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Bittman: Pink Slime A Symptom Of Larger Problem

04. 4.2012
Rick Perry -- remember him? -- was more inspired as a defender of the beef processing industry than he was as a debater. Last week, Perry...
What’s A Calorie?

What’s A Calorie?

We are wasting our energy debating the nature of the calorie -- which is, simply, and incontrovertibly, a measure of energy.
Fake Chicken Worth Eating?

Fake Chicken Worth Eating?

It is pretty well established that animals are capable of suffering; we’ve come a long way since Descartes famously compared them to...

The Oscars of Eating: 12 Superstars

Do you love watching the Oscars? In honor of award season, I'd like to give 12 awards for the best, research, tools and media on healthy...

5 Hot Chefs Who Can Cook Me Valentine's Dinner

Emmanuel Delcour isn't the thinking woman's crush. He's not the thinking girl's anything. He's just a beefcake, or whatever the French...

50 Most Powerful People in Food? Whose Food?

This duality of sustainable food advocates on one end and industrial food giants on the other shows the growing power of each of the poles...
Mark Bittman: We're Eating Less Meat. Why?

Mark Bittman: We're Eating Less Meat. Why?

Americans eat more meat than any other population in the world; about one-sixth of the total, though we're less than one-twentieth of the...
There's A 25% Chance Your Ground Meat Has A Potentially Fatal Bacteria

There's A 25% Chance Your Ground Meat Has A Potentially Fatal Bacteria

Mark Bittman has yet another fascinating column in the New York Times, this time on the prevalence of bacteria in meat. He discusses a...
Meatless Monday: A Frugal Feast For New Year's Day

Meatless Monday: A Frugal Feast For New Year's Day

Kissing at midnight on New Year's Eve is great -- hell, kissing anytime is great -- but dishing up hopping john on New Year's Day is when...

10 New Ways To Cook Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a super versatile vegetable -- depending on your mood, you can eat it raw, puree it into a luxuriously creamy soup or opt...

Communicating Compassionately About Veganism

Vegans are always ready to fight for their ideals. We are activists; we call on our government to do better by animals and us; we work...

Foodies. Are They Better Than the Rest of Us?

Cooking is something we do to create a richer, more abundant life without needing to spend a lot of money, impress anyone, or do violence...


Mark Bittman  10.10.2011
Maybe it's not saying much, but generally speaking, of the major domesticated land animals - I'm considering cattle, pigs, and chickens...

Fish Sticks

Mark Bittman  10.10.2011
You probably like fish sticks, and you probably do not make them from scratch. Yet you don't want to look at the label of a package of...