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Michael Moore The Huffington Post

Oscar Short List SNUBS Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Elizabeth Warren Speaks With Michael Moore (VIDEO): Exclusive Footage

Dylan Ratigan, Michael Moore Slam Wall St. Over Latest Round Of Bonuses (VIDEO)

Michael Moore And Sean Hannity Face Off: Did Hannity Fib About Going To Church? (VIDEO)

Washington Post: "The Economic System No Longer Works For The Majority Of Americans"

Michael Moore Mocks "Whiny" Democrats: At Least GOP Has Courage Of Its Convictions (VIDEO)

Moore's 'Capitalism' Opens Strong, 'Meatballs' Stays #1

MSNBC's Ratigan Interviews Michael Moore, Alludes To Why He Left CNBC

Keith Olbermann Interviews Michael Moore About "Capitalism: A Love Story" (VIDEO)

Michael Moore Calls Out ABC Labor Practices On "Good Morning America" (VIDEO)

Michael Moore Hopes To Show His New Movie At Madoff's Prison

Michael Moore Says Capitalism Is "Anti-Jesus," Warns Obama Over Donations (VIDEO)

Michael Moore's NYC "Capitalism" Premiere: Unintentional Branding From Bailed-Out Banks

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