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Where's America's Mojo?

Darryl Woodard | Posted 08.13.2013 | Business
Darryl Woodard

"Of course, the immediate future is uncertain: America has faced the unknown since 1776." -- Billionaire Businessman-Investor Warren Buffett from USA ...

Change Our Story: How Much Is Enough?

Peter Buffett | Posted 08.12.2013 | Business
Peter Buffett

I keep coming back to the question, "how much is enough?" Now you may think that's a pretty ironic question coming from the son of one of the richest people in the world. But actually, it might just make me an expert on the subject.

Money in Politics Is Not Funny, Except When It Is (VIDEO)

Eddie Geller | Posted 08.12.2013 | Politics
Eddie Geller

While we are obviously not afraid to have a sense of humor (see video), we are dead serious about fixing this problem. Just ask the guy in the American flag underwear.

Diversification Through Fixed Income

Women & Co | Posted 08.11.2013 | Business
Women & Co

For most of us, the word "bonds" brings to mind a savings bond that family members (or friends of the family) may have given us when we were born. But in reality, bonds can be an important component of a well-diversified portfolio.

Why Couples Often End Up WAY Over Budget

Posted 06.10.2013 | Weddings

By Kellee Khalil for When planning a wedding, couples tend to think about their budget in terms of "big ticket" items: the dress, the venu...

Health Sucks

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 08.07.2013 | Healthy Living
David Katz, M.D.

We could manage our weight and our health with at least as great and reliable a ROI as we can get by managing our money. We could eliminate 80 percent of our lifetime risk of chronic disease. The grim landscape of modern epidemiology is not for want of knowing -- it's for want of doing.

Married Money: Why You're Really Arguing

Leslie Rasmussen | Posted 08.07.2013 | Weddings
Leslie Rasmussen

Sharing bank accounts is about compromise and trust and knowing that your better half is not taking his half to bankruptcy court.

10 Most Common Ways To Pay For Your Retirement

U.S. News And World Report | EMILY BRANDON | Posted 06.07.2013 | Fifty

Throughout much of our lifetime, we receive income from a single source: our job. That changes when we retire. Most retirees receive income from a var...

4 Tips for Finding Free Activities as a 'Poor College Student'

Uloop | Posted 08.06.2013 | College

While this poverty is a bit of an exaggeration, it still behooves students to save as much money as possible. With the help of three college students, I compiled a list of free activities to look for while in college.

Dr. Jane Aronson: Defining Success

Dr. Jane Aronson | Posted 08.03.2013 | Women
Dr. Jane Aronson

I have two teenage boys who need more of me and I have friends and family I love who would be happier if I looked less tired and troubled.

The Conversation 68 Percent Of Couples Dread

Posted 06.05.2013 | Weddings

After getting engaged, couples often can't wait to start talking about the wedding and their new life together. But according to a new survey, there's...

New Details in FBI Criminal Investigation of Michele Bachmann

David Shuster | Posted 08.04.2013 | Politics
David Shuster

While Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was announcing her retirement to much fanfare in the media, according to information given exclusively to Take Action News, the FBI was busy collecting potentially damaging evidence against her from two former campaign aides.

Christina Mace-Turner: A Meaningful Life

Christina Mace-Turner | Posted 08.02.2013 | Women
Christina Mace-Turner

My parents disagreed about many things, but on the topic of success they were surprisingly united. Wealth was, if not the ultimate measure of success, a very important component of getting there.


Christine Eilvig | Posted 08.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Christine Eilvig

It's really not about the money. Our relationship with money and wealth is a reflection of the issues we have going on inside about ourselves and the world in general. The world is as we are.

How Much Does the Average Divorce Really Cost?

GalTime | Posted 07.30.2013 | Divorce

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce can tell you it's expensive for anyone at any financial level. So, how much does the average divorce really cost? Unfortunately, the answer isn't a simple one.

Which Is Better: a Porsche or Ferrari?

Quora | Posted 07.29.2013 | Business

This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Moisey Uretsky, Cofounder I've decided to chime and give you a bit of backg...

5 Money Talks You Must Have Before Marriage

Adam Levin | Posted 07.30.2013 | Weddings
Adam Levin

You finally found your soul mate -- someone who is sympathetic, nurturing, loving and caring. You're ready to tie the knot. But before you say, "I do,...

Retirement Accounts: Should You Fear the Eventual Tax Bill?

Women & Co | Posted 07.29.2013 | Business
Women & Co

Some people are reluctant to fund Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k) plans, fearing they are setting themselves up for big tax bills in retirement.

How Reviewing Your Taxes This Summer Can Save You Money Next Tax Season

Mark Steber | Posted 07.29.2013 | Business
Mark Steber

Summer is unofficially here! Except for a few places in the country still getting a bit of last minute spring snow, the rest of the country is warming up, schools are letting out, and that can only mean one important thing - time to think about your taxes.

NPR's 'Weakened Edition' -- and What We Can Do Anyway

Steve Bhaerman | Posted 07.29.2013 | Media
Steve Bhaerman

Now is the time to remember Margaret Mead's classic quote: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

The Answer to Unemployment Is More Europe Not Less

Vivian Norris | Posted 07.29.2013 | Business
Vivian Norris

Beyond more focused EU spending is also the responsibility of business to help bring down youth unemployment by showing what they have to offer Europe in order to make the transition from school to work flow more smoothly.

Money Backed by the Full Faith and Credit of Guinness

Jacqui Dunne | Posted 07.28.2013 | Business
Jacqui Dunne

Long before the Digital Age, Ireland, during the decade between 1966 and 1976, experienced three separate bank strikes that caused the banks to completely shut down for a total of 12 months, virtually bringing the country to a standstill.

Bosoms and Big Brass Ones

Patricia McGuire | Posted 07.28.2013 | DC
Patricia McGuire

It takes some big brass ones to dismiss more than half the world's population as being irrational, hormonally-driven basket cases incapable of serious work. It's even more ironic to make that claim while speaking at UVA, home of two of the most famous fearless female gladiators in all of higher education.

Will You Be Truly Happy If You Win the Lottery?

Don McNay | Posted 07.26.2013 | Business
Don McNay

Winning the lottery has not always been the ticket to paradise. But if people use the money wisely, for a purpose, and with financial security being their number one priority, it might allow them to get closer to that elusive dream of happiness.

How To Retire With $1 Million

U.S. News And World Report | EMILY BRANDON | Posted 05.25.2013 | Fifty

Almost anyone can become a millionaire using these strategies Saving $1 million for retirement is a realistic goal for most workers, but it will ta...