01.19.2016 | Politics
Tyler Cullis

At this moment, Europe, Japan, and a host of the U.S.'s closest allies are sending trade delegations to Tehran to connect with their Iranian counterparts and snap up new business opportunities, all the while effectively reintegrating Iran with their own respective economies.

The Middle East: China Venturing Into the Maelstrom

James Dorsey | Posted 01.19.2016 | World
James Dorsey

CHINESE PRESIDENT Xi Jingping has effectively acknowledged that increasingly China will be unable to remain aloof to multiple crises in the Middle Eas...

"We Want to Be a Part of the World"

Zoe Dolan | Posted 01.18.2016 | Politics
Zoe Dolan

My favorite memory of Iran is this one: back in the city of Kerman, my very sexy, glimmering-eyed tour guide Vahid told me to stay in the hotel at night. So I waited for him to go to his room, and then I went out for a walk.

Lawmakers Should Take MLK's Advice

Kate Gould | Posted 01.18.2016 | Politics
Kate Gould

Dr. King told us that peace must not only be seen as a "distant goal," but also "a means by which we arrive at that goal." This week the possibilities for what peace can accomplish as both a goal AND a means to that goal is on full display in U.S.-Iranian relations.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Criticize Iran Prisoner Swap For Demonstrating American 'Weakness'

Reuters | Marina Fang | Posted 01.17.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio praised Iran's release of five detained Americans on Sunday...

U.N. Says Iran Has Kept Nuclear Promises, Clearing Way For Sanction Relief

Reuters | Benjamin Hart | Posted 01.16.2016 | Politics

VIENNA, Jan 16 (Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog on Saturday said Iran had put in place all nuclear measures required under a deal reached with si...

Iran Says International Sanctions To Be Lifted Saturday

Reuters | Sam Levine | Posted 01.16.2016 | Politics

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5 Things We Hope to Hear in the President's State of the Union Speech

Jonathan Greenblatt | Posted 01.12.2016 | Politics
Jonathan Greenblatt

President Obama has said that his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 12 will be framed around "the big things" he sees as being priorities in the years to come, rather than taking a policy-centric approach to the speech. He has said that there is more work that needs to be done, and we agree.

By Cutting Ties with Iran, Saudi Arabia Executed the 48th Terrorist

Faisal J. Abbas | Posted 01.05.2016 | World
Faisal J. Abbas

It was as if Saudi Arabia executed yet another terrorist when Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir announced the severing of ties with Iran.

Can the Iran Accord Survive New Challenges?

Ryan Costello | Posted 12.31.2015 | Politics
Ryan Costello

While Iran has swiftly moved to comply with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the multilateral nuclear accord struck in July, hardliners in both Iran and the U.S. have already succeeded in provoking actions that threaten to poison the atmosphere for the deal's implementation.

Iran Denies It Fired Rockets Near U.S. Warships In Gulf

Reuters | Braden Goyette | Posted 12.31.2015 | World

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U.S. Reportedly Preparing Sanctions On Iran Over Ballistic Missile Program

Reuters | Jade Walker | Posted 12.31.2015 | World

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Iran Calls The New U.S. Visa Law Breach Of The Nuclear Deal

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 12.23.2015 | World

DUBAI, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday a new U.S. law putting visa restrictions on Iranians and th...

Mr. Trump, What the Are You Talking About?

Daniel R. DePetris | Posted 12.21.2015 | Politics
Daniel R. DePetris

Billionaire real-estate mogul Donald Trump is the best entertainer that the American political system has to offer. Even before he decided to run for...

Daily Beast Didn't Know American Was Stuck In Iran When It Ran Anonymous Story

The Huffington Post | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 12.18.2015 | Politics

On Sept. 15, The Daily Beast published an article by "Alex Shirazi" -- a fake name that the news outlet said was a pseudonym for a “a well-know...

Untold Story of Mid-East Refugees -- Guess Where?

David Tereshchuk | Posted 12.10.2015 | Media
David Tereshchuk

The wider Mid-East region remains convulsed by its unprecedented numbers of "huddled masses", worsened daily by the brutal warfare in Syria, but response in one Mid-East country is going largely unreported in the West.

The Truth About Siamak Namazi, the Iranian-American Arrested in Iran

Ahmad Kiarostami | Posted 11.25.2015 | World
Ahmad Kiarostami

I am not writing this piece to attack The Daily Beast for irresponsible journalism. I'm not writing this to defend NIAC either, though The Daily Beast's lies throughout the article about NIAC are deeply upsetting. I am writing to set the record straight about my dear friend, Siamak Namazi.

With Sanctions Lifting, What's in Store for Iran's Economy?

Helen I. Hwang | Posted 11.11.2015 | Business
Helen I. Hwang

Following the landmark nuclear deal with Iran, plans for the lifting of economic sanctions are moving forward with "Implementation Day" planned as soon as late 2015 or early 2016. Not only is this move important for the United States for geopolitical reasons, observers say, but removing trade embargoes should boost Iran's economy.