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Marcos Gutierrez Speaks: Nadya Suleman's Ex Breaks Silence

Larry Flynt: Nadya Suleman Couldn't Earn $1 Million, Laughs Off Skin Tax

Larry Flynt Slams Nadya Suleman's Parenting, Wouldn't Pay For Her Porn (VIDEO)

Nadya Suleman Spotted Leaving Dr. Phil's House

RadarOnline Re-Makes Its Name On Octo-Mom Story

Jimmy Kimmel's Exclusive Interview With Octomom (VIDEO)

Nadya Suleman, OctoMom, Offered $1 Million To Make A Porn

Nadya Suleman Faces Off Against Her Own Mother

Denis Beaudoin, Possible Octo-Dad, Speaks Out On GMA (VIDEO)

Nadya Suleman Sperm Donor Interviewed On Good Morning America (UPDATED VIDEO)

Ed Suleman, Octuplets' Grandfather, To Appear On "Oprah"

Octuplet Grandmother On "Selfish" Daughter, The Donor And The Jolie Comparisons (VIDEO)

Angela Suleman, Octuplet Grandmother On Resentment, Disappearing Retirement Checks (VIDEO)

Octuplet Mom Updates: Church Lies, Videogame Shopping, A Gag Order, And Her Doctor's OTHER Over-Fertilized Patient

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