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Latino Voices

Soy/Somos: We Are Many

Marlena Maduro Baraf | Posted 02.05.2016 | Latino Voices
Marlena Maduro Baraf

There are huge differences among us, but we also have much in common. And it starts with language and with being "Latino" and all that this means in this American nation.

The American Dream: Dead or Just on the Ropes?

David Rivera | Posted 02.03.2016 | Politics
David Rivera

The 2015 Harvard Institute of Politics "Survey Of Young Americans' Attitudes Towards Politics and Public Service" raised the question "Is the American Dream Alive"? The poll reveals that Donald Trump's supporters are less likely to answer the question positively.

Finding Myself Through Online Dating

Tatiana K. Tenreyro | Posted 01.27.2016 | Latino Voices
Tatiana K. Tenreyro

Last year was my most successful year career-wise. I wrote more pieces than I have before for multiple publications and felt confident in my writing...

15 Blog Posts By Latinos That Got Us Talking In 2015

The Huffington Post | Tanisha Ramirez | Posted 01.27.2016 | Latino Voices

Latino Voices’ contributors had a lot to say in 2015. They wrote fervently and often, engaging our on- and offline communities in riveting disco...

Dusty Baker Excuses Racist Comment By Assuring Us It Wasn't Racist

The Huffington Post | Juliet Spies-Gans | Posted 12.09.2015 | Sports

A word to the wise: If you have to clarify that a remark of yours is “not racist,” it’s probably safer to simply steer clear of tha...

Using Football to Teach Character

Anthony Muñoz | Posted 10.30.2015 | Sports
Anthony Muñoz

Football provides an unmistakable opportunity to teach a captive audience of young people about character. It's a rare opening and we feel very strongly that it shouldn't be wasted. So we use the game as a hook to teach kids that strength of character is an essential ethic for a successful life.

Latino Voters Are Making History in Yakima, Washington

ACLU of Washington | Posted 10.28.2015 | Latino Voices
ACLU of Washington

Around the nation, voting rights for people of color are under attack. But in central Washington, an historic advance for Latino voters is taking place in the wake of a legal victory by the ACLU.

Casualties of the War on Drugs

Donna A. Patterson | Posted 10.24.2015 | Black Voices
Donna A. Patterson

It remains to be seen if these continuing changes, like the drug policies currently in American existence, will help some and hurt others, or if all citizens will benefit as communities across the country stop waging a war against those who've used drugs.

What's the Place of Women in the Boys and Men of Color Conversation?

Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher | Posted 10.20.2015 | Black Voices
Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher

With respect to programs serving boys and men of color, our perspective of collective inclusion does not negate the importance of exposing our youth to mentors, tutors, and role models who are males of color or men in general. However, doing so should not inhibit women from leading.

Has 'Black Lives Matter' Been Hijacked?

David Rivera | Posted 10.20.2015 | Black Voices
David Rivera

There is an organized effort by conservative elements and police departments to portray the peaceful non-violent movement as having been hijacked by cop killers. For those of us who have been around long enough there is nothing new with this approach. It is called divide and conquer.

An Open Letter to Teachers as National Hispanic Heritage Month Ends

Chanté Griffin | Posted 10.16.2015 | Latino Voices
Chanté Griffin

Dear Teachers, As you know, Hispanic Heritage Month just ended. If you are like me, you spent hours researching how to showcase the contributions of Latino Americans in your curriculum. You Googled. You read. You spoke with your local librarian. It took a lot of time, but you didn't mind because it was worth it. But now, the month is over and you can go back to your normal lessons???

English Is (Not) My Second Language

Ivonne Pereira | Posted 10.13.2015 | Latino Voices
Ivonne Pereira

I have never felt that my ethnic background was a hindrance to my education. Speaking languages other than English should be seen as an asset in this country, not a threat, an insult, a hindrance or something to be made shameful. It should be celebrated.

An American Latino Student's Public School Reality

Baltazar Hernandez | Posted 09.22.2015 | Latino Voices
Baltazar Hernandez

The summer before senior year of high school, I would come home to find out my father had been detained, which eventuated in his deportation. I was devastated. However, I did not let this deter my academic pursuits.

Why We Need a New Chicano Movement

Mike Leyba | Posted 09.01.2015 | Latino Voices
Mike Leyba

It's time for us brown people to step up. Let's begin reclaiming our history and our movement, and stand with others also fighting for liberation. We don't need a savior to come rescue us; we need to claim that which is rightfully ours - our history, our culture, our right to self-identify, and our united voice.

Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Black Porn Model, Part Two

Wyatt O'Brian Evans | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Wyatt O'Brian Evans

In Part Two of "Raw and Exposed," Dawg thrusts us into the inner workings of the gay sex trade. "Fas-cinating," as the iconic Mr. Spock of "Star Trek" has uttered on more than a few occasions.

How America's War On Drugs Unintentionally Aids Mexican Drug Cartels

HuffPost Live | Jared Greenhouse | Posted 07.02.2015 | Latino Voices

As the United States government and vigilante groups continue to fight Mexican drug cartels with little direction, experts say there are unintentional...

Hate Symbols Are Barriers to Progress

Iván Espinoza-Madrigal | Posted 06.25.2015 | Latino Voices
Iván Espinoza-Madrigal

Preserving a symbol of slavery and black subjugation sends a threatening and terrifying message that black lives -- and the lives of other oppressed individuals -- do not matter.

Depression's Peculiar Grip on Black LGBTQs, Part Two

Wyatt O'Brian Evans | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Wyatt O'Brian Evans

As one might imagine, if you're black, LGBTQ and depressed, you're stumbling around with an even heavier, crushing burden on your shoulders. Before we delve deeper into that, it behooves us to first examine depression among the black community as a whole.

How to Teach Men of Color: Four Critical Conditions

J. Luke Wood | Posted 06.17.2015 | College
J. Luke Wood

As scholars of the male of color experience in college, we are often asked whether all faculty can effectively teach men of color. Most often, what is really being asked is whether White faculty can teach these men.

Dear Mainstream Media: I Am Latina, and I'm Not Voting for Marco Rubio

María Carla Sánchez | Posted 06.14.2015 | Latino Voices
María Carla Sánchez

I have a news tidbit for Beltway journalists: Latinos are not all the same. We actually are not Barbies, easily fitting into one another's costumes or convertibles or dream houses. And for the love of God, this particular Latina is getting mighty tired of being mistaken for Latinos I Am Not. Case in point: Marco Rubio.

Maureen Ryan

What's Next For Rogelio On 'Jane The Virgin' | Maureen Ryan | Posted 03.30.2015 | Entertainment

We still have a week to wait until “Jane the Virgin” returns on April 6, so how about filling up a bit of that time with an interview with Jaime C...

Maureen Ryan

Gina Rodriguez On Her Wild Year As 'Jane The Virgin' | Maureen Ryan | Posted 03.16.2015 | Entertainment

Gina Rodriguez carries a heavy burden. I'm not referring to her schedule, which has her working long days at an unassuming film and TV studio on t...

Brown Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter

David A. Love | Posted 04.27.2015 | Black Voices
David A. Love

These tragic incidents received a mere fraction of the attention they should have. While the focus of late has been on #BlackLivesMatter, it is important to address the violence visited upon other groups, including religious and ethnic minority groups -- whether by terrorists, vigilantes or police who believe they have a right to monitor and take not only black lives, but brown lives too.

International Women's Day Means More Than Looking Beyond -- It Means Looking Below

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan | Posted 05.06.2015 | Latino Voices
Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan

It's Women's History Month, and Sunday we will celebrate International Women's Day. It's the time of year where we remember women and all our accomplishments, our struggles, our fierceness and our gains. The time of year where women in corporate settings are honored.

Hollywood: One Shade of White

Thai Nguyen | Posted 05.06.2015 | Black Voices
Thai Nguyen

So, what the big deal? It matters because what happens on the big screen never stays on the big screen; media may be intended for entertainment, but it's also education.