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When Media Accept Misogyny We All Lose

Moby | Posted 10.14.2016 | Politics

Encouragingly, we have most Americans and members of the media responding with justified horror to Trump's comments. But Donald Trump's misogyny didn't just crawl out from under a rock on its own.

Sifting Through the Fallout of Café Gratitude's Slaughter-Gate

Pierce Nahigyan | Posted 05.31.2016 | Impact
Pierce Nahigyan

The organization was begun three years ago in a living room in Venice, California. The mission was to raise awareness about the effect mankind is having on land, sea and air, and to promote healthier practices in both energy creation and agricultural management.

Moby Donates 100% of Restaurant Profit to Animal Welfare Organizations

xxxx | Posted 01.19.2016 | Impact

Vegan restaurants in Los Angeles are fairly easy to come by. From swanky to casual, raw food to junk food, plant-based eaters can find a variety of options throughout the city.

Moby Donates 100% of Restaurant Profit to Animal Welfare Organizations

Nzinga Young | Posted 01.13.2017 | Impact
Nzinga Young

Vegan restaurants in Los Angeles are fairly easy to come by. From swanky to casual, raw food to junk food, plant-based eaters can find a variety of o...

Electronica and Grande Amore: Chatting With Jean-Michel Jarre and Il Volo's Gianluca Ginoble, Plus Patrick Breen, The Battlefield and Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen Exclusives

Mike Ragogna | Posted 10.13.2016 | Entertainment
Mike Ragogna

"When I started Oxygène and, as you said, pioneering that genre, it's a big privilege in life, like the people who created rock 'n' roll, because in those days, you had nothing behind you, nothing to refer. You had this total freedom to experiment because you had nobody behind you."

Shepard Fairey (and His Art) Make the Jump From Covert to Overt

Mark Carpowich | Posted 10.09.2016 | Home
Mark Carpowich

Covert to Overt does little to push him toward one side or the other, but the ambiguity of his intentions and acceptance, as well as what it all means, gives his audience something to talk about. Which, in the context of public art, is ultimately all that Shepard Fairey wants.

Pope's Speech Unites Citizens and Celebrities in D.C.

GVH Live | Posted 09.25.2016 | Politics
GVH Live

Pope Francis' historic address in Congress brought thousands of people from all over the world clamoring for a chance to see him and hear what he had to say to the American people.

Pope's Speech Unites Citizens and Celebrities in D.C.

GVH Live | Posted 09.25.2016 | Politics
GVH Live

It was the hope of organizers to spur enthusiasm to rally for a common cause to reduce energy usage, as well as encourage politicians and major corporations to put policies in place that would work toward creating a more environmentally friendly world for all.

US Monkey Business in Mauritius

Monica Engebretson | Posted 07.21.2016 | Green
Monica Engebretson

I am willing to guess that most people who live in the United States have no idea what Mauritius is or where in the world it is. They certainly don't know what (or I should say who) the US imports in large number from it and why we should care.

Moby Slams California Farmers Over Drought

The Huffington Post | Joe Satran | Posted 06.04.2015 | Taste

California is now in the third year of its worst drought in over a millennium. Residents from Eureka to San Ysidro have responded by cutting back on t...

Eddie Stern: Yoga To Rewire Your Brain & Activate Your Genes For Radical Well Being!

One World with Deepak Chopra | Posted 01.25.2015 | Healthy Living
One World with Deepak Chopra

Today, Eddie Stern is best known as a yogi to the stars, working with A-List celebrities including Deepak Chopra, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Moby, Will...

12 Underground Acts You Need to Hear at Sacramento's TBD Festival

Hugh McIntyre | Posted 12.01.2014 | Entertainment
Hugh McIntyre

While headliners like Blondie, Moby and Justice will grab headlines, there are dozens of other incredibly talented artists on the bill as well.

Moby: This Is Your Planet on Meat

Moby | Posted 11.14.2016 | Home

Animal agriculture is responsible for producing more climate change gases than every car, boat, bus, truck, motorcycle and airplane on the planet. Combined.

DJ/Musican/Activist Moby Hosts First Video by "HOLLYWOOD FOOD VOICES"

Greg Reitman | Posted 11.26.2014 | Impact
Greg Reitman

Center for Food Safety is excited to announce the launch of "Hollywood Food Voices," and the release of its first video in the series, featuring Moby,...

Why Marianne Matters

Roger Wolfson | Posted 08.03.2014 | Politics
Roger Wolfson

When I think of Marianne Williamson's campaign to represent California's 33rd Congressional District, I'm reminded of a story.

15 Minutes With Moby

Jon Steely | Posted 05.31.2014 | Entertainment
Jon Steely

Moby and I are the same age, and we quickly bond over the fact that we're both more comfortable in one-to-one social situations than we are when thrust into the sensory overload of a Hollywood art exhibit opening/party, like the one happening in the next room.

Sonos: 'Ring di Alarm'!

Marlon Regis | Posted 05.25.2014 | Arts
Marlon Regis

It's been just over a year since I -- amongst many other insiders, fans and lovers of music in L.A., have been witness to some of the most magnificent...

Moby Talks Apocalypse and True Detective

Jose Martinez | Posted 05.20.2014 | Entertainment
Jose Martinez

Introverted, sober and not part of the Hollywood scene, it almost makes sense Moby would become interested in creating his own "cult."

No, You Cannot Have This Hoverboard

Posted 03.07.2014 | Comedy

That viral video of a "Back To The Future" style HUVr hoverboard making the rounds? Yeah, looks like it won't be shipping in December after all, but y...

How Moby Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse

Andrew Fish | Posted 04.29.2014 | Arts
Andrew Fish

After posing for cameras, Moby mingled with the growing crowd. I pulled out my recorder and inquired if I could ask him a question or two. "Sure," he said. "Why don't we go in the back and talk?" And just like that, I was in a small, darkened storage space with the global superstar of electronic music.

WATCH: Moby, Prince and the Future of Music

Shawn Amos | Posted 04.05.2014 | Technology
Shawn Amos

Remember that time Prince got all litigious about copyright infringement online? No, the recent time. No, the most recent time.

Your Favorite 1990s Electronic Star Imagines What The Apocalypse Would Look Like

Posted 10.21.2014 | Arts

When one reminisces about the golden days of 1990s music, a few names come to mind, like Kurt Cobain, Alanis Morissette, 2Pac, and Richard Melville Ha...

System of a Down's Serj Tankian: Upgrading the Dynamic of Art and Audience

Andrew Fish | Posted 02.17.2014 | Entertainment
Andrew Fish

A sound crept in, smooth and low, and the clamor of 100 conversations melted away until all that remained was the painting, the music and me.

Erin Clements

What Happens In Moby's Recurring Dream? | Erin Clements | Posted 10.21.2013 | Celebrity

These days, our knowledge of celebrities too often originates with paparazzi images and snarky quotes by anonymous "insiders." After a while, it's eas...

A-Sides Interview: Moby Discusses New Album, Music Videos, and Lorde's 'Royals'

Jon Chattman | Posted 11.19.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Chattman

There's a lot we already know about Moby. He's an innovator whose albums have sold over 20 million worldwide. Eminem once challenged him to a fight. This summer, however, I uncorked something about Moby that hasn't been reported by anyone anywhere.