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When Southern Baptists Get Saved

When Southern Baptists Get Saved

Rev. Jeff Hood  10.28.2014
Salvation was always such an important part of my upbringing. We were constantly begged, pushed, prodded and manipulated to go down the...
Feeling the Touch of Angels

Feeling the Touch of Angels

Karena Virginia  10.22.2014
There is strength in vulnerability. And when we allow the guidance that comes through our hearts, there will be less drama in our relationships...
Why My Miscarriage Was a Miracle

Why My Miscarriage Was a Miracle

Taraleigh Weathers  10.15.2014
Most of the things you aren't supposed to say are the things that made me feel better. After reading that, I thought for a moment, Maybe...
A Science of Miracles -- No Longer Optional? (Part 2)

A Science of Miracles -- No Longer Optional? (Part 2)

Deepak Chopra  10.13.2014
For most people, miracles are something left behind in childhood. They require innocent belief, not adult rationality. The camp of vocal...

A Science of Miracles--No Longer Optional?

Deepak Chopra  10. 6.2014
In its ambition to explain every aspect of the natural world, modern science has sidestepped very few problems. Some mysteries are so difficult...
Authors Reflect On Miracles, Immortality And Quantum Physics

Authors Reflect On Miracles, Immortality And Quantum Physics  09.24.2014
The nature of the universe. Rationality and miracles. Love and human freedom. These were just some of the topics addressed in recent essays...
The Souvenirs You Buy in Africa Could Be Cursed

The Souvenirs You Buy in Africa Could Be Cursed

Aimee Heckel  09.22.2014
I didn't know what I was looking for, just that I'd know when I saw it. I wanted something irreplaceable and perfect -- something to remind...

GOD Speaks: What Are You Here to Be?

Maria Portas  09.22.2014
There is a magnificence that you have here, that has been given to you, and yet you do not see it right now. There is nothing that you...

The Virgin Mary Visited My Very Angry but Lovable Teenage Son

Fiona Finn  08.28.2014
He walked side by side next to Mary. Yes, Mary the mother of Jesus, that Mary. She was cloaked in blue and he was calling her 'mom' as...
Daily Meditation: Life's Miracles

Daily Meditation: Life's Miracles

Antonia Blumberg  08.18.2014
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises...

Soulful Deed

Catherine Nagle  08. 6.2014
For six years we had a wonderful marriage. However, before he died, not only did he leave me traces along the way for his departure, he...

Love And Miracles With Ease

Karena Virginia  07.14.2014
When we are in a peaceful state of mind, we attract exactly who we need in our lives at exactly the right time with ease. Slow down, observe...
The Revolution of Consciousness

The Revolution of Consciousness

Marianne Williamson  07.10.2014
What is the Revolution of Consciousness, in a nutshell? Like all great movements in human history, it is based on a single insight: in...

Bearing Witness to the Agony of Others

Marianne Williamson  06.21.2014
It's not very often that I see something on a corporate-owned American TV news channel and go, "Wow guys, that was great." But tonight...