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Mail in Ballots

The Black Box: Voting Machines

Judy Frankel | Posted 09.03.2016 | Politics
Judy Frankel

The 2014 midterm election results may have been a complete farce. All it takes is one insider who knows how to flip a switch and the outcome changes. When it comes to voting, should we trust our votes to a computer that doesn't even spit out a receipt for confirmation? Do you trust your voting machine manufacturer?

Massive Participation From "Inactive" Voters Shows Folly of Gessler Policy

Jonathan Brater | Posted 01.04.2012 | Denver
Jonathan Brater

The reports of early returns are in, and the result is a huge win for voters and a decisive blow against Secretary Gessler's policy of disenfranchisement.

Colorado Tops Country in Bad Treatment of Some Registered Voters

Jason Salzman | Posted 12.24.2011 | Denver
Jason Salzman

It seems crazy that in Colorado, you won't necessarily get a ballot in the mail, like other good and decent registered voters, if you missed voting in just one election.

A Win for Voters Is Gessler's Second Loss

Jonathan Brater | Posted 12.10.2011 | Denver
Jonathan Brater

Last week, CO Secretary of State Scott Gessler asked a court to essentially freeze the Denver electorate to those who voted in 2010. The court refused.

UPDATE: Gessler Maddowed Again, Pueblo Clerk Joins Suit (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | Posted 11.29.2011 | Denver

A lawsuit filed in late September against Denver's clerk and recorder by Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler attempts to stop Denver from mailin...

Denver Mayoral Race Struggles To Garner Votes

The Huffington Post | Andrea Rael | Posted 07.03.2011 | Denver

Denver's mayoral race features nine candidates, of which three are in a dead heat. Polls from the Dever Post/9News have shown Chris Romer, James Mejia...

Didn't Vote In 2010? Counties Can Omit You From Mail-In Ballot Lists

Ballot bias | By Pam Zubeck | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver

Maybe you were sick. Or out of the country. Maybe your husband died. Or your dog ate your ballot. But listen, the city doesn't want to hear your ex...

Elections By Mail Would Cut Costs, Increase Participation: Governor

WBBM Newsradio | Bob Roberts | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago

As voters trickled to the polls across Illinois for the consolidated off-year elections Tuesday, Gov. Pat Quinn said he would support a proposal that ...

Early Voting May Boost Turnout, Thwart Last-Minute Negative Campaigning

Dawn Teo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Dawn Teo

The trend toward no-excuse mail-in voting has grown during recent voting cycles but could significantly alter the landscape of battleground states in the presidential election this year.