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Iraq Violence

Denial on the Euphrates

Dr. Charles G. Cogan | Posted 04.05.2014 | Politics
Dr. Charles G. Cogan

But was it worth all the American blood and treasure, and the many more numerous Iraqi casualties? One can only conclude that some of the officials involved remain in a state of denial.

Iraq's Staggering Death Toll In January

AP | SAMEER N. YACOUB | Posted 02.03.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — The United Nations said Saturday that at least 733 Iraqis were killed during violence in January, even when leaving out casualties fr...

18 Dead After Militants Storm Iraq Gov't Office

Reuters | Posted 04.01.2014 | World

BAGHDAD, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Six suicide bombers burst into an Iraqi ministry building, took hostages and killed at least 18 people including themselve...

Militants Storm Government Office In Baghdad

AP | By SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 04.01.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Gunmen and suicide bombers staged a brazen assault on a government building in Baghdad on Thursday, officials said, killing two peopl...

Iraq Launches Offensive Against Al Qaeda

AP | QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA and SAMEER N. YACOUB | Posted 01.25.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi government forces and allied tribal militias launched an all-out offensive Sunday to push al-Qaida militants from a provincial ...

14 Men Abducted, Killed By Gunmen Wearing Military Uniforms In Iraq

The Associated Press | Posted 01.25.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Members of al-Qaida's branch in Iraq handed out pamphlets in Fallujah on Thursday, urging people to take up arms and back them in the...

The Middle East and North Africa: Cauldron of Conflict

James Dorsey | Posted 03.17.2014 | World
James Dorsey

It is becoming increasingly clear that the hopes in 2011 of a new dawn sparked by the toppling of autocratic leaders in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen were little more than pie in the sky. Nevertheless, the genie of inevitable change has been let out of the bottle.

Dismembering Iraq

Allan Topol | Posted 03.16.2014 | World
Allan Topol

The United States made a great effort to leave behind a viable nation of Iraq. Unfortunately, two recent events demonstrate that it's now disintegrating.

Fierce Clashes Rage Between Iraqi Troops And Militants

AP | QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA | Posted 01.23.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Fierce clashes erupted Friday between Iraqi special forces and al-Qaida-linked militants in a village in the embattled western Anbar ...

Al-Qaeda Linked Group Ramps Up Mideast Violence

AP | ZEINA KARAM | Posted 01.25.2014 | World

BEIRUT (AP) — Al-Qaida is positioning itself as a vanguard defending the Sunni community against what it sees as persecution by Shiite-dominated gov...

Fierce Clashes Between Iraqi Army And Militants Near Fallujah

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 03.09.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Officials say attacks in Iraq have killed at least four people as government troops continue their siege of two cities overrun by al-...

Iraqis Battle Militant Uprisings In 2 Sunni Cities

AP | QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA | Posted 01.23.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Under siege by government forces, al-Qaida militants tried to strengthen their hold on two of Iraq's main Sunni cities Friday, tellin...

U.S. Quietly Sends Arms To Iraq

The New York Times | Posted 12.26.2013 | World

WASHINGTON — The United States is quietly rushing dozens of Hellfire missiles and low-tech surveillance drones to Iraq to help government forces com...

Iraq Bomb Goes Off Near Church During Christmas Mass

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 02.24.2014 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — Militants in Iraq targeted Christians in three separate Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad, killing at least 37 people, officials said...

Joshua Hersh

Hero Cop Saves Lives By Throwing Himself On Bomber: Report | Joshua Hersh | Posted 01.23.2014 | World

ISTANBUL -- An Iraqi police officer saved the lives of numerous civilians on Wednesday when he threw himself on a suicide bomber in the country's nort...

A Wave Of Violence Sweeps Iraq

Posted 12.17.2013 | World


A Wave Of Violence Sweeps Iraq

Posted 12.17.2013 | World


Joshua Hersh

There's So Much Violence In Iraq The Tragedy Has Become Easy To Ignore | Joshua Hersh | Posted 01.25.2014 | World

In late November, Prashant Rao, the Baghdad bureau chief for Agence France-Presse, found himself with a terrible, familiar problem. The daily story he...

Howard Fineman

We Broke Iraq And We're Still Paying For The Damage | Howard Fineman | Posted 01.25.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- In 2002, during the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell issued a warning to President George W. Bush ab...

Attacks Across Iraq Kill At Least 47 People

AP | SAMEER N. YACOUB | Posted 12.16.2013 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — A double car bombing and a shooting killed 34 Shiite Muslims on pilgrimage in Iraq on Monday, the deadliest in a wave of attacks acro...

Wave Of Attacks Rock Baghdad

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 11.21.2013 | World

BAGHDAD (AP) — A wave of bombings hit mainly Shiite commercial areas in and outside Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 35 people, Iraqi official...

In Losing UNESCO Vote, U.S. Punishes Own Citizens

Peter Yeo | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Peter Yeo

Sweeping prisoner executions have kept Iraq prominently placed in national headlines for the past several months. However, one story behind Iraq's str...

UN: Violence Kills Nearly 1,000 In Iraq In October

AP | Associated Press | Posted 01.23.2014 | World

BAGHDAD — BAGHDAD (AP) — The United Nations says that 979 Iraqis died in attacks in October, a monthly death toll that is exactly the same as ...

Study: Half A Million Iraqis Killed Since U.S.-Led Invasion

Agence France Presse | KERRY SHERIDAN | Posted 01.23.2014 | World

Nearly half a million people have died from war-related causes in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003, according to an academic study published in ...

Attacks Across Iraq Kill At Least 31

AP | SINAN SALAHEDDIN | Posted 10.13.2013 | World

BAGHDAD -- BAGHDAD (AP) — A string of bombings in mostly Shiite-majority cities across Iraq on Sunday killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens, ...