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Maiden Name

11 Arguments For Keeping Your Ex's Last Name After The Divorce

The Huffington Post | Brittany Wong | Posted 07.27.2016 | Divorce

Deciding whether or not you’ll keep your ex’s last name after divorce is a highly personal choice. Some want to ditch every last reminder of thei...

Why I Kept My Maiden Name

Lindsay Rosasco | Posted 01.11.2017 | Weddings
Lindsay Rosasco

Although I love my husband and even his last name, the fact of the matter is that it is not my name. Changing my name felt like giving up my identity.

I Didn't Keep My Maiden Name

Brita Long | Posted 10.05.2016 | Weddings
Brita Long

I'm a feminist. I didn't keep my maiden name. But I didn't change my last name either. If a woman doesn't change her last name upon marriage, she does not keep her maiden name. She keeps her last name.

Meshing: When Surnames Collide

Scott De Buitléir | Posted 09.02.2016 | Weddings
Scott De Buitléir

Getting married is a joyous occasion, but changing your name can be a complex exercise, especially if you are meshing.

4 Practical Reasons I Kept My Maiden Name

Kate Van Dellen | Posted 06.30.2016 | Weddings
Kate Van Dellen

Everyone has their own reasons, maybe you share some with me or maybe you have your own. Keeping your name or not, as long as your authentic to the voice inside of you, I'm proud. Keep being you.

Why I'm Taking Back My Maiden Name

Laura Lifshitz | Posted 05.24.2015 | Divorce
Laura Lifshitz

Once my ex-husband and I sat in front of our mediator, I realized that I could become "Laura Lifshitz" officially again. Not just in spirit, but in fact. Since I'm a mom to a four-year-old, I wondered if the two of us having different last names would be damning.

These Women Kept Their Maiden Names And This Was The Reaction

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 07.29.2014 | Weddings

Following the marriage proposal, brides-to-be are inevitably asked this polarizing question: Are you changing your name? For some, the answer is a...

What's in a (His) Name?

Renee Strauss | Posted 06.08.2014 | Weddings
Renee Strauss

When I married my second husband--the love of my life--I did not want to change my name, so I kept Strauss. (Deep down I know he would love it if I changed my last name to his, though.)

Take Back Your Maiden Name? Not For Me

Amy Koko | Posted 01.25.2014 | Divorce
Amy Koko

Wow. Today I had a real eye opener. I received a Thomasville Furniture flyer in the mail addressed to my ex-husband's new wife. This is upsetting on two fronts: 1. Why is she shopping at Thomasville when I am waiting for the year end clearance sale at Rooms To Go?

Why I Regret Taking My Ex's Last Name

Posted 07.21.2013 | Divorce

By Mandy Walker for I consider myself a feminist. And yet, I took my husband's name when I got married over twenty years ago. Lookin...

8 Women Reveal Why They Refused To Change Their Last Names

Posted 07.09.2013 | Weddings

A May 2013 survey conducted by Facebook in partnership with the Daily Beast found that as many as 65 percent of married women in their 20s and 30s had...

Why I'm Glad I Took My Husband's Last Name

Halley Knigge | Posted 08.25.2013 | Weddings
Halley Knigge

When I say I was never the kind of girl to take my husband's name, I'm not kidding. I never gave the subject a great deal of thought, but knew it wasn't in the plans for me.

Why We Use Our Mothers' Names

Daniel Arrigg Koh | Posted 07.12.2013 | Women
Daniel Arrigg Koh

By using my middle name, I ensure that in small ways -- my e-mail signature, the way I sign credit card receipts -- and large -- the way my name appears one day on my wedding invitation, my mom is and will always be on shining display as a fundamental part of me.

Should A Married Woman Take Her Husband's Name?

Posted 03.08.2013 | Weddings

On Thursday, Guardian columnist Jill Filipovic's piece "Why Should Married Women Change Their Names? Let Men Change Theirs" sparked a lot of discussio...

Why I Refuse To Take My Husband's Last Name

Juliet Izon | Posted 04.23.2013 | Weddings
Juliet Izon

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my future husband's last name. But it's still my name. And that, my friends, is the distilled essence of my predicament.

Don't Want To Hyphenate Your Last Name? Here's An Alternative

Posted 11.09.2012 | Weddings

Society may let out a collective groan whenever a new celebrity couple “mashup” name is introduced into the American lexicon (“Kimye,” anyone?...

6 Annoying Things To Do After You've Changed Your Name

Women & Co | Posted 12.15.2012 | Weddings
Women & Co

If you change your last name in any way, you're going to have some hoops to jump through in the workplace to establish your new identity.

The Biggest Decision You'll Make Before Marriage

Posted 06.19.2012 | Weddings

By Rachell Buell | The Daily Muse If you’re getting married, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make isn’t about your flower arrange...

Why I Couldn't Wait To Change My Last Name

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 05.14.2012 | Weddings
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

So, when it comes to changing your name, do what's best for you and your spouse -- if you don't want to take his name, he can take yours or you can start over. What have you done about changing your names?

Will Hyphenated Last Names Ever Be Cool?

Tessa Blake | Posted 03.19.2012 | Parents
Tessa Blake

Almost every child in this country still carries the surname of the father. It's comfy, it feels natural, and you may never have even thought about it.

Changing Your Name Back After Divorce: Pros And Cons

Gabrielle Clemens | Posted 08.21.2011 | Divorce
Gabrielle Clemens

In American culture, assuming your new husband's family name when you get married is an exciting rite of passage. It's something many women longed fo...

The Name Debate: Married Or Maiden? | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Married names, like the institution of marriage itself, are not what they used to be. As women, we've heard all about what we're supposed to do. Whet...