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Bearing Witness 2.0 -- On Twitter Feed, A Man Tells His Story of Living With HIV (w/ TRANSCRIPT)

  |   December 2, 2009    1:23 PM ET

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Why Twitter is the Most Popular Word of 2009

  |   November 30, 2009    2:02 PM ET

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Salahis' Self-Marketing 2.0 (PHOTOS)

  |   November 28, 2009    3:37 PM ET

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Anatomy (and Meaning) of the "Did You Know?" Video Series (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

  |   November 24, 2009   12:00 PM ET

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Unplugging -- Turn It Off! (VIDEO)

  |   November 23, 2009    7:48 AM ET

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Palin Online -- Palin's Web Buzz Trumps Obama's

  |   November 19, 2009    8:04 PM ET

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Did Pacquiao Make Web History?

  |   November 15, 2009    5:26 AM ET

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Online Hit -- Manny "Philippines" Pacquiao

  |   November 14, 2009    5:25 AM ET

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Obama Online -- Using Technology, It's the Electorate That Has Changed, Too

  |   November 4, 2009    8:48 AM ET

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Obama Online -- What's the Future of Organizing for America (OFA)?

  |   November 3, 2009   10:21 AM ET

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Michael Jackson Online -- A Singular Attraction

Jose Antonio Vargas   |   October 28, 2009    2:34 PM ET

Online, Michael Jackson is a singular attraction.

We saw this on June 25, a day that will forever live in online infamy, when the King of Pop's death literally stopped the Internet. Within a day, Jackson's main Wikipedia article was viewed more than 6 million times. Twitter and AOL Instant messaging went berserk. Text messages flooded phones. (I, for one, didn't learn about Jackson's death from TMZ or CNN; a cousin had texted me with "Michael Jackson is dead.")

Which is not at all surprising given Jackson's draw on social networking sites, and the kind of connected world we're living in. Events don't just happen. Events are shared. On Facebook, for example, the biggest Jackson page has 10.3 million fans. To put that figure into context, consider that the official Barack Obama page has 6.8 million fans and the official Sarah Palin page has more about 951,000. On YouTube, type "Michael Jackson" and about 950,000 videos pop up -- easily more videos than when you type some of biggest names in music: "U2" (131,000) "Beyonce" (275,000), "Taylor Swift" (249,000), "Lil' Wayne" (472,000), to name just a few. About 3,000 Jackson-oriented videos have been uploaded in the past 24 hours -- and, yes, some of them are videos of fans reviewing "This Is It," the new documentary featuring the last performing hours of The Gloved One, singing, dancing and rehearsing a planned concert series.

Obama Online -- Where Are the Young Supporters?

  |   October 23, 2009    6:25 AM ET

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The GOP Online (VIDEO)

  |   October 14, 2009    6:57 AM ET

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Your Inbox, Your Self

  |   October 12, 2009    6:40 AM ET

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