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This Device Will Let Strangers Play With Your Pets Via The Internet

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 05.01.2015 | Technology

Good news: It's about to be much easier to invite strangers into your home to play with your pets.

A Planetary Perspective

Erin Sharoni | Posted 04.22.2015 | Entertainment
Erin Sharoni

Planetary uses the unique perspective of astronauts to illustrate the earth's vulnerability in a way that is as extraordinary as it is simple.

Crowdfunding: It's Not Just for StartUps Anymore

Robin Raskin | Posted 04.21.2015 | Business
Robin Raskin

Has anyone noticed that crowdfunding is not just about a bunch of young aspirationals looking for cash? What started out as a way to democratize innovation and access to capital, is now a sweet way for well-established companies to play at being a "startup."

Greening the American Way of Death

Tanya D. Marsh | Posted 04.20.2015 | Green
Tanya D. Marsh

A typical 10-acre patch of cemetery ground contains enough furniture-grade lumber to construct 40 houses, nearly 1,000 tons of steel, 20,000 tons of concrete, and enough embalming fluid to fill a small backyard swimming pool.

Need to Have Your Startup Funded? Here are 5 Ways

Jonha Revesencio | Posted 04.18.2015 | Business
Jonha Revesencio

These five sources of funding are only a few of the ways you can come up with the capital to bring your idea to fruition. Be creative and think outside the box for ways to fund your startup -- you'll likely need funding from a combination of sources.

Crowdfunding and Taxes: What You Should Know

Jason Alderman | Posted 04.08.2015 | Money
Jason Alderman

No matter how the crowdfunding industry evolves in the future, even the most modest artistic and cause-based campaigns should consider how to build the most tax-efficient effort.

Gale Anne Hurd On The Legacy of Wilma Mankiller (Exclusive Video)

Michael Vazquez | Posted 04.03.2015 | Entertainment
Michael Vazquez

I've asked Gale Anne Hurd to share her thoughts on why the story of the first female Principal Chief of The Cherokee Nation is one for the history boo...

Brilliant Invention Could Kill Bulky Phone Chargers For Good

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 04.02.2015 | Technology

Shut up and take our money!

New Film Healing of Love Is Challenging the Paradigm of Relationships

Erin McKelle | Posted 03.31.2015 | Entertainment
Erin McKelle

Have you ever felt frustrated with our culture's current model of acceptable relationships- that is, monogamous pairing? Realized that in our world of social networking, we're losing real, close connections to others?

Crowdfunding Myths Boomer Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

John Tarnoff | Posted 03.31.2015 | Fifty
John Tarnoff

Starting a business is a risk at any age, to be sure. But the statistics support the notion that older entrepreneurs are more confident about launching and sustaining businesses than younger entrepreneurs.

7 Products Launched On Kickstarter That Prove You Can Access Just About Anything With Your Phone

Posted 03.25.2015 | Technology

From personal drones, to smart coffee-brewing machines, to data-focused sleep tracking systems, Kickstarter helps to fund creative, tech-savvy product...

Wormhole in a Cargo Container

Isa Freeling | Posted 03.23.2015 | Arts
Isa Freeling

Presented by Shared Studios, this canny invention of communication by Yale law student Amar Bakshi disrupts the excesses of Facebook Theater and clever Twitter banter. "The shipping container is a readymade design. It is a relatively inexpensive, uniform space that exists all over the world..."

Artists Have a Variety of Funding Sources

Daniel Grant | Posted 03.16.2015 | Arts
Daniel Grant

Art is expensive to buy, but it also may be costly to make. Artists make objects that they hope others will appreciate enough to purchase, and sometimes the making of those artworks can run into the thousands of dollars.

Dana Oliver

The Beauty Industry Should Be Very Afraid Of These Two Women | Dana Oliver | Posted 03.16.2015 | Style

Would you be able to rattle off a list if someone were to quiz you on the toxic ingredients found in shampoo or nail polish? Even with beauty product ...

Not Your Father's Graffiti

Phil Simon | Posted 03.16.2015 | Business
Phil Simon

In a phrase, cloud computing can change everything--and not just for consumers with creative bents. No longer do CIOs need to predict how much capacity they'll need to run their businesses.

The All-Time Best Kickstarter Inventions for the Home | Posted 03.13.2015 | HuffPost Home

So, it's the 21st century and we're not living like the Jetsons. Fine. But we can get as close as possible to total home automation and simplification with these incredible new inventions that debuted on the number one crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter.

This Emoji Keyboard Will Make You Forget You Ever Used The Alphabet

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 03.13.2015 | Technology

No more words. Ever. Letters are about to become obsolete, thanks to the new Kickstarter campaign for The Emoji Keyboard.

Want A Pancake Shaped Like A Seahorse? PancakeBot Will Print One For You

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 03.14.2015 | Taste

Breakfast is served ... by a robot.

Sharing Services Will Continue to Dominate in 2015

Paul DeLong | Posted 03.12.2015 | Business
Paul DeLong

As the sharing economy becomes more widely accepted, it opens the door for sharing services in new industries to take root and build reputable brands. Based on the principle of communal goods or services, companies will continue to help users solve common annoyances.

Andy Warhol's Family Is Trying To Kickstart A Film About Its World Famous Uncle

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 03.12.2015 | Arts

He was Andy Warhol to many, Andrew Warhola to a few. Yes, the Pop artist known for screen printing soup cans and memorializing Hollywood's flavor ...

Speaking To God In Doodles

The Huffington Post | Carol Kuruvilla | Posted 03.09.2015 | Religion

Out of the depths of her despair, Mara Measor started talking to God. The singer-songwriter first started keeping a prayer journal during a year-lo...

This Shirt Makes Wearing The Same Thing Every Day Way Easier

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 03.06.2015 | Style

Admit it, we've all done it. Who hasn't worn the same shirt or jeans two days in a row? We just wish it didn't look so obvious. Israel-based desig...

Lost In The Crowd: Surviving Kickstarter's Emotional Rollercoaster

Scott Stabile | Posted 04.29.2015 | Arts
Scott Stabile

I'm halfway into my first Kickstarter campaign for my latest book, and it's kind of kicking my ass, but in that worthwhile, good-for-you-in-the-long-run, Mr. Miyagi-to-the-Karate Kid kind of way.

Entrepreneurs Flock to Fuckup Nights

Scott Goodson | Posted 04.26.2015 | Small Business
Scott Goodson

Rather than focus on the positive, seemingly unobtainable success stories, this one-of-a-kind event focuses on the not to be discussed in public big mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

What to Do With Our Bodies After We Die

Katrina Spade | Posted 04.25.2015 | Green
Katrina Spade

The Urban Death Project is developing a new option which may appeal to those among us who want to minimize environmental harm and give something back to the earth when we die.