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Michelle Rhee The Huffington Post

Michelle Rhee's Group Wades Into Michigan Union Fight Changing: Site To Drop Progressive Litmus Test For Campaigns, Say Internal Documents

Will Presidential Debate Change Weight Given To Education In 2012 Campaign?

After Strike, Chicago Makes Sense Of Its Schools

As Chicago Teachers Strike Continues, Experts Weigh In

Steve Jobs, Donald Trump Donations Help Emanuel Take On Teachers Union

Michelle Rhee: How Obama -- Or Romney -- Should Change Education

New D.C. Public Schools Initiative Aims To Attract, Retain High-Performing Teachers

Dems Divided By Movie Slamming Key Supporters

Mitt v. Mitt? Romney Disagrees With Himself On Education In RNC Speech

Rhee At GOP Convention: Ed Reform Will Require 'Getting Ready For A Fight'

New Yorkers For Great Public Schools Report Blasts Mitt Romney Education Policy, StudentsFirst NY

D.C.'s Cheating Investigation Focuses On Only One School

Where Do The 'Irreplaceable' Teachers Go?

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