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Married Couples

17 Things Married People Want Newlyweds To Know

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 08.15.2014 | Weddings

Getting married is quite possibly the biggest commitment two people can ever make to each other -- but how do you make sure that promise lasts a lifet...

One Thing Every Engaged Couple Should Discuss, But Doesn't

Cheryl Doss | Posted 08.04.2014 | Weddings
Cheryl Doss

If you are planning a wedding in the near future, have the conversations about money and property ownership. Whether you are starting your marriage with only a few dollars in your bank account or with years of savings and inherited property, initiate this conversation with your partner.

What Do Couples Talk About?

Quora | Posted 07.30.2014 | Weddings

We talk about choices, dreams, stress and feelings. He makes me laugh and understands me. I do the same for him.

With Signs Like This, Married Couples May Never Fight Again

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 05.13.2014 | Weddings

Husbands are pretty great at a lot of things, but they've been known to mess up a direction or two. For instance, you send them to pick up milk and yo...

I'm Not Married To My Best Friend

Robin O'Bryant | Posted 07.02.2014 | Women
Robin O'Bryant

I want best friend who will tell me I need one more pair of shoes and a man who will remind me to save for my retirement account. And I want to get into bed at night with a man who ignites things in me no one else can.

Meet Britain's Oldest Newlyweds, Who Have A Combined Age Of 180

Posted 03.24.2014 | Weddings

It's never too late to find your soul mate -- just ask Charlie Winter and Daisy Pike who, with a combined age of 180, recently tied the knot and becam...

Mortgage Issues of Married Couples: From Loan Qualification to Breakup

Jack M. Guttentag | Posted 05.11.2014 | Money
Jack M. Guttentag

When a married couple purchases a house with the help of a mortgage, they become subject to a wide range of legal rules and custom-based practices at every stage of the process.

This Is Valentine's Day When You Have Kids

Haley Hill | Posted 04.13.2014 | Parents
Haley Hill

The truth is, like most couples with young children, we're exhausted. We're lucky if we have time to remember to love each other, let alone write a note expressing it. However, this Valentine's Day, along with the rest of the world, we will endeavor to rekindle the flame of love.

Extreme Marriage Experiment Says It's Better To Be Right Than Happy

Posted 12.18.2013 | Weddings

It took all of 12 days for one man to be driven crazy after he was asked by scientists to agree with everything his wife said. Three doctors from ...

The Best City For Newlyweds Is...

Posted 09.11.2013 | Weddings

A recent study by reveals that Atlanta is the best U.S. city for newlywed couples starting a life together. The study only looked...

Why I'm Pretty Sure My Husband Is the One

Maureen Anderson | Posted 09.11.2013 | Healthy Living
Maureen Anderson

Darrell and I click in most of the important ways, we rub each other wrong in a couple of ways, but mostly we crack each other up constantly. We stayed up all night the night we met, talking -- and that isn't a euphemism for anything else. We talked.

Why No One Will Treat You Like An Adult Until You're Married

Posted 06.05.2013 | Weddings

By Kristin Koch for I never had any hesitation that Andy was the one for me or that we would spend the rest of our lives together. A...

Why It's Hard To Make Friends When You're Married | Posted 05.30.2013 | Weddings

“Want to jack off together some time?” our friend August said to my husband, Jeff, one night over the phone. He invited Jeff to masturbate with hi...

WATCH: Tornado Survivor Describes Husband Being Ripped From Her Arms

Posted 05.23.2013 | Weddings

Jerrie Bhonde held onto her husband, Hemant Bhonde, as long as she could as the tornado ripped through their Oklahoma home on Monday. But as they h...

32 Photos That Prove Married Couples Aren't Boring

Posted 05.23.2013 | Weddings

The stereotypical picture of married life often looks something like this: a couple in sweatpants, sitting on the couch on a Friday night for an hours...

LOOK: The Anniversary Gift You Wish You'd Given

Posted 05.20.2013 | Weddings

This is one fierce married couple! Redditor Xioo shared a photo Monday of a drawing, by artist Edward J. Chua, that he recently gave to his wife as...

Three Reasons Why Married Couples Should Search for the "G" Spot Together

Jenny Triplett | Posted 07.03.2013 | Weddings
Jenny Triplett

Well, nobody said marriage was going to be easy but it sure can be a lot more fun when you work towards goals together. Why be angry when you can be sexually satisfied? The choice is yours but the exploration can lead to gratification.

Why My Husband And I Hate Date Night

Rachel Hollis | Posted 06.23.2013 | Weddings
Rachel Hollis

There are couples that run marathons together and jaunt down to Costa Rica for the weekend (I know this because I see their pictures on Facebook) but my husband and I, we're not those people.

The 10 Best Husbands In Hollywood

Posted 04.17.2013 | Weddings

By Kourtney Jason for During the recent award season, who wasn't moved by Ben Affleck’s gushing words about his wife, Jennifer Garn...

What It Really Takes To Be Monogamous

Posted 04.04.2013 | Weddings

By Melissa Fritchle for Personally, I'm shocked that the TV show "The Bachelor" and its sister show "The Bachelorette" are still goin...

AWKWARD IN LOVE: 8 Squirm-Inducing Holiday Photos

Posted 12.22.2012 | Weddings

We love getting photo cards from our couple friends around the holidays; they're often silly, sweet and reflective of the pair. But not all holiday co...

What Happens When The Nanny Is Caught In The Crossfire?

Marva Soogrim | Posted 06.04.2012 | Divorce
Marva Soogrim

If a divorce is looming between the spouses, they can look to the nanny for advice and support since she has probably witnessed a lot of the troubles firsthand. However, if a nanny begins to feel like the "nanny in the middle," she may choose to move on.

To Maximize Retirement Benefits, Know The Rules | Posted 01.20.2012 | Fifty

(Reuters) - When the oldest baby boomers start turning 66 this year, they'll be eligible to file for full Social Security benefits. But pollsters say ...

Amanda M. Fairbanks

For Older, Married Couples, Regular Sex Is Key To Happiness: Study | Amanda M. Fairbanks | Posted 12.07.2011 | Weddings

For married couples to stay happy as they grow old together, a healthy and robust sex life is essential, a new study concludes -- and the more sex, th...

A U.S. First: The Married Minority

AP | By NIGEL DUARA | Posted 07.28.2011 | Healthy Living

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Three mornings a week, when Becky Leung gets ready for work, her boyfriend is just getting home from his overnight job. When her mot...