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Macedonian Filmmaker Revives Memory of Earlier Refugees

Stephen Schwartz | Posted 09.29.2015 | Religion
Stephen Schwartz

Macedonia has an older refugee history, which has been carefully and beautifully reconstructed by a domestic filmmaker. That chronicle involves the Sephardim. These were Spanish and Portuguese Jews expelled from their homes in the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 1400s.

My Favorite Places to Eat in Skopje (So Far)

Kosta Petrov | Posted 09.28.2015 | Travel
Kosta Petrov

Lonely Planet describes Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, as Europe's most entertaining and eclectic small capital city. Although the city has been in...

Albania's Ageing Problem

Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort | Posted 09.25.2015 | Women
Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort

The World is proving incapable of addressing its greatest challenges. An ageing population is no longer limited to developed nations. Many developing countries particularly in the Balkans are facing the pressure of ageing.

See the Horrible Conditions of Student Halls in Macedonia

Kosta Petrov | Posted 09.18.2015 | College
Kosta Petrov

A country that, according to World Bank reports, has lost ¼ of its population due to migration needs to take better care of its future leaders before they decide to leave and build some other country's future.

Music Composer Duke Bojadziev: My Ultimate Goal Is to Be Happy

Kosta Petrov | Posted 09.15.2015 | New York
Kosta Petrov

Remember the name Duke Bojadziev because very soon this New York based music composer, producer and pianist will join the company of Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone and James Horner as one of the world's most acclaimed film scoring virtuosos.

10 Brands Changing This Small Country's Business Reality

Kosta Petrov | Posted 09.03.2015 | Business
Kosta Petrov

In today's column, I am proudly sharing with you the 10 brands changing the face of this small country's economy. They are all tirelessly working to show the world that although a small country Macedonia has the potential to create successful global brands.

Thousands Massed At Macedonia Border Storm Police Blockade

AP | Charlotte Alfred | Posted 08.22.2015 | World

GEVGELIJA, Macedonia (AP) -- Thousands of rain-soaked migrants on Saturday rushed past Macedonian riot police who were attempting to block them from ...

Heart-Rending Photos Of Migrant Children Caught In Border Clashes

The Huffington Post | Katie Sola | Posted 08.21.2015 | World

Macedonian border security forces beat back desperate refugees trapped in a no man's land between Macedonia and Greece on Friday. ...

Macedonia Troops Fire Stun Grenades At Crowds Of Migrants On Border

AP | Charlotte Alfred | Posted 08.21.2015 | World

IDOMENI, Greece (AP) -- Macedonian special police forces fired stun grenades Friday to disperse thousands of migrants stuck on a no-man's land with G...

Drama in the Wild Rhodope Mountains: Natterings From Northern Greece on the Looney Front, Part 3

Mike Arkus | Posted 06.22.2015 | Travel
Mike Arkus

No, not psycho-drama, nor social drama, but a town in Macedonia at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains about an hour by bus from Kavala -- thus called not for any Thespian reason but apparently shortened from its classical name Hydrama meaning rich in water, which it indeed is.

Southeastern Europe: Left Behind or Leading the Change in Europe?

Erik Brattberg | Posted 05.20.2015 | World
Erik Brattberg

Europe needs a new positive narrative to confront the plethora of serious internal and external challenges it faces. Otherwise, the entire European project as such may be at risk. This would be a historic mistake.

Day-Long Shootout In Macedonia Kills At Least Eight Police And 14 Gunmen

Reuters | Posted 05.10.2015 | World

By Matt Robinson and Fatos Bytyci KUMANOVO, Macedonia, May 10 (Reuters) - Macedonia said on Sunday its police had wiped out a group of...

14 Migrants Killed By Train While Trying To Reach Northern Europe


VELES, Macedonia (AP) — A group of migrants trying to reach European opportunity via what's billed by smugglers as a "safe" route — trekking along...

Journalist Critical Of Macedonian Government Receives Chilling Death Threat

Reuters | Posted 06.22.2015 | Media

* Concern over deteriorating media freedom in Macedonia * Ex-Yugoslav republic locked in political crisis * Journalist r...

Christopher Hill: A Diplomat at Work

Philip Seib | Posted 05.09.2015 | Books
Philip Seib

Some memoirs concentrate on self-promotion and score-settling, but Hill avoids the former and mostly eschews the latter. He focuses instead on the on-the-ground work of the diplomat, which may entail dangerous forays far beyond embassy walls. What comes through with exceptional clarity in this book is Hill's concept of service.

Ten Reasons to Visit Macedonia

Sharon Hoge | Posted 04.25.2015 | Travel
Sharon Hoge

With picturesque villages, a wine region, modest mountains, lovely lakeside resorts, Macedonia is rich in history, gorgeous scenery, a favorable exchange rate, and welcoming people.

Syriza in Athens and Putin in Moscow: An Unholy Alliance?

Stephen Schwartz | Posted 04.08.2015 | Religion
Stephen Schwartz

Islam is by no means the only faith in which evil intentions are covered by pious phrases. The fantasy of a new Christian Orthodox empire should alarm the world no less than the tremors of the financial markets or the status of the euro.

New Law Spurs Action, Bringing Protection to Many

UN Women | Posted 12.31.2014 | World
UN Women

A new law against domestic violence adopted in August in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, coupled with efforts to promote the Istanbul Convention are giving new hope to survivors.

Gay Rights Group's Anniversary Marred After 2 Members Are Injured In Attack

AP | Posted 10.26.2014 | Gay Voices

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Police say about 30 people wearing masks and throwing rocks and bottles have attacked members of a gay rights activist grou...

Ebola and National Security

Daniel Wagner | Posted 12.10.2014 | World
Daniel Wagner

The discussions quietly occurring in the corridors of the White House, CIA, Pentagon, and in other capitals throughout the world certainly point to grave concern on the part of policy and decision makers about the possibility of a worst-case scenario becoming reality.

Suspected Ebola Case Investigated In Macedonia

Reuters | Posted 12.09.2014 | World

By Kole Casule SKOPJE, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Macedonia said it was checking for the Ebola virus in a British man who died within hours of being admitte...

A Monument of Hope

Justine Frangouli-Argyris | Posted 11.23.2014 | Arts
Justine Frangouli-Argyris

Since mid-August, Greece has been living the discovery of the tomb of Amphipolis as if following a daily soap-opera, with the public at large mesmerized by the constantly updating developments of the excavation.

Bulgaria Wins Balkan Prize

Steve H. Hanke | Posted 09.15.2014 | Politics
Steve H. Hanke

The least miserable Balkan country is Bulgaria. For all of its problems, including a recent bank run, the country's currency board system provides monetary and fiscal discipline, which produces positive results in a region plagued with problems.

In the Lap of the Gods on Mt. Olympus: At Home With Zeus on the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 08.04.2014 | Travel
Mike Arkus

As the divine real estate agent must have said when he was showing Zeus & Co around: it's location, location, location, Your Divinity.

Following in the Baby Steps of Alexander the Great: Game of Thrones On the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 07.25.2014 | Travel
Mike Arkus

Before there was Alexander the Great, there was Alexander the young prince, gallivanting round the boondocks of Macedonia, taming the mighty steed Buc...