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Marine Mammals

After 300 Beached Whales Died, Rescuers Raced To Save Hundreds More

The Huffington Post | Nick Visser | Posted 02.13.2017 | Home

A stretch of sand in New Zealand was the scene of both tragedy and triumph this weekend as rescuers raced to save hundreds of stranded pilot whales af...

New US seafood rule shows global trade and conservation can work together

The Conversation US | Posted 01.17.2017 | Green
The Conversation US

By Matt Burgess, University of California, Santa Barbara and Rob Williams, University of St Andrews The United States is the world's largest seafood ...

SeaWorld’s Controversial Orca Show Ends For Good In California This Sunday

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 01.05.2017 | Green

A SeaWorld park in California is finally ending its controversial killer whale show with one final performance this Sunday. The San Diego show’s clo...

Whales Win Yet Again on Sonar: Why Do the Navy and NMFS Refuse to Get It Right?

Joel Reynolds | Posted 08.18.2016 | Green
Joel Reynolds

On social issues, the military has often seemed the last to know. Ending racial discrimination took decades. Outlawing discrimination based on sexua...

Why SeaWorld Should Emulate The Keiko Project And Retire Captive Orcas To Sea Pens

Mark J. Palmer | Posted 07.19.2016 | Green
Mark J. Palmer

SeaWorld should reconsider their active opposition to sea pens and should work with scientists, trainers, and environmental organizations to establish sea pen sanctuaries to retire their orcas, beluga whales, and dolphins.

Yes, This Is How Whales Actually Sleep

The Huffington Post | Sarah Digiulio | Posted 07.05.2016 | Science

Toddlers get a lot of credit for being able to fall asleep anywhere. But, whales (and other marine mammals) might have them beat. The humpback whale i...

Concern for Ocean Noise Pollution Still Falls on Deaf Ears

William Spear | Posted 06.08.2016 | Impact
William Spear

Twenty years ago, in what seems like another lifetime, I gave an hour talk in London at St. James Church Piccadilly as a part of their Alternatives Le...

The Extraordinary Life of a Lonely Seal

Terrie M. Williams | Posted 05.17.2016 | Green
Terrie M. Williams

Two weeks ago I turned 8 years old. That's prime adulthood in Hawaiian monk seal years. And as most adults are want to do I took stock of my life. This year there seemed scant reason for a celebratory "wahooo." I'm endangered.

Dolphins Chatter More When Solving Tricky Tasks

The Huffington Post | Chris DAngelo | Posted 05.01.2016 | Science

It's known dolphins use acoustic signals to maintain contact with one another and find food. Now, a new study shows that they also use them when solvi...

The Deafening Silence of an Empty Pool and Voiceless Dolphins

Terrie M. Williams | Posted 04.28.2016 | Science
Terrie M. Williams

These are uncertain times for big charismatic animals in the oceans and on land. Many populations are declining. Money is scarce for pool repairs and big mammal research, made worse by the public's vocal distrust of scientists, zoos and aquariums.

Why Your Dream Of Swimming With Hawaii Dolphins May Never Come True

The Huffington Post | Chris DAngelo | Posted 03.21.2016 | Science

Swimming alongside wild dolphins has long been a Hawaii vacation bucket-list item. While getting up close and personal with Hawaii spinner dolphins mi...

Beluga Whales Communicate With Bubbles, And It's Adorable

The Huffington Post | Arin Greenwood | Posted 12.10.2015 | Science

If you're happy and you know it and you're a beluga whale, blow some underwater bubbles -- specifically, blowhole drips and mouth rings. It turns out ...

Have We Boomed the Ocean?

David Helvarg | Posted 09.24.2016 | Green
David Helvarg

Overfishing and other environmental disasters have cut the population of the ocean's most evolved creatures (those with spines) nearly in half, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund.

A Breakthrough Agreement on Sonar Safeguards for Whales and Our Oceans

Joel Reynolds | Posted 09.17.2016 | Green
Joel Reynolds

Since 1994, the NRDC has prosecuted a series of federal lawsuits to persuade the Navy to adopt -- and its federal regulator the National Marine Fisheries Service to require -- common sense safeguards for the protection of whales and other marine life from unnecessary harm.

Kate Sheppard

Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan May Have A Walrus Problem | Kate Sheppard | Posted 07.01.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Shell's plan to drill in the Arctic this summer has met plenty of opposition from environmental advocates. But it might be the walrus th...

Kate Sheppard

Enviros Say Shell's Drilling Plan Could Harm The Pacific Walrus | Kate Sheppard | Posted 06.26.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A number of environmental groups are asking the Department of the Interior to rescind permission granted to Shell to begin exploratory d...

Why The Arctic Ocean And Wildlife Warrant Special International Protection

Dr. Kristen McDonald | Posted 05.22.2016 | Green
Dr. Kristen McDonald

Amidst the recent troubling news that Shell Oil has received conditional approval to drill in Arctic waters, a separate, critical victory for the larger Arctic ecosystem was overshadowed.

Dolphins Form Complex Social Networks, According To New Study

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 05.07.2015 | Green

Dolphins -- they're just like us. According to a study recently published in the journal Marine Mammal Science, bottlenose dolphins cluster into u...

A Taste of Spring by the Adriatic Sea

Christina Pacella | Posted 03.04.2015 | Green
Christina Pacella

Porto San Giorgio, Marche, Italy, The Adriatic Sea Last week was like spring in Italy! I was able to enjoy long, relaxing walks by the seashore. T...

This Movie Is An Important Reminder That Not Every Environmental Story Is Bad News

The Huffington Post | James Gerken | Posted 02.09.2015 | Green

With so many of the world's biggest environmental stories dominated by degradation, loss and rapid change, it can be quite relieving to get a little b...

Washington State Mulls Ban On Killer Whale Capture

Reuters | Posted 04.08.2015 | Green

By Laura Zuckerman Feb 5 (Reuters) - Washington state senators held a hearing on Thursday to consider banning the increasingly controv...

Spotted: Mysterious Whale Makes Rare Appearance In Hawaii

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 02.04.2015 | Green

Whale season in Hawaii usually means majestic humpbacks bumping into boats or swimming with dolphins, but the Aloha State is also home to a more myste...

March for Orcas: Free a Whale From Solitary Confinement

Brenda Peterson | Posted 03.17.2015 | Green
Brenda Peterson

For these highly intelligent, socially sophisticated, and family-loving orcas, we can do so much better than continuing to enslave and teach our children that these sentient fellow creatures should be captive in cement bathtubs for life.

Endangered Monk Seals Are Making A Very Cute Comeback

The Huffington Post | Landess Kearns | Posted 10.14.2014 | Green

Hawaiian monk seal births are on the rise, according to The Marine Mammal Center. The species is considered critically endangered, with fewer than ...

Build an Ark for Animals: Churches Go Green

Brenda Peterson | Posted 12.03.2014 | Religion
Brenda Peterson

Bleary-eyed, I grab my bedside binoculars. Sure enough, a huge and healthy seal is resting on the floating raft we've just anchored in Seattle's Salish Sea.