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Israel Accuses Human Rights Watch Of ‘Propaganda,’ Denies Access

Israeli Soldier Gets Mere 18 Months In Prison For Killing Incapacitated Palestinian After Attack

Trump's Pick For Ambassador To Israel Heckled During Confirmation Hearing

NFL Players Pull Out Of Paid Trip To Israel Fearing They're Being 'Used'

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Trump Abandons Commitment To 2-State Solution In Press Conference With Netanyahu

Hamas Picks Hard-Liner As New Leader In Gaza

Netanyahu Non-Committal On Palestinian Statehood As He Heads To U.S.

Donald Trump Suggests He May Not Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

Netanyahu's Visiting The Trump White House For The First Time. Here’s What’s At Stake.

Israel Retroactively Legalizes 4,000 Settler Homes

Trump Warns Israel New Settlements 'May Not Help' Peace Process

Violence Erupts As Israeli Police Remove Hardline Jewish Settlers From Illegal West Bank Outpost

Netanyahu's Support Of Donald Trump Is Already Causing Him Problems