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Israel Palestine

Palestine: The Story of Life and Death of Peace

Abdalhadi Alijla | Posted 07.18.2016 | World
Abdalhadi Alijla

On a personal level, I disagree with violent acts. I do believe that everyone has the right to live. Yet, the Palestinians also have the right to live as equal as the Israeli citizens and Israeli settlers. This is the real reason of the attacks. Netanyahu and his government are responsible for killing both the Israeli and the Palestinian children and civilians

Why Aren't More People Upset Over The Terrorist Attack In Tel Aviv?

Rocco Papa | Posted 06.15.2016 | Politics
Rocco Papa

When these two other attacks occurred, folks rushed to social media with words of support. It was cool and fashionable for people to show how distraught they were over those senseless acts of violence. The senseless act of violence the Israelis suffered, however, didn't catch on the same way.

So Let's Actually Compare Clinton and Trump on Foreign Policy

Kicker | Posted 06.06.2016 | Politics

Where do Clinton and Trump actually stand on foreign policy? Who would make a better commander-in-chief? (wuestenigel/Flickr) Hillary Clinton has mad...

France Launches New Effort For Middle East Peace

Reuters | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 06.03.2016 | World

PARIS (Reuters) - France's president said on Friday that spiraling Middle East upheaval since the collapse of the round of Israel-Palestinian peace ta...

When Your Home Becomes A Prison

Hani Almadhoun | Posted 06.02.2016 | World
Hani Almadhoun

I am still hopeful that one day my family can be made whole again and I can see my parents and siblings without having to be humiliated or risking being stuck in Gaza away from my work and my home here in the U.S.

There's Nothing Controversial About a DNC Platform That Supports Israeli Security and Palestinian Rights

Jeremy Ben-Ami | Posted 06.01.2016 | Politics
Jeremy Ben-Ami

There is an erroneous understanding of American Jewish opinion which has caused a growing gap between American Jews and those representing them over what it means to be pro-Israel. But, in Congress, in Jewish communities, and at the ballot box, that gap is now closing.

Putting One's Ear to the Ground: Rumblings of Mounting Discontent

James Dorsey | Posted 05.27.2016 | World
James Dorsey

By James M. Dorsey (Lecture at MEI Conference: The Middle East Peace Process After the Arab Uprisings) When Jeremy Bowen, the BBC's Middle East edit...

Is BDS Simply a 'Campus Movement?' How Deceitful Can Thomas Friedman Actually Be?

David Palumbo-Liu | Posted 05.26.2016 | Politics
David Palumbo-Liu

On May 25 the New York Times published an op-ed by Thomas Friedman with the incendiary title, "Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel-Palestine," which attempts to show just how far the Israeli Prime Minister has gone to destroy any notion of a two-state solution.

Speak Up for Kids in Military Detention?

Robert Naiman | Posted 05.20.2016 | Politics
Robert Naiman

If you count yourself among the folks who might be willing occasionally to engage Congress to try to help protect Palestinian civilians living under Israeli military occupation if there were a plausible story that your action could have a positive impact, I have some good news.

Playing Politics: The AFC Gets Tied Up in Knots

James Dorsey | Posted 05.20.2016 | Sports
James Dorsey

Two recent incidents involving the refusal of Arab teams to play their Palestinian counterparts on Palestinian soil highlight the Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) willingness to play politics at the Palestinians' expense.

Gaza: A City No One Wants

Abdalhadi Alijla | Posted 05.19.2016 | World
Abdalhadi Alijla

As Palestinians commemorate the 68th anniversary of the Nakba -- literally "catastrophe" in Arabic, when the indigenous people of Palestine were driven out of Palestine into exile -- there is a new Nakba taking place: the political division between Hamas and Fatah.

Condescension Mixed With Fear: The Anti-BDS Push in State Legislatures

David Palumbo-Liu | Posted 05.18.2016 | World
David Palumbo-Liu

As BDS racks up victory after victory, gaining new members daily, especially among young people and people of color, the forces of reaction are gathering together to try to stem the tide. But they are facing an uphill battle, and they know it.

Trump Says Israel Should "Keep Moving Forward" Building Illegal Settlements

The Huffington Post | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 05.04.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reversed on his earlier pledge to be a neutral arbiter in the Israeli-Palestini...

When Google Renamed an Album From My Palestine Trip 'Trip to Israel'

Kristin Szremski | Posted 04.29.2016 | World
Kristin Szremski

The Palestinian children that appear on Google's auto-generated album cover trusted me when we were playing under the olive trees that October day in 2010. Not only did Google Photos break that trust, it missed the essence of that afternoon and the reason for my trip entirely.

This Passover We Call for Freedom and Dignity for All

Jeremy Oziel | Posted 04.28.2016 | Politics
Jeremy Oziel

As Jews commemorate the liberation of the Israelites this year, I urge all of us to remember that our liberation is tied to that of our neighbors. Remember that our tradition instills in us the commitment to fight with those who are oppressed and embittered.

Is This The Real Reason The U.S. Doesn't Recognize Palestine?

DaShanne Stokes | Posted 04.28.2016 | World
DaShanne Stokes

In acknowledging an entity's statehood, governments open the doors to treaty relations, trade, foreign aid, and, potentially, membership in the United Nations.

Lord John Alderdice on Middle East Conflict Resolution, Interview with Noted Northern Ireland Diplomat

Samuel Ramani | Posted 04.26.2016 | World
Samuel Ramani

Lord John Alderdice is a Northern Ireland politician, who served as speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly from 1998-2004, and leader of the Allianc...

Senate Republicans Want To Cut Funding For UN Climate Change Agency, Because Palestine

The Huffington Post | Kate Sheppard | Posted 04.20.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- More than two dozen Republican senators this week asked Secretary of State John Kerry not to provide any funding for the United States' ...

A Fatal Shot

Ovadya Batat | Posted 04.19.2016 | World
Ovadya Batat

Israel is sizzling in the aftermath of a dramatic and violent videotaped encounter between a Palestinian stabber and the Israeli soldier who killed him.

Sanders and Clinton: Palestinian Defender vs. Israel Apologist

Marjorie Cohn | Posted 04.18.2016 | Politics
Marjorie Cohn

In the Brooklyn debate, Sanders said that in order to achieve peace in the region, the United States must play "an even-handed role," adding, "We cannot continue to be one-sided. There are two sides to the issue."

'Hero of Israel' Committed Murder

Issa Amro | Posted 04.14.2016 | Politics
Issa Amro

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rhetoric and policies denying Palestinians freedom and equal rights have long buoyed some Israelis' anti-Palestinian hate.

Why Voting Matters: The American Anthropological Association's Upcoming Vote to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions

Junaid Rana | Posted 04.11.2016 | Politics
Junaid Rana

Co-authored with Nadine Naber In two weeks, the American Anthropological Association's (AAA) nearly 10,000 members will begin voting on a resolutio...

My Friends and I Went to a Ted Cruz Rally-- Here's What Happened

Taylor Vidmar | Posted 03.29.2016 | Teen
Taylor Vidmar

I believe that there are a lot of things we do in life not because they will be fun, but just because we want to say we did them. For me, one of those...

Why Bernie Sanders Is Still Very Much a Pro-Israel Candidate -- Despite His AIPAC Absence

Adam Gerstenfeld | Posted 03.23.2016 | Religion
Adam Gerstenfeld

Bernie Sanders understands this delicate nuance. All other candidates talk about the solution to Israel in military terms, only. Senator Sanders talks about the reality of how most Israelis truly feel. And that's why, regardless of whether he attended AIPAC or not, I am proud that a Jewish candidate understands this point.

AIPAC's Applause for Trump's Speech a Disgrace for American Jews

Lara Friedman | Posted 03.22.2016 | World
Lara Friedman

Trump's triumphant reception at AIPAC is what happens when American Jews have drunk the AIPAC Kool-Aid for decades and convinced themselves that their progressive Jewish values can and must be disconnected from their support for Israel.