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Virtual Reality: An Emerging Game Changer In Healthcare

Advertising Week | Posted 12.05.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By Eric Williams, MFA As Obamacare returns to center stage, stakeholders in the healthcare debate will look for ways to squeeze costs while improvi...

Lethal Injection In The 21st Century: When Enough Becomes Enough

Dennis Curry | Posted 11.30.2016 | Crime
Dennis Curry

It's now time for American society and indeed medical culture to get it and resist continuing the regrettable practice of lethal injection.

Bow Legs in Children

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.30.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

Why are my child's legs bowed? Is this normal? Bowing of the legs can be part of the normal physiological development of the child. The deformity ha...

How machine learning is supporting healthcare

Adi Gaskell | Posted 11.30.2016 | Technology
Adi Gaskell

The last few years have seen a number of fascinating case studies that have used machine learning to produce medical diagnoses. There are a couple of...

The Future Of Robotic Surgery

Adi Gaskell | Posted 11.28.2016 | Technology
Adi Gaskell

Bringing robotics into the surgical process has been a considerable motivation for researchers in recent years. For instance, at the back end of last...

Clavicle Fractures in Children

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.23.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

A fractured clavicle in children usually heals with a small bump and will remodel in time. The clavicle is the first bone to ossify. The shaft of the ...

Nerve Injury, Types and Recovery

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.18.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

The anatomy and structure of any nerve is complex. A nerve is a bundle of axons that are grouped into fascicles. Nerves provide a pathway for impulses...

Seven Essential Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Skin

Quora | Posted 11.17.2016 | Healthy Living

What should everyone know about skin, skin care, and dermatology? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questi...

Trigger Finger and Thumb

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.15.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

Trigger finger is a condition where the involved finger will catch as it bends. When the finger is straightened, you will hear a pop or snap. The flex...

The Impact of Machine Learning on Healthcare

Quora | Posted 11.14.2016 | Technology

What according to you are the use of machine learning and data science in the health-care? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing networ...

Morton's Neuroma

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

Morton's neuroma is a benign, painful condition usually affecting middle-aged women who walk in narrow shoes (Figure 1). The pain is felt in the front...

Money Really Does Grow On Trees: This Week In Daily Giving

Ari Nessel | Posted 11.09.2016 | Impact
Ari Nessel

They say that money does not grow on trees but ask the Incas, Aztecs and Costa Rica's Chorotega people and they'd say otherwise. Before Europeans arri...

Jumper's Knee

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.08.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

The patellar tendon connects the kneecap to the tibia (Figure 1). The patella facilitates the function of the quadriceps to straighten the knee. ...

The Fascinating History of 'Hysteria'

Quora | Posted 11.08.2016 | Women

What was 'hysteria' and how was it treated? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by pe...

The Accomplishments and Failures of the Affordable Care Act and What's Next

Quora | Posted 11.07.2016 | Politics

What should the future of the Affordable Care Act be? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answ...

In What Ways is the US Healthcare System Inefficient?

Quora | Posted 11.07.2016 | Healthy Living

In what ways is the US healthcare system inefficient? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answ...

Winging of the Scapula

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.04.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

What causes medial winging of the scapula? Winging of the scapula is usually caused by deficit in the serratus anterior muscle due to an injury of the...

Boxer's Fracture

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 11.01.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

What is a boxer's fracture? A boxer's fracture usually occurs when striking a firm object, such as a person's skull or a wall with a clenched fist (Fi...

Meet The Doctor Behind The Most Extreme Face Transplant Ever

The Huffington Post | David Freeman | Posted 11.01.2016 | Science

Last August, Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez performed the most extensive face transplant operation ever. In the 26-hour operation, which took place at New Yor...

Global Health Keeps Chaos Away

Philippe Douste-Blazy | Posted 11.01.2016 | World
Philippe Douste-Blazy

Global threats are rising. Rising inequity, rising discontent against political leaders, extremism, terrorism. As we grow more globalized, more inter-connected, so do we grow more vulnerable to each other's difficulties.

Why Everything Is Pretty Much Impossible With Crohn's Disease

Thomas Kuegler | Posted 11.01.2016 | Healthy Living
Thomas Kuegler

Okay, it's a bit of a stretch to say impossible, but keep reading because I'm going to make my case. How can I properly present Crohn's to people wh...

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 10.31.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

The Achilles tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon within the body; although occasionally it is exposed to stresses which make is susceptible to...

The Unnecessary Persistence of Tuberculosis

Sandro Galea | Posted 10.26.2016 | Healthy Living
Sandro Galea

Co-authored by C. Robert Horsburgh Jr. The World Health Organization has just released its annual Global Tuberculosis Report. The report shows that e...

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 10.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a common source of pain in the shoulder. It is found in about 50% of patients who come to the doctor with a complaint...

Processed Red Meats And Cancer One Year Later: Cutting The Risk By Half

Joel Kahn, M.D. | Posted 10.24.2016 | Healthy Living
Joel Kahn, M.D.

It is the one year anniversary of the announcement by the International Agency for Research on cancer(IARC), an agency of the World Health Organizatio...