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Awakening the Soul's Inner Wisdom

Phillip Mountrose | Posted 05.16.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Phillip Mountrose

Life is more than what is seems. There is an outer world an inner world. And deep within us, sometimes dormant, is our soul.

Intro to Meditation -- The Challenge of Self Observation

Devi Sawh | Posted 05.13.2016 | Healthy Living
Devi Sawh

These are some issues you might face as you take on the challenge of self-observation as a meditation practice and hopefully as an every moment of everyday spiritual practice. As you do, it will help to remember (especially in those times when it seems like a difficult practice) the joy is in the seeing!

5 Things I Learned From a 50-Day Meditation Streak

Pam Stucky | Posted 03.29.2017 | Healthy Living
Pam Stucky

But it's not about perfection, and that's one of the most important things I've learned so far on this meditation journey. Here are five more lessons I've learned along the way.

5 Tips For Better Productivity Without Sacrificing Time Or Money

Sabrina R. Perkins | Posted 03.04.2017 | Women
Sabrina R. Perkins

I have purpose, passion and a plan but with complexities of life slinging obligations, appointments, and deadlines in my path I lose focus far too quickly and find a daily to do list impossible. Here are 5 small yet effective changes that can bring about massive results in slowing down the madness and the money so you can be a more productive person.

My Meditation Was in Analysis Paralysis Until...

Nipa Shah | Posted 12.10.2016 | Healthy Living
Nipa Shah

So if you haven't begun meditating, or are struggling to find the "easiest or most perfect" method to meditate, perhaps you should do what I did. Just count your breaths. Done.

Two Monks Walk Into a Zendo

Brian Caldirola | Posted 12.02.2016 | Comedy
Brian Caldirola


Psychotherapy in (and of) Everyday Life

Jane Simon, M.D. | Posted 09.11.2016 | Healthy Living
Jane Simon, M.D.

We don't often stop to realize that our daily interactions with other people -- to whom we might feel love, hate or indifference -- can help us becom...

5 Minutes of Meditation Can Change Your Entire Day

Chelsey Wilson | Posted 07.29.2016 | Healthy Living
Chelsey Wilson

Meditation has shown me that time isn't going to slow down in my favor, because time is not created or allotted to each person differently. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day, so it's ultimately up to us to choose how we balance that time.

What Meditation Taught Me About Listening

James Connor | Posted 06.08.2016 | Healthy Living
James Connor

When I got out of a three-year meditation retreat about a year ago, a funny thing happened: I had a difficult time proving I was a real person. I we...

Why Meditate -- When I Could Be Sorting the Socks?

Barbara Falconer Newhall | Posted 06.03.2016 | Religion
Barbara Falconer Newhall

I've tried meditating a few times - a very few times. I'm well read on the subject, however. Indeed, I've spent way more time reading about meditation than I've spent doing it.

Meditation Is All About the Art of Being

Linda C. Smith | Posted 10.21.2014 | Healthy Living
Linda C. Smith

There are people who don't practice this relaxing art because they think it is either too time consuming, takes too much work or requires some belief in mysticism. In truth, it is none of those things.

Making Better, More Purposeful Choices

davidji | Posted 06.28.2014 | Healthy Living

"All living beings have actions (Karma) as their own, their inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, their refuge. It is Karma that differe...

Re-Awaken Love in Your Life

davidji | Posted 06.03.2014 | Healthy Living

The theme of letting love into your heart seems to have hit a powerful chord with so many people I encounter. Opening our heart is never easy, especially when there's been a heartbreak that has shut us down and allowed us to build walls to protect the tenderness of our heart.

Fear Is Your Sweet Companion

davidji | Posted 05.14.2014 | Healthy Living

The many stages of life, jobs, careers or relationships can create vulnerability, fear and anxiety. These transitional times bring on levels of uncertainty. We're not the person we once were, nor are we the one we're about to become. So we need to establish a life of living in a grounded state.

8 Days to Living With Purpose

davidji | Posted 05.06.2014 | Healthy Living

We all get to choose what we do with that time and how we feel about what we did with that time at the end of each day. Meditation can help you enjoy the moments a bit more, but only living life to its fullest can bring you the true joy we all crave.

Meditation Will Enlighten Your Path

davidji | Posted 04.29.2014 | Healthy Living

If you love the direction in which your life is moving, apply more pressure to the accelerator and keep going! If you don't like the direction, you have the ability to stop and shift. Meditation and reflection will help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Are You Resisting Meditation?

Ora Nadrich | Posted 04.21.2014 | Healthy Living
Ora Nadrich

When I teach people mindfulness meditation, I'm always touched by how absorbed and peaceful they look while they're meditating, but even though they love it while they're doing it, many of them admit they don't on their own.

The Most Common Meditation Excuses (And How To Avoid Them)

Linda Lauren | Posted 02.22.2014 | Healthy Living
Linda Lauren

"I can't block out the noise around me, or the issues that bother me." That's fine, then don't try to block them out. In fact, don't try at all, just do it. Sit and breathe and focus on the distraction so you address the issue rather than give it back burner status so it rears its ugly head again.

15 Meditation Books For Beginners

Posted 11.10.2013 | Religion

Meditation is everywhere. From the baby room to the board room, everyone recommends meditation to help focus, calm, and restore the mind, body and sp...

5 Better Ways To Be More Generous (PHOTOS)

Posted 05.27.2013 | Healthy Living

By Headspace Giving is easy, but doing so with sensitivity and care is an art. When we give, it’s important to be generous in our giving. At firs...

12 Steps For Turning Your Walk Into A Meditation (PHOTOS)

Posted 05.20.2013 | Healthy Living

By Headspace Walking is a great way to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life and has been practiced as a meditative technique for thousands...

6 Reasons Why Everyone in Corporate America Should Meditate

Robert Piper | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Robert Piper

Meditation is the new American pushup for the brain; it's a tool that helps us check in with ourselves throughout the day. It's a practice that should be embraced by all American corporations as a way to stay calm, focused, and productive through the day.

5 Ways To Be More Mindful In Your Everyday Life (PHOTOS)

Posted 05.13.2013 | Healthy Living

By Headspace Mindfulness starts to get really interesting when we can start to integrate it into everyday life. Remember, mindfulness means to be ...

10 Reasons Why You Really Need To Start Meditating

Robert Piper | Posted 07.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Robert Piper

Cheers to America's new push-up for the brain! With all the scientific evidence coming in over the years, meditation is now becoming a practice that anyone from any walk of life can embrace.

America's New Workout for the Brain

Robert Piper | Posted 06.19.2013 | Healthy Living
Robert Piper

I think the millions of Americans who exercise should be meditating before and after they jump on the treadmill. Why is this not possible? They adopted an iPod into their workout.